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  1. That is true for Ferguson but Morris has been a first choice pick when fit ever since the Roosters signed him.
  2. I am interested in who all clubs are linked with and sign. It surprises me that this is not the case with the vast majority of rugby league fans.
  3. I left out Fages as he is not able to be picked due to injury otherwise I would have had him over Lomax.
  4. Tomkins Yaha, Naiqama, Whare, Makinson Maloney, Lomax Walmsley, Roby, Bousquet Whitley, Mata’utia, Garcia Bench Knowles, Kasiano, Bentley, McMeeken a 9-8 split with a 7-6 split for the starting lineup which reflects how close I expect the game to be.
  5. I think DI Keith Fowler was talking about Widnes in terms of promotion and relegation
  6. Fantastic to see both Catalans and Toulouse leading the way despite the added difficulties the pandemic situation has thrown up. We are on the cusp of a great opportunity to really grow the reach of Rugby League in the northern hemisphere but sadly I have a nagging doubt that the French will be shafted by any format changes to SL. To answer Audois I would put them above Hull as the 5th biggest club in terms of crowds, on-field product and ability to attract marquee players.
  7. Looking at that latest list you would expect the Sharks to be excited and relieved about all the huge contracts about to expire (Dugan, Woods, Tolman). Gives them a chance to start again largely.
  8. Put this season out of its misery like a lame racehorse after a bad fall. Move on and focus on marketing the big return of the game next year and showcasing potential World Cup stars after they have been decently rested rather than flogging them deep into winter in front of fading crowds.
  9. Good luck to the person having to follow the the last one on that list.
  10. I don’t think you can set a hard limit per position as full back is overflowing with talent but there are very few really good centres. Indeed I think only Joey Manu currently stands comparison with the best of the last 25 years whereas I could reel off Tedesco, Papenhuyzen, RTS, Trbojevic, Tomkins, Ponga at minimum as genuine superstars.
  11. Your suggestion is better. Also thought of 1. Brett Stewart 3. Graeme Bradley 13. Glenn Stewart
  12. Best team comprised only of players with a surname that is also a frequently used surname. Bonus for the best on-field team 1. Robbie Paul 2. Richard Owen 3. Gene Miles 4. Latrell Mitchell 5. Brett Dallas 6. Trent Barrett 7. Henry Paul 8. Pauli Pauli 9. Isaac Luke 10. James Graham 11. Toby Rudolph 12. Beau Scott 13. Cameron Murray 14. Danny Levi 15. Isaac John 16. Ash Taylor 17. Nick Graham Coach. Graham Murray Co-Commentators. Ray Warren+Bill Arthur
  13. I believe Catalans was formed as a merger of existing clubs so is in many ways an example of how a stronger bigger identity can be forged.
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