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  1. They have underachieved with Parish in charge with the end total never reaching the sum of the parts and a very unprofessional culture. Moving on from him would not be a bad idea but for Matty Johns to tout for a job that is not vacant is not a very honourable thing to do.
  2. Kikau left side, Bateman right side and Fifita off the bench would be hell for any side in opposition
  3. Ludicrous examples. Wellens was exposed as too slow to be useful at international level even in his club position of Full Back.
  4. The Aussies do it all the time in the back line. Tom Trbojevic and Jack Wighton are arguably their first choice at centre but are regulars for their NRL sides at Full Back and Stand Off/5/8th respectively.
  5. I can see why he would be interested but not why Cas would be
  6. Wigan fan here and would put Sculthorpe and Farrell above the rest but incredibly hard to choose between them.
  7. Very good I would say. The UK is currently doing ok in terms of Covid and most of the players for the various teams are based in Australia and New Zealand who have both had world leading responses to Covid. I am far more optimistic about the tournament situation than I was 2/3 months ago.
  8. Who is the idiot who voted that Leigh will win the Grand Final despite no one voting them to finish in the play offs so far
  9. Have recorded loads of these especially the international matches and the world club challenge contests. Will be great to watch later in the year when SL starts to get a bit monotonous.
  10. Falloon is an entirely different category as he never had any pedigree at any stage of his career whereas Peats was genuine origin standard at his best albeit he has been way off the last 2 years.
  11. Good to have British RL back at the lower tiers. Some good signs for WWR with Chase pulling the strings and still looking a handful for defences at any level below Super League and a few out there showing some raw promise.
  12. That was a baffling selection. Wholehearted player and great club servant but never international class.
  13. Didn’t most of those coming through in that era play for the amateur club Wath Brow Hornets that caught the eye going a long way in the Challenge Cup one year. Graeme Mattinson at 9 was another well regarded Wath Brow product.
  14. Whitehaven had a cracking team in that era with plenty who could have made it in super league but I suppose the stability of combining top end championship with good steady jobs at Sellafield Nuclear Plant made it a tough decision for people to take the risk on going full time with rugby.
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