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  1. Yes but a very one sided game. The side you listed would be a genuine match for a current NRL team of the year for 2020. The SL 2020 dream team would be lucky to keep the score below 50. French and Walmsley are the only ones from today’s team that would even make me pause to consider picking them.
  2. Good player who if this was a genuine rumour would be a good signing for any club in super league as he has a lot of attributes that mesh well with the game style here.
  3. Interesting choice and if they can persuade Moses to throw in his lot with them again rather than battle to back up Cleary then they will be a dangerous opponent for anyone.
  4. Even 2020 decided a Warrington league title win would be just too crazy a twist
  5. Even as a Wigan fan I find it very wrong that he didn’t get a red card for that swinging arm direct to the nose.
  6. Not so much when you look a few years back to the likes of Scott Hill/Jason Smith as ball handling 13s who played quite a lot at 6 through their career as well. Yes it looks out of line right now with the current vogue for putting your most mobile prop forward in there at 13.
  7. Toronto should have been included in this process when their application was rejected and told that they are still eligible but the search for a 12th will be opened up to other applications as well. It will understandably be tempting to clubs but I feel that with how late it will be before they know what division they will be in the successful club will be lucky to even put together a squad that doesn’t get hammered every week let alone stand a chance of not being relegated.
  8. Based on how they played this season I don’t think the Broncos would even need diluting
  9. The Toronto decision was a disgrace but whilst disappointing this is the only realistic option given the semi-pro game is going to really struggle to be at all viable next year.
  10. I am very disappointed with my own team Wigan for voting to shut the door on Toronto. Really makes me feel even more disillusioned about the direction Rugby League is going in this country.
  11. Always rated him highly. Very good signing if he is fully focused
  12. Thanks. Your guys had a fantastic season but I always had a suspicion that the big game experience would prove to be the difference maker and so it came to pass. Crichton looks to be a lavishly talented player at Left Centre and so dangerous.
  13. Apart from Munster the Queensland backline looks miles off NSW.
  14. As a Storm fan I am happy with the win but considering all the great finals series games from the last two rounds of the finals this game was a big step down in quality.
  15. That seems a very plausible parallel. Like Cas the Penrith Panthers have been riding a wave all season but if they don’t start well in the final I think they might find it tough to shift the momentum as the Storm are such outstanding front runners with the supreme game manager in Cameron Smith.
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