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  1. Can't please everyone I suppose... Its the fact that it's a normal Monday after day 2 that perhaps put people off staying late on the Sunday or staying over?
  2. So true.... Defo with the community game. Also a bank hol would help entice fans, aswell as affordable accomodation. Some very simple changes could make the difference, also ticket prices could be a bit cheaper for the good seats
  3. Cannot blame them, there are good players around here but without reserve/academy the gap from u18s to open age can be too much. Haven/town need to look at a joint reserve side/academy, players contracted to each pro club but can play for joint side, helps those not getting games and youngsters on the fringes of 1st team rugby, similar to Cumbria Storm
  4. Wow alot of fickle and negative comments on here about everything associated with the club. Yes it was a bad result yesterday, but it is an over reaction on here. Yes the club can improve but off the field progress is being made to improve support in what is a difficult market to entice supporters to. As fans we can defo scrutinise players and CT but some comments are way off.
  5. Thought we competed for 20, barrow scored some fortunate tries and we then looked a good second best. Thought their front row and half backs were streets ahead. We never looked like scoring then gave up last 20. Where was Riley? Is broadbent injured? Don't like to be critical but them Welsh lads don't offer anything. OBrien towns best today
  6. Great to get the win, thought we dropped off a bit at times and let London back in, however thought we could have raised the level if needed. Thought Simons was rightly mom, closely followed by Fitz and Barnes
  7. Wonder if we have explored dual reg with SL teams but for our players to play on their reserve sides? I think we need to get a reserve side set up, I know money is a barrier but why not partner with haven? Fringe players or those returning from injury get a game against decent opposition, Cumbria storm produced some excellent players
  8. I'm honestly trying to find a reason that TJ are even there, they should be assisting the ref when possible, they literally jus put the flag up when ball goes thru sticks or in touch.
  9. Getting a bit frustrating, esp as we are promised signings... Every other club seems to be able to get players no bother.
  10. Thought Town played very well in parts. Ref wasn't great and TJs are pointless. On paper Bradford are a good team and town competed well. Out defence at times was excellent. We jus lack that ability to break the line, Doran and kicks aside we have limited options, id get Teare in centre for a start. Thought Broadbent looked like he could be good, few errors but tackled well.
  11. Credit where its due, Sheffield were very good, they exploited our weaknesses and were very clinical. Thackeray was best on pitch and altho he plays on the edge Farrell was good also. I think we need some forwards, nothing against what we have but Sheffield won the ruck in both attack and defence. Dickinson took 3/4 players with him every drive. Doran was unfortunately marked out the game. I'd like to see Teare at Centre, we need someone who can break the line.
  12. The stadium was an Allerdale Council supported project, via the Town Fund. In 2023, Allerdale Council will be no more and we will become 'Cumberland Council', wonder if this will have an impact!
  13. Depends on how many players we will lose..... However as it stands now (losing O'D) I think we need a Winger, Centre, Prop and Half Back as minimum. Ideally an experienced Champ Prop in the Wilkes/Dowes mould, hardworking and makes yards. IMO Fitzsimmons is better suited in the back row. If we could persuade Rhys Clarke and Joe Brown to sign, they would be good signings to start.
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