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  1. Think there's a decent chance Sutton may have quietly withdrawn from the squad. His missus gave birth (slightly premature) to their twins a couple of days ago, so I reckon he'd have been hard pushed to feel comfortable about leaving them so soon after.
  2. I hope it is true! Will add a lot to the current offering of flat, emotionless commentators that are usually inflicted on our ears.
  3. As I say mate you're looking for the who, what, why, where, when answers and I completely respect that to you this offers little without that level of detail attached to this announcement. I and others are just looking at this for an outline of what the previously even more vague 'changes' might eventually look like. I, like you am very much looking forward to seeing this all in detailed documentation that can be properly scrutinised in the near future.
  4. Possibly an incentive for some clubs to remain in the 14 strong championship....and I only say that half tongue in cheek. But no you're right it's obviously a drop off in number of guaranteed home games, at least for the time being. Will be interesting to find out how that was explained to the clubs and any concerns they had around that.
  5. Well no, not really. I'm seeing this today for exactly what it is - proposals. I'm getting the impression you assumed today's announcement was going to be the fully fleshed documentation, including the finer details - it was never going to be that. But what I can say with some confidence is that these proposals aren't just pie in the sky objectives that will never be met - to me they read as the start of a journey to move RL into stronger more competitive and prosperous future. It's in nobodies interests for this to fail or fall by the wayside.
  6. Sure, I meant longer term. But for now, with the removal of loop fixtures and MW, surely it's 22 reg season games + CC + Play offs - so you'd still think there will be plenty of side fulfilling 26+ games a season. Which is more inline with how many the NRL clubs play.
  7. Whilst this particular aspect of what IMG have done very much comes across as a consultancy firm coming in and stacking up a load of recommendations and saying 'now off you pop to fix it all' - this relationship is somewhat different. It's a 12 year strategical partnership - both the RFL/SL and IMG recognise this has to be a longer process, possibly with slight iterations as the years go by. But I do believe this is the right approach when trying to enact long term change. I'd be concerned as you are if this was just handed over to the RFL/SL to flesh out the finer details.
  8. Nothing hopefully - from a league fixtures sense. 14 teams is the magic number + challenge cup should see most sides playing around 28 games per season on average. Top teams/players obviously more when you consider play offs/international fixtures.
  9. I think all of this comes with the caveat of 'more details to follow' and from a business model POV, there will be KPIs both for clubs and the league to establish if this is moving the sport in the right direction. I don't think IMG will be just throwing these ideas over the fence as it were and saying 'crack on'.
  10. Lol as soon as I realised whoever wrote this thought Farnworth is a winger, I knew what kind of 'article' this was from HullLive. The last reliable article (i.e with quotes) I'm aware of is this from 1st Sept. He wasn't quite ready for that last regular season game - but there's nothing to suggest the remaining bit of recovery would take 6+ weeks. https://www.zerotackle.com/herbie-to-ride-again-in-the-world-cup-122375/
  11. Assuming you have a link to that? Doesn't sound right to me so this really is breaking news....if you have a link to this source?
  12. I mean that kind of makes it worse, right? We're putting a lot of faith in last minute buying if we think it'll get anywhere near 750k. Feels like 500k is a push to be honest.
  13. Not sure where this was best being put. I know overall sales came up a while back - if what has been said here is true, at this stage, the tournament is in a bad place from an uptake/interest point of view. Edit: Just for clarity, 1/3 million (or 333k) is the total combined sales of men's, women's and wheelchair. Absolutely miles off 750k!
  14. I always thought the much talked about hotel was part of the cricket side of things, not RL
  15. Former Saints player and member of the Operational Rules Tribunal isn't happy all the focus is on this mess.....I wonder why?
  16. Myler Briscoe Hardaker Sutcliffe Handley Austin Leeming Oldedzki O'Connor Prior Bentley Martin Smith Dwyer, Tetevano, Donaldson, Walters Extended Tindall, Thompson
  17. Both squads. We see what you did Saints and for all the furore, I love a bit of housing!
  18. As others have said, I don't put any blame on Saints for this - they've seen what a sham the RFL are running and used it to their advantage. Those minutes essentially say exactly that.
  19. Somebody in the RFL offices has been sat with their finger hovering over the 'publish' button all morning, for these appeal minutes to be released. I'm not expecting to read anything to change my mind, that this is an absolute disgrace, but it will be very interesting to see how it's span.
  20. Not to derail the thread, some great prices there, but is the Newcastle mentioned at Kingston Park? That's a 4G pitch - surprised that's been allowed for the WC?
  21. Leeds Rhinos appealing - the gift that keeps on giving
  22. For all Thompson's 'engine' he's by no means a presence, especially in defence. I could see us getting bent through the middle quite quickly with him starting. If there's doubts over Burgess then go Sutton to start. I'm not worried about Oledzki, he'll be firing at the WC.
  23. Yeah I think for me Ryan Sutton comes in for Walmsley - good to see he's been names in the Raiders squad this week, as he wasn't expected to play again this season. I'd put him as interchange with Thompson though and have Oledzki/Burgess as starters.
  24. Not entirely sure where he was born, but I know he played for Dewsbury Moor as his community club before signing for Huddersfield.
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