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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mitchell_Pearce - see 'controversies' section
  2. Yeah I read that and thought the same. I'd be very surprised if Pearce has ever said that, publicly anyway. Overall though if he does come I think he's the perfect replacement for Maloney and will have Cats a contender again next year.
  3. I agree with much of this and what others above have added. The only bit I disagree with however is the visual presentation of SL. Sky air the NRL, which is a direct comparison (opposed to NFL) and the way that is presented compared to SL really does make our game look second rate. I've brought this up many times on various threads and I know there's no easy solutions financially, but how the game is received is very much driven by how it is presented IMO.
  4. It doesn't require a 'unique degree of access', Martyn. Most amateur/semi pro players have each other across various social media platforms these days - i'm talking from other teams too (often how a lot of this material is shared so widely). And yes I've witnessed this both as a player and a coach. To be clear, the vast majority of what i'm eluding isn't the physical acts themselves (although that is what it always seemed based round), more the way they're shared so openly amongst many others, without consent and the consequences after that. This is the kind of thing from the article i'm drawing comparisons to. The notion this isn't rife amongst players in our game is fanciful at best and/or very naive. Sadly social media facilitates it rather than discouraging it and every now and again it gets exposed, but only at the elite level where there's a 'story' to be had.
  5. I think it's a shame the rest of what Phoebe goes onto say will be lost in what essentially reads as a final attempt to derail any future prospects Sam might have, in coaching or the media. I think a lot of that stuff about the sexual perversion/deviation/abuse that occurs amongst RL players is almost certainly true and it's not just limited to the professional game. You can go in almost any club changing rooms or scan through the whatsapp groups of the playing squad and there will be videos/pics and messages being shared in a fashion that has been described in the above article. Of course this isn't only a problem in RL but certainly feels more prevalent in that setting than wider society in general.
  6. The full article Martyn is referring to for anybody who is interested: https://www.theaustralian.com.au/weekend-australian-magazine/phoebe-burgess-calls-out-rugby-leagues-ugly-secrets/news-story/e482b8d77eeb51e90ab36f0cb8917f7e
  7. I'm hopeful this latest and last (as far as i'm aware) Police investigation into Sam brings this whole sorry saga to an end. It was clear from the start there were 2 sides to all the allegations made and whilst this doesn't prove his innocence, there's more evidence to support this was more likely a targeted campaign by the Hooke's to 'destroy' him, as Sam previously stated. https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/nrl-premiership/exnrl-star-sam-burgess-cleared-after-yearlong-police-investigation-into-allegations-of-abuse/news-story/155905767396ceb51adcbd49c638ca3f
  8. I just think too much blame is been attributed the running of SRD and not enough consideration offered to the pretty unique position they find themselves in. Not one but two far wealthier entities are proposing to outright purchase the stadium. Even if SRD were getting 7k a game and finances were historically better, you still don't think the squeeze from these other 2 clubs would see them in the same position? I believe it would.
  9. This seems harsh. Saying they need to try harder and do better to attract spectators could literally be applied to almost every SL club - you're only talking about Salford because they're the ones being squeezed out by stronger party(s). We could very easily be having this conversation about Wigan in the near future.
  10. I agree with that - but Huddersfield aren't much better and that does look awful in a massive stadium. Feels like Salford tried the whole 'built it and they will come' approach and it failed. A 5k stadium feels about their level for the foreseeable - whether that makes them worthy of being a SL club is a different conversation. However, whilst Wakefield and Cas are still getting away with their 'stadiums' I see no issue with this move. We all know the real issue here is why we can't get people into these stadiums, to justify the need for them to be bigger. If Wigan for example were to leave the DW, I seriously wonder what 'ambition' they'd show in terms of a RL only stadium capacity? I'd go 14k at best.
  11. More generally i've just seen a list of off contract NRL players that are yet to tie down where they'll be next season. Some very interesting names that could do great in SL, although I suspect some of these are already in negotiations with other NRL clubs. Dylan Walker Adam Elliott Dylan Napa Corey Norman Will Chambers Joey Leilua Enari Tuala Lachlan Lewis Tex Hoy Albert Hopaote Caleb Aekins Edrick Lee Michael Oldfield Curtis Scott Tyrone May Dunamis Lui Adien Tolman Siliva Havili Siona Katoa Chris Smith
  12. Can somebody remind me how loop fixtures are determined again, please? I'll not go into how ridiculous 27 weekly rounds, plus a cup comp, in a World cup year, after 2 seasons of players playing an average of about 24 games a season, is - it's well trodden and tedious/frustrating path.
  13. Yeah that's also fair comment however that does feel like something that was in their control (albeit not very feasible as you say if they're literally applying this week), opposed to the Covid, flights and fuel issues that others have mentioned.
  14. It's a modern digital friendly version of what they already had. They weren't trying to 'rebrand' simply freshen things up. Many SL clubs would do well to take note.
  15. We were discussing the rules for the CC final in July, not the GF. Full capacity is allowed at the weekend, same as the football.
  16. Not sure petrol or covid is affecting domestic football too much. I guess it's a convenient excuse though. Flights is fair comment.
  17. Completely agree - although that didn't stop someone on here claim that if the whole stadium had been open they worked out it was the equivalent of 80,000.......
  18. Just on the point of Catalans fans travelling, is it difficult because the French have the UK on some form of 'red list'? As far as I can see we don't have France on our red list and now the amber list has also been scrapped i'm just trying to understand what obstacles there are?
  19. 40,000, but bear in mind it could only have ever been 45,000 max due to restrictions.
  20. To be fair other than a couple of thousand less behind the sticks at the Catalans end, the stadium map looks pretty much the same as it always does at this stage - plenty of the corner and expensive seats left, which miraculously get snapped up by match day. I agree it definitely won't be over 55k, because the top tier behind the sticks at Catalans end, 2nd and 3rd tier of the main stand and the off camera corner seating all looked to be closed currently. My optimistic estimate is 52,000. My more pessimistic guess is around 45,000. Really hoping a strong 2-3k Dragons fans can get congregated together, that will really help the atmosphere!
  21. His girlfriend has been very vocal on her social media accounts saying it's complete rubbish and she's very settled in the UK. She's a lawyer and due to start a job at a firm in Manchester soon. Bateman also bought a house near Bolton when he returned - none of that points to him wanting an NRL return...although money does change things in a short career I guess.
  22. Very nice - could see NQ cowboys pinching this for next season with a couple of minor tweaks.
  23. Quite right - doing percentages in reverse isn't my strongest skill. 67-75% is more accurate I'd guess. Point is the same though - very unrealistic.
  24. He was reportedly on closer to £300k at Wire (which makes sense for a marquee half). Again though, I agree, absolutely no chance he's took a 200% pay cut to go to Leeds. Also @MJM you asked for who would be interested - clearly HKR were at some point https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/hull-kr-blake-austin-offer-5564585
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