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  1. There are now several football grounds in North Wales which would comfortably be up to league 1 standard, if only their artificial pitches complied with rugby standards. I believe there is an agreement in England between the FA, RFU and RFL for all artificial pitches to be of a standard acceptable for all three codes, unfortunately this does not appear to be the case in Wales, so artificial soccer pitches are not laid with rugby in mind. I am certain that every effort has been made to find a venue in North Wales, before finding somewhere that is at least not too far over the border. So far, we have had nothing but good news about Eirias Park, but there is always a catch or disadvantage to be found somewhere, and we have stumbled across it this week with the stadium being unavailable. I think I'm right in saying this will be our seventh ground used for competitive home games in the last ten years.
  2. I think you might be right about the reason for the 2pm kick off, although there is a game being shown live in the clubhouse at 4:45 which may be of interest to followers of the other code. As for the 5:30pm kick off times, they are not cast in stone and will most likely be subject to change. At a recent fans forum, our CEO Andy Mouldsdale hinted that games early in the season and at the end of the season may be played on Sundays, with some games in the middle of the season played on Saturdays to see how it goes. Personally, the more I speak to people and hear their opinions, the more I think we should just stick to Sundays. In any case, like yourself I'm not a fan of the 5:30 kick off time either.
  3. I understand that travel will be arranged. I am assuming that the fixture has only just been confirmed, with it only being announced this evening, so the bus can only be booked tomorrow at the earliest. I've had an email from the supporters club advising to keep an eye on the club's social media for news about travel to the game.
  4. Announced earlier this evening. Due to Eirias Park being unavailable next weekend, the game will be played at Caldy RUFC, on the Wirral peninsula, on Saturday with a 2pm kick off. Disappointed we can't find a venue in North Wales, but sounds like it's not for the want of trying. https://northwalescrusaders.com/2022/02/20/details-confirmed-for-crusaders-challenge-cup-tie-with-hunslet/
  5. Conwy Council and neighbouring Denbighshire Council have submitted a joint bid for £20m of levelling up funding to develop the stadium into a 10,000 seat facility for rugby, athletics and concerts. I'm told that our presence there is being used to help with the argument for funding. Since we moved, we have also seen the Wales Women, Under 19s, under 17s & under 16s all playing at the stadium. The council have been proactive with their support, for example suggesting home games be played on Saturdays to improve attendances. It is after all, in the council's best interest that the move is successful. The establishment in Wrexham on the other hand, have shown absolutely no interest whatsoever, apart from the occasional mention in the local press. I don't think we should even consider moving back to the Racecourse unless the football club ask us to go back, which is highly unlikely. Living in Wrexham, I would like to see Wales play at the Racecourse again one day, but if the development of Eirias Park goes ahead, I think it will be more attractive for Wales to play in Colwyn Bay, certainly much cheaper for the WRL to hire.
  6. Some news about our new home in the North Wales press today. The stadium owners, Conwy Borough Council, along with neighbouring Denbighshire Council, are making a joint bid for £20 million of levelling up funding to upgrade the stadium. https://www.northwalespioneer.co.uk/news/19878820.colwyn-bay-host-major-pop-concerts-sporting-events-every-weekend-eirias-stadium-extension-plan/
  7. It's been a gallant effort trying to get established in Wrexham, and there's no shame in trying for so long, but at the end of the day we have had to move on to survive. I live just one mile from Queensway, so didn't mind playing there, but anyone who's been there will tell you it's not really suitable for rugby, apart from having 800 seats facing the pitch (from some considerable distance). At least it was available to give us a base for four years and avoid folding, so it served a purpose for us. The council in Wrexham are simply not interested, especially since the takeover of the football club by the Hollywood celebrities. Hardly a day goes by without Ryan Reynolds being mentioned in the local press, often stories which are nothing to do with Wrexham. I know several lifelong Wrexham FC fans who struggle to get tickets for games because people who wouldn't give the club the time of day just 12 months ago are now suddenly season ticket holders. There's no way we would survive while all this hype is going on. We've got a great chance to grow now in a stadium which is owned by a very supportive council, and has had millions spent on it just to make it an international standard rugby venue. I'm sure most people on here would also agree that by rugby league standards, especially in League 1, two years is effectively long term planning. So in the current climate, it's about as close to a long term future as we can get.
  8. The club have just announced a deal with Conwy County Borough Council which will see us stay at Eirias Park until at least the end of the 2023 season. Fantastic news! https://northwalescrusaders.com/2021/11/13/crusaders-to-play-in-colwyn-bay-until-at-least-the-end-of-2023/
  9. Yes, we are staying. I was talking to one of the directors a couple of weeks ago and he said that he is taking the dugouts from Queensway, (which his company made to comply with RFL rules), and taking them to Colwyn Bay. He has also moved the "Wrexham Lager Stand" sign from the main stand at Queensway to the hospitality stand at Eirias Park, where Wrexham Lager will be extending their sponsorship of Crusaders, as well as also sponsoring the union club for their new season. He said that Conwy Council are very keen to have us there and that sponsorship opportunities are so much better than in Wrexham. The club also held the end of season awards in Colwyn Bay. Add to this the recent Wales Women, U16s & U17s games played at Eirias Park, and it looks like rugby league has found a new North Wales home.
  10. A bit late in the day posting this, but just home from work. Ten years ago to this day, North Wales Crusaders were accepted into League 1. Considering the adversity we have faced in that time, including financial difficulties and league restructures, as well as the challenge of trying to be accepted in Wrexham, I think three trophies and one promotion is quite a respectable return for all the effort. The move to Colwyn Bay has given the club a new lease of life, and we can look forward to the future with some optimism, despite the drastic cut in central funding. It has been a huge effort from the directors, players and supporters to keep the club alive in Wrexham, but now hopefully the club can start to grow in it's new home. https://northwalescrusaders.com/2021/11/11/crusaders-celebrate-ten-year-anniversary/ Three years ago to this day, Wales defeated Ireland at the Racecourse by 40 points to 8, in front of 1,257 fans, to qualify for the 2021 RLWC. Unfortunately, this was also the last time that the Wales men's team actually played. https://rugbyleague.wales/rl-match-report?atkn=QkU3RUVDRjAtMzYzNi00Q0M3LTk0Q0EtMEE4MUI2QkJGMjM4&mid=MjQ3MDg3&tid=MTA1MzU3&optid=MTA1MzYw
  11. Fair enough, I've known several people at work commuting to Wrexham from places like Warrington and Widnes, so it is a different challenge recruiting a squad in Cornwall compared to North Wales. Best of luck to them, hope they are still around in ten years to look back at their formation, like we can now.
  12. Ten years ago this month, North Wales Crusaders were accepted into Championship 1, without any players. Where there's a will, there's a way. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-north-east-wales-15898638
  13. Congratulations on the promotion, thoroughly deserved. Best of luck to you in the Championship.
  14. Another superb advert for League 1, well done to both teams and congratulations to Doncaster on the win. It's going to be a great final next weekend, not to be missed.
  15. Congratulations to Anthony and Rob on their respective awards. So proud of this club right now I could burst!
  16. Congratulations on winning club of the year. If I had to pick a club apart from my own, it would be Barrow Raiders. Very impressed with the set up there when we visited back in May. Best of luck in the Championship and hope that any restructure doesn't interfere with your progress.
  17. Not seen the figures either, but guessing about 700ish. One thing about the playoffs is the gate money is shared between the two clubs.
  18. Speaking to the chairman a few weeks ago after one of our home games, he said we will definitely NOT be going back to Queensway. If we do play in Wrexham again, it will be at the Racecourse, but in all honesty that would not be a viable permanent move. Perhaps an occasional game there now that Wrexham FC have more open minded owners, but it's just too expensive. Eirias Park is the home of rugby in North Wales, and I'm almost certain we will be staying there.
  19. Don't know what was happening in the first half, but what a comeback. It's always disheartening when the opposition are scoring freely without reply, but Doncaster proved the importance of doing just that, take away any two of Donny's tries and the result could have been different. Our season might be over, but we are all pinching ourselves to make sure we are not dreaming. What a season this has been, leaving Wrexham to survive just five months ago, moving to Colwyn Bay has probably been the best decision anyone has ever made at the club, and I hope we can make it our permanent home.
  20. Setting off now across town to catch the supporters bus to the game. Donny fans will already be well on their way, and it's a long journey. Safe journey everyone, and see you all there later. If your not going to the game don't forget to tune in to Our League at 16:30, the whole game live for free.
  21. https://northwalescrusaders.com/2021/09/03/new-deal-at-crusaders-for-alex-eckley/
  22. I don't know about the rights and wrongs of moving to Moor Lane, probably best to leave it to Salford fans to discuss that one, although the location does look a bit limited for expansion such as extending the pitch. The ground was built by a company called Stadium Solutions. Here's the link to their website. https://www.stadiumsolutions.co.uk/
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