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  1. Trying to work out the win percentages was just a bit of fun, as anyone would normally do with the much simpler points system. Truth is it is too complicated to work out all the permutations, so it's probably best to wait and see where we all are at the end of the regular season. I think we will both make the playoffs regardless of Saturday's result, although final positions will determine things like home advantage, and the shortest and longest route to the final. As you say, if either of us wins promotion, we will probably be relegated by the restructure if it goes ahead, something both clubs have experienced in the past (2014 ). It's going to be busy on the roads this weekend so please allow a bit of extra time for your journey. If you've been to our previous home Queensway, you'll certainly notice a huge improvement. Have a safe journey and hope you enjoy your visit.
  2. With growing interest in the Cru, no Super League or Championship games on Saturday, and the usual Bank Holiday influx of "heartlanders" in to North Wales, I think there's a good chance of our first four figure crowd since our Championship season in 2014. A win for us will see us equal our longest winning run of 7 games and could effectively see us securing a playoff place (assuming there are no more covid postponements). This would be a fantastic achievement considering we had to leave Wrexham to survive just four month ago. No wonder the whole club is buzzing at the moment. Of course Rochdale will have their own ideas about the importance of winning, so it promises to be another great game at Stadiwn Zip World. So if you are in North Wales for the weekend, please pop over to Colwyn Bay on Saturday, you won't be disappointed. Any Super League fans attending the game, please, please, bring your chairman with you so that he can see the value of League 1.
  3. I feel exactly the same way. Don't forget of course that the facilities have still not been fully opened. We have yet to see food sales at the ground and we have also yet to see the fanzone marquee open. Throw in merchandising and a party atmosphere around match days, and there is still plenty of potential to make it even more enjoyable and attractive to visit.
  4. Bank holiday weekend, with no Super League or Championship games on Saturday, we have got to be expecting a four figure crowd. Our longest wining run was seven games in 2013, so we are looking to match that with a win, as well as guaranteeing a playoff place.* Our highest attendance at Queensway was 886 and I am expecting to beat that comfortably. Our record attendance is 1,562 and it would be nice to test that record as well, although we may get another chance at that one later this year. I have to say that the move to Stadiwm Zip World has been a brilliant success, and I am overjoyed for the staff at the club who have worked so hard over the years to keep this club going. Saturday will be the final confirmation, the final seal of approval that this has been the right move, and i am really looking forward to it. * Assuming there are no more covid postponements.
  5. I have been doing some number crunching with the win percentages on the league table. Currently, if we lose all of our remaining games (heaven forbid). the lowest we can finish is 7th. (a win percentage of 52.94%) London and West Wales are long since out of the running. In theory, Coventry can match our current lowest win percentage if they win all of their remaining games, but they have a vastly inferior points difference to ours. So that leaves Hunslet, who currently occupy 7th place. If Hunslet win all of their remaining games, they will finish on a win percentage of 58.33%. If we win just one more game, and lose the other two, we will finish on 58.88%. So in other words we are now just one win away from guaranteeing at least a 6th place finish, and therefore qualifying for the playoffs. Edit: I have just realised that the figures assume no more covid postponements. So nothing can be official until the regular season is completed.
  6. Should be a great game on Saturday. Hornets have always brought great support to North Wales and it would be great to see (and hear!) as many of you as possible at our new home. With it being a bank holiday weekend, you can expect the A55 to be very busy so it might be worth allowing some extra time for the journey. The ground is quite easy to find, from junction 22 off the A55 (Old Colwyn), turn left for Eirias Park. At the top of the hill turn right at the roundabout, the stadium is on the right, after you pass the North Wales Police Headquarters. If you are looking for a pub near the ground, look no further than The Park, which is where the fans meet before and after the games. If you walk out of the stadium car park, back to the main road, turn right and the Park is about 10 minutes walk on the other side of the road. Colwyn Bay town centre is further along this road, about half a mile. I don't know it there will be any food at the ground on the day, there hasn't been so far (possibly due to covid regulations). There is a short video on the Crusaders section of this site if you want to see what the ground looks like, just look at the "Stadiwm Zip World" thread. Have a safe journey and enjoy the game.
  7. Wow, what a result! Been a real grueler at work this weekend, but what a lift to carry me through the last two hours, which suddenly passed quite easily before clocking off. So, on to next Saturday when all roads lead to Colwyn Bay for the bank holiday game by the seaside. Surely we can get our first four figure crowd since our Championship season in 2014.
  8. After booking the last two Sundays off, I will have to go to work this weekend, so missing the trip to Workington. So good luck to the Cru, and agree with previous posts, the game should be on our league. I'm not really one for predicting results, but I can predict another very interesting and entertaining weekend in League 1. Come to think of it, we have a very exciting and open 10 club league, so how about swapping places with Super League for the ultimate restructure......
  9. 727. Our biggest crowd since Bradford visited Queensway three years ago (that was 886, and 600 of those were Bulls fans), and was our highest crowd at Queensway. Our average for the last full season, 2019, was 340. Average so far this year (three games with fans) is 591, so a 74% improvement. I believe we have about 200 ST holders, which is double what we had at Queensway. With Rochdale Hornets finding a bit of form, we have to be hopeful of a bumper crowd for their visit on the Saturday of the bank holiday weekend. Should be a great game.
  10. We have a fantastic group of people at this club, who are determined to not only keep rugby league alive in this part of the world, but to grow it into something special, and the fans are really buying into it. Andy Moulsdale has been the inspiration behind this and should be given the freedom of North Wales for what he has achieved. We have often been told that we have the lowest budget in the league, and yet here we are in third place at the business end of the season. The players aren't here for the money, they are here because they enjoy it, because they want to bring the game they love to a new audience. Just look at the photo on the club's twitter, where the man of the match appears to have been presented with ....a can of beer! There is a spirit here that no amount of central funding can buy.
  11. There's no stopping League 1's leading try scorer Rob Massam, for probably his best of the season so far. Turning point for the game and possibly for League 1 as well.
  12. Today's attendance was 727. Our highest crowd for three years. 113% up on our average at Queensway in 2019. Average for the three games in Colwyn Bay so far is 591, which is a 74% increase on Queensway in 2019.
  13. We're looking forward to seeing you at our new home, to say you'll notice an improvement compared to Queensway would be an understatement. We are seeing a big improvement in attendances and we could be seeing our largest crowd for a number of years. The stadium is signposted from the A55, just follow the brown signs for "Eirias Park". There is a short video of the stadium on the Crusaders section of this board if you want to see what it's like. If you are looking for a pub near the ground, look no further than The Park, which is where fans like to gather before and after the game. From the stadium car park, go back to the main road and turn right, The Park is about 10 minutes walk on the other side of the road. A bit of trivia for those who are interested. Gwrych Castle, the "I'm a celebrity get me out of here" castle, can be seen on the hillside to the left as you pass by the town of Abergele, where the A55 curves left to follow the coast, about 5 miles from Colwyn Bay. Safe journey, see you Sunday.
  14. Another enjoyable visit to Butts Park today. When you had the momentum and six points behind, we were all saying "we need to score next" and fortunately for us we did. That was a big win for us today, topped off with a couple of pints of "Stout Coffin" in the excellent Broomfield Tavern. We're on a roll at the moment with four wins on the bounce, and really enjoying the business end of the season. It's in our hands now to make the playoffs and every game now, especially at home, will be like a cup final. I hope Coventry can be in the mix as well, no reason why you shouldn't. Best of luck for the rest of the season.
  15. Looking forward to Barrow's visit to Colwyn Bay next week. Expecting a cup final atmosphere with potentially our biggest crowd since we left the Racecourse five years ago. There is definitely life outside SL & the Championship. If you're in North Wales next weekend, come to Colwyn Bay and see for yourself.
  16. I don't think it's fair talking about clubs being "binned", and so called mergers between clubs so far apart that you might as well suggest merging Newcastle with Coventry. If, as has been suggested, there will be no funding for League 1, then we are talking about up to 16 clubs being tossed in the bin anyway, so singling out a couple of clubs to make space in the bin seems completely pointless. Here in League 1 we're used to getting nothing out of these restructures, we're used to having our central funding reduced, and we're used to just being left to fend for ourselves with anything from 9 to 16 clubs, after SL and the Championship have decided what's best for themselves. As usual, we'll dust ourselves down and just get on with it.
  17. I know what you mean, and we will see it the same way. I think this is the tie of the round. The trip to Coventry is one we always look forward to. We have seen your progress over the years and have had our fare share of defeats during that time. It's a bit too close to call for me, with both teams on a run of form, but we are certainly looking for the big win to keep us in the playoff places. I was supposed to be working for this game. I had run out of holidays after booking four days for Wales games at the RLWC, but have been able to put some positive spin on this weeks bad news by rescheduling one of those days to come to the game on Sunday.
  18. A comfortable win in the end against a very gallant West Wales. The 610 attendance was a 116% improvement on the last fixture between the two clubs in North Wales, and 79% more than our average crowd at Queensway in 2019. In fact, during the three years at Queensway before the pandemic, we only had one crowd higher than today's, against Bradford, when most of the crowd were Bulls fans. The board and staff at the club have stuck their necks out and worked their socks off to make the move to Colwyn Bay work. They are desperate for the fans to "sign off" the move and it was a joy to see the looks on their faces today. It was nice to see so many people returning, some of them not seen since the Racecourse days. It looks like the long overdue revival has finally started. No doubt in my mind that Coventry v North Wales will be the tie of the round next week, unfortunately I will have to miss it due to work.
  19. There won't be a plan for League 1, there never is, the clubs are just left to fend for themselves. Ironically, we are probably the best prepared for losing any central funding, we are so used to it now.
  20. 24-34, Ah van scores on the hooter! Great win, think we might be up to sixth when the rocket scientists work out the % thingy.
  21. Highly recommend it myself, beautiful scenery and perfect weather this week. Mrs from Stornoway, not been up here for a couple of years and enjoying the break. Fingers crossed for the second half.
  22. Wish it was being streamed, I'm in the Outer Hebrides this weekend! now up to 26-0 !!!
  23. Here you go, watch the whole game at your leisure. Assuming you don't want to watch the pre-match warm up, kick off is 27 minutes into the video.
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