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  1. Since Ethan O'Hanlon and Matty Race have joined on loan from Bradford believe they are unbeaten. One is a prop other is a HB.
  2. I took it from this interview that Brough may not play.
  3. I don't think Brough will play this week, from Kears pre-match interview it's more likely to be next week against Toulouse.
  4. It wouldn't surprise me if Bulls start resting players for the next 2 games against York and Toulouse in preparation for the playoffs. Except Brough and Kear to be available after the next 2 games.
  5. The RFL minimum requirements are 88 metres x 55 metres, the new pitch length is 89 metres x 56 metres.
  6. Well the last time the club had a major financial event such as Admin/Liquidation was in 2017 so in Jan next year its 5 years. We had a wobble in 2019 which resulted in the club getting sold but nothing on the previous 3 Admins/Liquidation.
  7. Was only responding to the fan above who said we have a big squad when it's not the case. We have done pretty well with the injuries.
  8. Coming up to 5 years without a major financial event which is certainly a positive. Let's hope it continues.
  9. Bulls have 29 players in first time squad this year but 5 of these are from the Academy and not ready for Championship RL. So 24 first teamseason players 2 long-term injuries and 2 players have not played this season due to injuries, we have competed with 20 players for most of year.
  10. Bulls haven't had a game called off due to Covid-19 that was the Bulls choice. Toulouse away and Sheffield at home only games called off. We are trying to re-arrange the Sheffield game but they don't seem interested. I reckon it's likely Bulls V Batley in playoffs, JK said he would likely rest players not 100% after the Swinton game with playoffs in mind so probably a few defeats for us.
  11. It's a shame for Dale Ferguson as when he plays is one of top performers. When he was at Bulls from 2014-2016 missed half of season every year. Suffers too many injuries.
  12. Enough Fev fans are blaming Toulouse for clubs not travelling to France. How exactly are Toulouse to blame?.
  13. My mistake yes it was an RFL directive, plenty of Fev fans seem to think Toulouse are gaining an advantage and its the fault of Toulouse why clubs aren't travelling to France.
  14. They don't win every home game 23-0 or 24-0, its only happened once to London who are Full Time. Why should Toulouse be punished for clubs refusing to travel to France?. Toulouse are currently the best team outside SL so on current form deserve a spot in SL whether they achieve it is another matter. On Facebook majority of Fev fans think the RFL are against them when Toulouse haven't postponed one fixture its the other clubs refusing to travel including Fev.
  15. The 27 March gathering took place after Featherstone’s Betfred Challenge Cup tie, also against Batley, when the law prohibited people from different households gathering indoors. An RFL investigation began when photographs, which included club chairman Mark Campbell, emerged on social media. The club initially claimed that the only player who was present was the one who could be identified from the photographs – Brett Ferres, who was immediately stood down for 10 days and fined £250 for breaching the RFL’s Covid protocols. CCTV footage of all the attendees was said to be unavailable. With the club failing to fully cooperate with the early stages of the RFL investigation, Rovers were able to field a virtual full-strength team against Batley the following Friday. But CCTV footage of the illegal 27 March gathering later obtained by the police showed 23 people present, including 12 players who played in the 28-18 defeat of Batley on 2 April. Operational Rules do not allow for the results of completed fixtures to be altered. However, Featherstone have been stripped the equivalent of the two competition points they gained from this victory. The fine reflects the club’s failure to properly comply with the law, Operational Rules and the RFL investigation. The club deliberately withheld information from the investigator, in order to avoid players being stood down. The actions of individual club members led to an unnecessarily protracted, expensive and extremely time-consuming process. He has just posted what was in the RFL report. Are they serious allegations from the RFL too?
  16. Try reading the story on the Fev Forum, every other fan should move on and that the RFL are out to get them and deny them promotion.
  17. Fans are trying to fundraise to pay the fine. Maybe they should move on eh?
  18. Alleged social gathering?. Poor choice of words that especially when the police have CCTV and pictures were on social media.
  19. Different situation, Chisholm was our 3rd choice HB because him and Kear didn't get on. Kear likes a structured play and that stifled Chisholm. I hope Pickersgill does improve and goes on to be a SL player, he is one of our best attacking threats but his defence and catching skills need work.
  20. Exactly, happened again yesterday against Fax, not great under high ball either. Not sure what Fev are seeing in him.
  21. Brandon Pickersgill is good in attack. In defence if anyone breaks the line Pickersgill ain't stopping him.
  22. It wasn't any cost. Kirklees council limited attendance to 650 including staff at Dewsbury. We have over 2000 season ticket holders. If Covid wasn't around would of stayed at Dewsbury this year. How do you say to fans 1500 can't attend each week?
  23. It's Brandon Pickersgill. It's not so simple as putting AstroTurf down on the stock cars track. The corners need to be dug out and then AstroTurf put down, RFL have advised no contractors available after promising the Bulls it would be done by the Fev game.
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