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  1. their all important to any ambitious team and its fans
  2. Players that have the X factor often fall into this category , fifita at wakey , fui fui now at hornets (now 40 by the way) sammut , Jake Connor all have problems with the RL naughty boys committee at some point , that's just the way it is , they'll all play the game on the edge try and kid the ref etc , but they put bum's on seats , you pays your money and takes you're choice
  3. bet pauli is top of pie eating comp though
  4. Inu is from overseas and normally kicks em from all over the park , lucky for you he had an off day
  5. Agree on Ellis , great goalkicker but certainly doesn't look fit , iam sure he'll do a job until Brendan is back though
  6. Well done fax good solid side with flair , we were off today but that's RL dust ourselves off and on to Sheffield .
  7. pauli will be availiable for sheffield away , thats a month off , should now be very fit and capable of putting in a longer stint for us now.
  8. Leigh and fev are good for this division , the benchmark is set and other club's should relish the challenge I know fordy will when we go there in July.
  9. Well done to city today , hopefully some of the party/ hangover gang will turn up tomorrow to celebrate 2 decent clubs.
  10. got mine , no probs
  11. sorry gone to watch on premier sports with a bbq , hopefully back at blackpool next year then i will be there for the weekend
  12. Clever stuff photography, from our view it was well forward, listen back at radio York commentary, quite interesting
  13. Great memories , not been in for 40 year's , must do it again , cheers
  14. You weren't bad , they are are class , really stepping it up now , you'll bounce back
  15. the size and shape of some of your forwards no wonder they get tired
  16. knights website says 12 , the beeb say 5 .30, who knows ?
  17. is he really that size , certainly never plays it , thats why hull want shut
  18. would be usefull to have him back for fax because big masi was in a right mess after the match
  19. both fax and york going well this season [ 3rd v 4th] plus the ladies in cracking form , surely 3k should be achievable
  20. Well done Dew's not many will put 26 on em this season, looking more likely that London and worky will go down .
  21. Bit hit and miss today , but great effort again in defence to repel most that the bulls could throw at us , good numbers made the trip and Sang all game , fax next week will be tougher let's hope some of the battle scar's from today aren't too bad , well done , up the fantastic kneets
  22. Yes parking next to the west terrace, and plenty on nearby roads
  23. See you there, up the kneets
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