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  1. Clever stuff photography, from our view it was well forward, listen back at radio York commentary, quite interesting
  2. Great memories , not been in for 40 year's , must do it again , cheers
  3. You weren't bad , they are are class , really stepping it up now , you'll bounce back
  4. the size and shape of some of your forwards no wonder they get tired
  5. knights website says 12 , the beeb say 5 .30, who knows ?
  6. is he really that size , certainly never plays it , thats why hull want shut
  7. would be usefull to have him back for fax because big masi was in a right mess after the match
  8. both fax and york going well this season [ 3rd v 4th] plus the ladies in cracking form , surely 3k should be achievable
  9. Well done Dew's not many will put 26 on em this season, looking more likely that London and worky will go down .
  10. Bit hit and miss today , but great effort again in defence to repel most that the bulls could throw at us , good numbers made the trip and Sang all game , fax next week will be tougher let's hope some of the battle scar's from today aren't too bad , well done , up the fantastic kneets
  11. Yes parking next to the west terrace, and plenty on nearby roads
  12. See you there, up the kneets
  13. was in when i last looked
  14. club transport is obviously not needed , so many using car or train to local games , sign of the times , widnes have also pulled buses. at least the club tried .
  15. long way till the final , plenty of hurdles to go yet
  16. now only 20 quid for adults in the knights shop , get there support the kneets
  17. Was brill at York last year , you've got a gem there.
  18. sensible prices again , the way we are playing be good to see a fair few at both games
  19. good to see dedicated support , easy to watch a winning side .
  20. fair point , 3 much tougher games , so a good test
  21. bulls have 2 forwards suspended for sunday , ben evans and thomas doyle , with the size of pauli pauli that just about evens things up
  22. offer that up at the bookies mate you will make a fortune, enough to take the kids for a slap up meal in london , enjoy your weekend.
  23. good to see prices are now in line with most clubs again, 22 adults 19 concessions , hoping for a good turnout from the knights faithfull
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