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  1. fully agree, but he was playing in a york side hit by injuries and admitedly very poor as opposed to a great leeds team
  2. But not a lot to do with either player.
  3. early high profile signings don,t half bump up season ticket sales
  4. the guys only 27 , far too young and powerfull for the rams
  5. i now expect the big signings to follow
  6. not yet but he was added more out of hope
  7. marsh . oakes . ogden . glover . brown . ellis . harris . matongo . jubb . dixon . thompson . porter . stock . ( bench) pauli . teanby . davis . towse ,harrison or warren .not bad that and it,s still only october
  8. i know what you,re thinking but i feel marcus stock offers more in that department
  9. nah , play him all game and every game, getting giddy now and it,s not even christmas yet
  10. Phew that,s saved us a few bob then, thought scott was going to the bulls although very long winded , can,t see us taking BJB again , clarkson not sure either
  11. yes his comments are mostly valid unlike a lot of the fev fans , hard done by , rl hates em etc .
  12. any with aspirations still do tues\ thurs plus captains run sat
  13. good point , fev might have had the same money policy back in the day, but it don,t wash these times .
  14. Think fev and Leigh may disappoint next season , Newcastle , bulls , fax and a few more could be the dark horse in 2022
  15. i think the backs are already a cut above last years , as you say couple of bruisers needed in the forwards then we could be a match for most
  16. would be very surprised if fordy went to fev , the potential is far bigger at york
  17. york was obviously a blip in this spiral , but now at fev theres no revival
  18. Solid , done it before , right age at 27 , what's not to like , enjoy your time at the knights
  19. probably replacing chizzy or nu brown
  20. will would be great , but J B F to partner him would be amazing.
  21. Really pleased Ronan Dixon has signed for another year , should kick on this year .
  22. Watched him many times at F C and He's the business as a back rower
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