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  1. Fully agree, my only issue with Headingley is with the new stands they don't seem to have planned for any future expansion, which I think at some point they'll need. Still one of my favourite grounds in rugby league, and I'd settle for even 1 new stand being built at a new stadium by Cas, let alone 3. On a similar note I long for the day Cas, Wakefield and the council put aside any differences and threats of legal action and work together to build a new stadium in Normanton.
  2. Roof starting to be constructed on the main stand at York's new stadium
  3. I physically can't sit in the Revie Stand at Elland Rd, unless I sit sideways which affects whoevers sat next to me. I much prefer standing, it's annoying having to let someone past every 5 mins or a kid sat behind you kicking your chair. But I've got used to sitting at York and the new stadium will be all seater too so that's the way it is I guess.
  4. No problem, I'll just add that the picture is from 23rd August I believe (more recent pictures have been from distance so not as good) so no doubt they are cracking on with it even more. Re: penalty clause, not too sure, I'm just happy to be moving into it in Summer 2019. Not sure what other York City Knights fans views are but I won't miss Bootham Crescent, of course it has it's memories (it's where I first met my partner!) and there have been some great matches over the last few seasons but that's about it, we are only tenants at Bootham Crescent and it's felt that way since the first match I saw there. Hopefully the new stadium will feel more like home. Fingers crossed Castleford (my 1st team) can make some progress soon.
  5. Still plenty to do but progressing nicely. I believe they are ahead of schedule, although the winter weather will slow the progress down a bit.
  6. I believe it's expected to be completed in a years time and yes the ground is shared with York City. Not sure about how it will work with opening, but here is what I wrote a few weeks back on the York forum: To get safety certificates nowadays you need 'ramp up' fixtures where only certain areas of a stadium are open, so I wonder if the Knights will play the first fixture at the new stadium (perhaps a league game), before York City have the first full match (a full house friendly vs Leeds Utd is my bet).
  7. A few more of York's new stadium below. York City Knights also have an open evening coming up where fans can reserve (buy?) a seat in the new stadium:
  8. An interesting read, thank you, there's a lot of Rugby League history which people like me who only started watching the sport in '96 maybe aren't aware of so it's good to learn a bit. Thanks again.
  9. I don't have a link as i read it in a few scrapbooks of news articles before they were given to York a City Knights to archive. It's modern history compared to some of the great articles on here, but I was amazed to read just before the advent of Super League York were looking at teaming up with Gateshead to gain a place, York even went as far as playing a home match in Gatsehead. I'm not sure if the suggestion was the teams would merge or that York would simply take the best Gateshead players and split home matches between the two places. I of course knew all about the Calder merger suggestions (Cas/Wakefield/Featherstone) but not this. Anyone know anymore?
  10. Yes, plus the new ground is situated near the A1237 ring road - if they ever make that into 2 lanes then access direct from the A64 will be easy. I think Bootham Crescent is one of the most difficult grounds to get parked at for RL, and I've been to most grounds. There are of course pay and display car parks not too far away (these are listed on the Knights website) but a lot of away supporters assume you can just turn up 15mins before kick off and find a spot. As Bulliac says, that's really not the case. Roll on the Community Stadium in 2019!
  11. I don't think the location of the York stadium will be that much of an issue. Yes, people will struggle to walk there from the city centre so that might knock a few off the gate, but likewise at the current ground at a push I reckon there are only 50 free spaces on streets within the area, that surely discourages some fans from attending at the moment. Hopefully the club, York council and local businesses can work together and have shuttle buses linked up with some of the 6 park and ride sites dotted around the city ( (1 site is adjacent to the new stadium) - we have the largest park and ride scheme in the UK, buses running every 10mins. There are all kinds of possibilites, at the moment season tickets at the Knights are £140. Let's assume for the 2020 season York are in the new stadium and in the Championship (fingers crossed!). There could be a scheme as follows: 1. Season ticket £200. Gives you 25% discount on park and ride travel. 2. Season ticket + travel £230. Allows you free travel on the park and ride travel on a matchday. 3. Season ticket+travel+attractions £300. Free park and ride plus half price entry to local attractions on matchday (York Dungeon, Minster, Jorvik etc). Likewise similar offers could be offered on an individual matchday ticket to make it attractive to away fans. Just a few ideas, the Knights have worked wonders with the promoting and marketing so I'm sure they'll be on it. Exciting times!
  12. To the previous reply, yes I vaguely recall some Belle Vue redevelopment plans, but after a while they all merge into one in my head! I don't think Castleford centre has that much going for it - the Glassblower perhaps plus a couple of run of the mill pubs and a handful of real ale pubs. The town centre is more or less shut on matchday with them being on Sunday. But I do see your point, I'm sure if a ground were to be built in Normanton the local pubs and clubs would benefit but I can't see it happening anyway. I was at Featherstone for the York-Swinton match, its a fantastic setup there and all done without SL funding. Does make me wonder what could've been achieved if all the Castleford supporters fundraised/crowdfunded and gradually did up Wheldon Road themselves. Then again its not every week a couple of relatively modern stands become available from another sports club. Id still like to know how exactly they went about bring those Scarborough stands over. I used to live next door to College Grove when Wakefield FC played there, it was a compact but tidy ground, I think therein was the problem - no room to develop. I remember FC United, and I think Chester City or Halifax Town visited too and the area was jammed, those were crowds of probably 2k so there's no way you could have SL games there. But going back to my original post, just how do football heavyweights like Telford and Flyde manage brand new shiny stadiums when surely their income is nowhere near that of Super League clubs? Anyway good to see Yorks new ground progressing.
  13. In 1997 at a Castleford match I was handed a leaflet outlining proposals to build a new ground in Whitwood. I stil have the damn thing somewhere. We are no further along, even though my fellow Cas fans get excited every time they see a construction worker walking round Glasshoughton wearing a hi vis vest and a hat hard on The plans for a new stadium are just that - plans. It's all quiet on that front, it doesn't matter how many planning applications are passed or amendments made to the current junction, very little has progressed, everything has gone quiet and even the company rep who was updating us on the Cas forum on the new stadium hasn't said anything since 2016 I believe. I've said it many times before, I think both clubs should sit down together and discuss a new joint stadium. I know we can't magic a new ground up out of nowhere, neither club is flash with cash, but surely with the full support of the council we'd be in a better place to see some progress. We are talking about 2 clubs, one averaging 5k and the other 8k (ish), with one club owning their current ground which could be used as part of any deal. You see non league football clubs in the 6th and 7th tiers of the football pyramid managing to build new stadiums, even though their crowds and budgets must be a fraction of Super League clubs For those who think the clubs wouldn't survive if they moved out of their current areas, I believe a new stadium near the new police headquarters in Normanton would suit both clubs. From The Jungle to the proposed new stadium, it's 2.1 miles. From Belle Vue to the proposed new Wakefield stadium near the M1, it's 5.5 miles. If a new ground could somehow be built in Normanton, it would be 4.0 miles (a mere extra 1.9miles) from the Jungle, and 5.0 miles from Belle Vue (half a mile less than the distance to the proposed new ground). I don't think either club will go down that route though. But nor do I think either stadium will be built anytime soon.
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