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  1. Sounds like a cracking end to end game just like the one at the LNER.
  2. Knights are -4 with skybet. Hard to call this game.
  3. I can’t see Kieran Dixon calling it a day, he’s only just turned 29 and apart from COVID he’s relatively injury free.
  4. I’d keep Kirmond purely because apart from the first 5 or 6 games he’s consistently played at a good standard and I think he can still do a job at this level. Players like Teanby and Whiteley on their day are very good at this level they both just lack consistency. I’m sure no one is more frustrated than them. Same with Kieran Dixon, great going forward just seems to struggle with positioning and I feel more teams will simply have their big players run at him. Jury still out on those 3 for me. Teams like Batley and Sheffield seem to get it right. You’ve got a guy like Dale Morton at Batley who’s played super league so has that experience but also has nearly 250 appearances at championship level and is still only 30. But then I’m not the coach
  5. I make it 2 points needed, he’s scored 77 goals and 11 tries. I have been wrong on numerous occasions though!
  6. It will be interesting to see how Newcastle try and grow their crowds, I’ve always had a soft spot for them and follow them on Facebook, can’t remember if it was last year or this but they did a ‘newsflash - huge crowd today’ and I was expecting 3000 or something, instead it was more like 1100. Not a criticism but I’ll be watching closely to see what route they go down. To me they are very similar to York - modern stadium, good hospitality setups, outside of the heartlands without being hours away, both clubs clearly have higher aspirations than where they are now, and both chairmen seem grounded and competent, there are no controversial ‘SL or bust’ or ‘we’ll be in the top flight within 3 years’ statements. But at the same time both clubs seem to have hit a line with home support. Newcastle’s is perhaps 700/800? York’s is around 1300/1400 (take away half that if the club were to be relegated). In my opinion free tickets aren’t the answer but then what is? I’m hoping for another close game between the two clubs tomorrow and a big crowd.
  7. Cancelled: https://yorkcityknights.com/club/toulouse-vs-knights-cancelled/
  8. I have no doubt the stadium management company know the attendance. So it comes down to 1 of 2 things; Like one of the Knights employees suggests, they are refusing to pass the figure on. Or They are passing the crowd figure on but for whatever reason the club are unwilling to publish it. I’d find the 2nd option very strange if true as the club posted the attendance of our 2nd home crowd with fans (1371 from memory) which was in my opinion a poor crowd given the winner went to Wembley. So it would be strange if they’d post a low 1371 crowd but not a pretty decent 2700/2800 against the Bulls.
  9. According to the York City forum, the Knights marketing manager said on Twitter (or Facebook) the Knights don’t know their attendances because the SMC don’t tell them. To be honest most stadiums will run a tally of any extras who are admitted (people in wheelchairs, those who are unable to walk through the turnstiles) so I expect the volunteers stood next to the turnstile will have kept a tally which is then added onto the attendance. My concern is if we don’t know the attendances, how are we to put our case forward for inclusion in Super League if the RFL invite clubs to apply again in future. Likewise if there’s a split or restructuring of leagues.
  10. There have been 5 York City games and 8 Knights games with fans, 13 matches and there are still huge access issues. Not the fault of the club, they must be distraught at what’s going on especially as we’ll soon be pushing next years season tickets. Just a reminder, the Stadium Management Company IS Jason McGill. So when the football club releases statements saying they are aware of issues and will be seeking answers from the SMC, it’s a ridiculous lie. I really wish the Knights were in charge of our own ticketing arrangements - I believe we are in charge of our own hospitality on match days, I’ve done it twice and it’s been excellent, no issues at all.
  11. There’s 2 I know who followed Cas until they were relegated when they promptly got season tickets at Bradford. They soon came back to Cas when both sides fortunes took separate directions!
  12. Anyone care to guess the attendance? Well done Bradford, I know we like a bit of banter and enjoy poking fun at Kear but they’ve improved this season and I think will wrap up 3rd spot. With that defeat for me it’s the end of any outside hopes of playoffs and I just hope we don’t switch off for the final games, if we can finish 8th we’ve at least consolidated our place as a mid table championship club though I know we want to aim higher. It’s been a tough old season, my main hope for next year apart from being higher up the league is less injuries and fewer players needed including loans, I make it we’ve used 42 players this season. From the ex SL players signed this season I’d be quite happy to see Kirmond stay, he’s really improved as we’ve gone through the year and he doesn’t play like he’s slowing down. Clarkson has done well too although he signed up in 2020. Still think we are missing a 15+ try a season winger who’s solid in attack and defence - nothing too flashy just someone we can depend on to finish chances and not be caught out of position/knock on from a simple kick through most matches. I’m sure the YCK management already have ideas for 2022. Lastly on AB’s wish list is for Knights to take over running their own ticket sales, Brew York to come onboard as promised and some thought to be given to making the fan zone a zone for fans and actually encourage people to want to turn up early (live music, TV screens, the full works). I don’t ask for much
  13. 2978. Would’ve been 2980 but we can’t make it
  14. There’s a rumour going round that the match will be played on one of the 5 a side pitches next to the stadium I believe Bulls fans are bringing tape measures.
  15. What’s everyone’s favourite Beatles song? Mine is ‘When I’m 64’
  16. Good solid win, Marsh is a class above. Teanby played well, Nikau continues his good form and apart from the sloppy last try thought our defence was like the defence of 2018/2019. Crowd was 1664.....ok it wasn’t but we don’t give attendances and I like kronenberg so that’s my estimate
  17. A close first half, referee seems to prefer allowing play to continue which is fine by me just think we need to speed things up a bit. Nikau is having another very good game, what did they feed him over in North Wales?!
  18. York are -10 today with skybet, surprises me given Haven have won 6 of their last 7 and walloped us earlier in the year. I’m quietly confident of a win but think there will only be a few points in it.
  19. I’m sure Fordy was quoted about 3 weeks ago as bringing in Gannon back then but he couldn’t train or play due to testing positive. Nevertheless hope he goes well.
  20. To be honest most new grounds are like this, once inside you could be in any of them - Leigh, Widnes, Warrington, St Helens, York. I hope over time we can have murals/photos etc and make it more of our own. And the fanzone at the LNER is crying out for live bands, local food stalls/beers (I thought Brew York were meant to be involved?), face painting, TVs showing live sport, the whole works. I’m also aware there are some clubs, such as the 2 Super League clubs near to Fev who must look at York’s ground with envy. As for the club I get a feeling with COVID it’s just a case of getting through the season, regrouping and hopefully no more lockdowns so we can get the match day experience back to how it has been in the past. The cancellation of the World Cup is a disappointment but the marketing dept at every club regardless of if it’s Warrington or West Wales should look at it as an opportunity gained, people will no longer be going down to the Emirates spending £150 on the day out etc. That’s hard earned spectators money that the clubs should be encouraging those fans to now spend at the club. Every cloud etc.
  21. I wasn’t aware so many were playing injured in the second half. The try right on half time was a killer blow, I was in the ‘Scarborough stand’ about 10 rows back and he looked to have caught and grounded it. I’d have to see a replay. Fev are a good team though, a few defensive frailties which is why in my opinion Toulouse will go up but you cannot fault how Fev are going this season. It’s also hard not to feel a teeny bit jealous of the setup at Fev - their own ground with all the revenue going to the club, no faffing about with ticket problems, you can walk right the way round too. There’s lots of fanzones with wide open spaces and benches etc (IMO a B+Q loading bay covered in bird doo doo with a single outlet selling drinks is not a fanzone). They have their own club songs played over the PA, the PA announcer really gets the fans going, the noisy lot group together and create a racket. I know we had a guy here at York who was trying to group fans together but he seems to have lost interest which is a shame. There’s a lot for us to improve on, on and off the pitch.
  22. I think we are unlucky to be going in behind. O’Hagan is taking a lot of late hits, elbows to the face when he’s on the floor (Ferres). Off the pitch....York fans, we have a lovely big stand behind the sticks all to ourselves, it’s got a roof it’s great for creating an atmosphere and we are attacking this way 2nd half. So I don’t get why most of us are stood the opposite side on the 20 line?!
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