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  1. Couple of quick points: 1) the proposed legislation in France would prevent un-vaccinated people from entering any public buildings. I dare say such an inconvenience for you would sway some into getting the jab. 2) Khierellah has been seen training with the team and TO has shared such content. So fair to say the relationship isn’t imploding. 3) There are plenty of solid French players waiting for a crack at SL. If they aren’t getting their chance at Catalans, why not sign a loan deal for 2022 with TO?
  2. Great shout, but At least include a link
  3. I played a season with only 9 players. It was torture, but we still had the occasional fun. I got very good at kick offs. I was able to get the ball back almost everytime by finding the touch line. I remember also kicking a field goal when we were behind 60-10. Memories…
  4. Thoughts on Peter Tiffin? He’s in charge of the football club too, if memory serves me correctly.
  5. I think they have the lease on the clubhouse. So they keep any income from gamedays and other events held there.
  6. I really don’t understand the reserves competition…
  7. Did Hector completely withdraw from Skolars, or is he still a shareholder?
  8. Would be great to see North Wales in the Championship. They’ve got a great set up in Colwyn Bay. South Wales will take a while longer before they compete in League 1.
  9. I did some digging and he’s been playing in the university system. Gloucestershire I believe. Well done to the club.
  10. Terrific. The squad is gaining momentum. Anyone know who this lad is?
  11. I went to school with Miller. He played league and union for both the school and club footy on weekends. Not much of a transition required.
  12. We assume that this has led to more outside investment in the club. I’m curious what would happen if Bernard Guasch walked away/died. Has Bernard been fixated on silverware and simply injected more money than is sensible/than his opponent owners?
  13. Any club signing this bloke obviously doesn’t care about their female fans. This guy is a flog.
  14. Anyone else think that TotalRL mods drop a thread like this every so often to ensure another 30+ pages of comments and a bunch of views on their embedded advertisements on this website?
  15. Fox sports in Australia has really taken the broadcast to a new level in the last year or two. It always surprises me that Sky doesn’t learn from its partner channel? In short: 1) Live stats on screen (tackle count, hit ups etc) 2) Additional cameras (corner post, aerial, super slow mo) 3) On pitch audio. So we can hear the hits. 4) Press conferences after the match 5) Pre-match history of the teams 6) Pre-match and half time “spot light” on the star players. The ones you want to develop into marketable assets.
  16. Play the other 9 teams in your division twice, and the 9 teams in the other division once = 26 rounds. Perfect.
  17. Can I subscribe to Premier Player if I’m based out of the UK? Or would I need a VPN?
  18. I guess you’d need to evaluate if the competition has more exposure now than before — courtesy of improved marketing investment. Regarding infrastructure, I believe Saracens have upgraded their stadium. I wonder if Sale can access the funds to purchase AJ Bell?
  19. From Premiership Rugby after CVC bought 27% stake: Premiership Rugby says the extra money will not result in a hike in player wages, but will instead go towards improving facilities at club level and growing the league globally. "They key thing for the next few years is to build the facilities, the infrastructure and the investment in central marketing," added McCafferty.
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