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  1. Is that accurate in the case of Toronto players? The Toronto players are based in the UK, paid in Sterling and, IIRC, employed by a UK-registered company? I understand staff in Canada might be in a different position.
  2. Wakefield: https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/exclusive-club-captain-danny-kirmond-backs-wakefield-trinitys-furlough-plans-2521960
  3. Those clubs are already benefitting from support such as business rate relief, VAT holidays and the employee furlough scheme. The government is not going to simply write a blank cheque to Super League clubs to replace lost cash-flow - it's up to the clubs to work out how they do that. If anything, this situation exposes the folly of the zero-growth thinking that has been a part of this game for two decades. The amateur game doesn't have the same levers to pull to replace that cashflow - it relies almost entirely community interaction, which is severely curtailed for the forseeable. Super League clubs, on the other hand, have resources on the payroll in areas such as marketing, digital, ecommerce and commercial to generate cashflow away from matchdays.
  4. In fairness, the "big" decisions in RU are fairly straightforward. In the Championship, Newcastle are unlikely to be caught and Yorkshire are going to finish bottom. Even for the Premiership, we know that Saracens are down - the only issue for them is if and how they settle the play-offs / European qualification.
  5. Possibly. It also, apparently, brings an abrupt end to any loyalty or retention deal that you might be on.
  6. They're only a "necessity" because clubs base their budgets on zero-growth thinking. We should not be encouraging that sort of thinking through the league structure. Doing so only encourages clubs and owners to "sweat the assets" even more until we reach the point where the assets (namely, the players) are burnt out, the product quality diminishes and so, in turn, does the number of people willing to pay for it and the amount they are willing to pay. We are arguably already at that point. The clubs should be focused on growth. They should be selling more tickets to the games they have, doing more to attract better sponsors, attracting the right corporate clients and making each matchday and non-matchday more valuable. They shouldn't be simply trying to squeeze as much as they can out of the same small pool of customers and asking more and more of a playing talent that, alongside being asked to play more games, has had real-terms pay-cuts imposed on them for the best part of two decades. If clubs aren't growing, that's their issue to solve. But we shouldn't build a product that panders to owners who think that the only way that they can possibly survive is by having more events to sell pints at. The sport needs to get away from this idea of selling more of what people don't want, and towards creating stuff that more people do want.
  7. The RFL statement asks players and clubs to "set the right example". Not boarding a commercial flight, with members of the public on board, knowing that there is a player showing symptoms of a virus and knowing that 30 of his colleagues have been in contact with that player, is by any definition "setting the right example". Based on that RFL statement, Leeds are following RFL instructions.
  8. Featherstone only had one transatlantic flight before the second game. Leeds would have had two. Either way, "whataboutism" isn't really helpful here. It's not a situation that any club could or should accept.
  9. Really? This sort of public posturing is bang on form for him.
  10. The only surprise is that people are surprised at how Pearson has done this. This sort of public posturing is bang on form for him. We're less than two weeks since he called out the integrity of a rival club in his programme notes.
  11. The issue for clubs either way will be cash flow. And this isn't just a "small club" issue. Leeds, for example, relies heavily on conferencing and events - and many of these are being cancelled. Most clubs will budget for lulls in cash flow which, in a sport like RL, are fairly predictable. They won't have budgeted for this. It doesn't actually matter whether games are being played behind closed doors or postponed - the tills aren't ringing but bills still need paying. I clubs haven't got good credit lines, or backers with deep pockets, it's going to be difficult for them to bridge that gap - particuarly when we don't know how big that gap is.
  12. History shows that the clubs that would be able to afford these extra marquee players are the ones that make a disproportionate contribution to the elite player pool in the first place. Leeds have been criticised for relying on overseas players lately but some of the biggest performers this season have been home-grown academy graduates.
  13. That still doesn't explain why the onus is on Leeds to inconvenience themselves to make that happen. Catalans were asking Leeds to back-up a trip to Toronto with a game in France. How many clubs would agree to that?
  14. None of the proposed solutions were acceptable to the Rhinos. Why would they agree in those circumstances?
  15. I don't think standards are any better or worse than they have ever been. The difference is that fans have been enabled to become more and more vocal about points that, as this post has shown, they're massively ignorant about. I genuinely don't know how people are able to quantify that "stanards have gone down". It's one of these statements that is very easy to throw around, knowing that if you were ever called out on it, you'd simply have a list of long and pointless anecdotes to real off. Match officials see what they see, interpret those situations and make the call. That is the same today as it was 10, 20, 50 or 100 years ago. Are we honestly trying to make the argument that referees are seeing less, or interpreting more sitiations inaccurately? Anyone making that argument is definitely going to have to show their working.
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