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  1. I'm not sure I'd go with the second part of your point to be honest. It seems to stray into the sort of territory that suggests truck or taxi drivers shouldn't get driving bans because they'd struggle to find other work. With certain roles come certain responsibilities. That said, I'm finding it too difficult to get wound up by the eight games Clubb recieved. Eight games is a significant ban and although there's an argument it could and perhaps should be longer, what does a longer ban achieve in the long run? Clubb knows he has done wrong and the difference between an eight game ban and
  2. Wait, the council builds private student accomodation now?
  3. Indeed. At the risk of making a gross simplificaton, people who are racist tend to say racist things. It's one of the things that marks them out as being racist.
  4. I've previously said that the game tends to see "supporting player welfare" in the same way that UEFA seems/seemed to see "speaking up against racism" - something of a T-shirt campaign that had all the veneer of addressing the issue but, when push comes to shove and when hands need to be put in pockets, suddenly it was a "societal issue" that they can do nothing about. In truth, that might be a little unfair when you consider the support that someone like Zak Hardaker has had in recent years, but that was very much driven by individual clubs (and clubs arguably best-equipped to provide /
  5. What does that ideal "promotion" look like in your eyes? I'm sure you could find Methodists who aren't happy that Songs of Praise doesn't have wall-to-wall promotions in between Eastenders and Line of Duty if you looked hard enough - is that the sort of "promotion" you're asking for? Because I can't think of any programming that gets that sort of treatment on the BBC aside from it's true 'flagship' stuff.
  6. Whilst there are some fair points here, to me they come at this from the wrong perspective. The problems facing RL aren't rooted poor salesmanship or advertising. They're rooted in a failure of product. Not in the sense that RL isn't a good sport, but because it's not necessarily a well-packaged product that people want to and find easy to buy. We have a great sport, but that sport is often packaged into a poor product - not often enough played at its best with the best possible talents, too often played in poor facilities or sparsely populated stadiums, too often sold to an audien
  7. Can we please stop talking about an "SL2"? If you have to qualify something as being the second-rank of something then it is, by any objective definition, not a 'Super League'. Honestly, it sounds as cringey and small-time as "The £1m Game".
  8. DAZN loses money hand over fist - it really isn't that major a player in sports rights, despite constantly being mentioned. At some point the VC funding is going to dry up.
  9. In fairness, OurLeague was never really designed for what it is currently being asked to do. It's main remit was mostly around club membership and keeping audiences engaged with the game at all levels and I think the RFL has done a good job in bodging it, at fairly short notice, into a fairly decent streaming platform. If you were building an RL streaming platform from the ground up, it wouldn't look like OurLeague. Now that it seems like there is a drive towards more digital content, it's a good opportunity to turn it into what it ideally should be.
  10. I agree. If this deal allows Super League to move towards developing OurLeague into an NRL Watch / NFL Gamepass-style platform, it's a great move.
  11. Like I say, it was entirely my speculation to suggest that Catalans games in France could explain the increase. Just as possible is that the reduction is reflective of an altered competition structure.
  12. Strictly speaking it was the remit of Elstone plus the 12 Super League clubs. Let's not forget that it was 11 of 12 Super League clubs that insisted that they could do a much better job than the RFL of adding value to the TV deal - they can't just use Elstone as a lightning rod.
  13. That depends what you determine as "adding value"? Catalans are a competitive club like any other and "add value" to the competition in the same way as the other 11 do, so how do you isolate what value any one club provides? Sky will still broadcast their fixtures in the same way that they broadcast fixtures of other clubs. It's my speculation that the reduction of 14 games may be due to Sky not being able to bank on a feed coming in from France.
  14. Previous was 80 apparently, so down by 14. Does this mean that they aren't banking on Catalans games from France?
  15. In the context of what has been going on with TV rights generally in recent years, I think it was pretty much a case of damage limitation in terms of what the game got from Sky. I know there is a body of opinion that RL always deserved more from Sky, but none of that actually seemed to be backed up with any real justification, aside from straw-man arguments about what other sports were or weren't getting. I've expressed the view before that I think Super League and the clubs needed to offer much more value to Sky and give them much more to actually buy into if they wanted to increase the
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