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  1. Planning on taking the clan there once done.....looking forward to seeing it
  2. Yeah I know you knew but I'm saying it's still a bite Surprised how few have gone for it seriously though
  3. A sign that more investment is coming? Can't fault his ambition and actually nice to see some confident predictions from an owner Got his knockers but I mostly like h being controversial and bold
  4. What works with individuals is different I think. Any 'fan' in those sports can pick any player they like. E.g. an English tennis fan can pick Federer and love /support him In team national sport it's fixed really....
  5. Amen brother Will be interesting to see how many they play between now and the France WC
  6. Not sure if that counts as a bite or not Eddie....if I was fishing it would
  7. Ohhhhhh..........what strength of line you using on that rod mate?
  8. I qualified it as a cheap shot but..... In ALL business what you wear matters Ralph could choose and afford to wear a proper suit. Instead he wears outfits that look like he's off badger baiting with his farmer mates Also - I am not talking about what he looks like other than his clothes (which he decides to wear) I don't hate Ralph. I just don't want him as the boss and figure head of the sport
  9. Imagine if they did win it 1000-1 shot.......would be mind blowing
  10. Agreed and we can get another name on the SL trophy while they flounder Good appointment for the game overall
  11. I watch it all Given recent the recent 'event' that shook the RL world in the UK I think he deserves first place I'm not alone given the huge outcry at what he tried to do to Atkin's shoulder in plain sight
  12. Worry is that RU clubs would benefit from the success with more kids etc Did RL clubs up north get any upboost after the RU 2003 win? I.e. "I'm taking my kid to our local 'rugby' club to play " etc
  13. Think sponsorship and attendances go up massively? Or just a bit?
  14. As in let's say French RL is 'worth' a million quid then if it triples it's now worth 3 milion If English RL is 'worth' £20 million and doubles then it's £40 million The French impact is % wise a bigger overall increase (which I think it would be) but the impact in terms of money and participation etc would be a smaller increase in actual numbers to the RL world
  15. Yeah...France is in my head too. I guess the % gain would be bigger than England but from a smaller base. But the England win would be a bigger overall impact (if measuring increased money, media and participation etc )
  16. And now this? Reasons given but now a different country ? What are you playing at?
  17. I did ask for reasons You have given none Please read the start of the thread properly
  18. Hopefully it will get Joey crying again like he did when you guys got beat by Tonga
  19. I know this is a cheap shot but he even dresses in a bad way for the leader of our sport Looks like he's just got off the set of Last of the Summer Wine Say what you like about Elstone....at least h we came across professional
  20. I get what he is saying though....and in fairness it will be the Kiwis who do it if anyone does
  21. You say weak? I think that is relative....not sure it's been this strong for many a year (comparatively)
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