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  1. As southerners we should be moaning the most about the state of our position...but I often find we are more positive generally I agree the pessimism from some ***heads about the game yesterday morning annoyed me. It ended up being an exciting second half and the crowd was decent I enjoyed sticking a comment back to Sir Kev towards the end
  2. Actually I have loads when I think about it 1. Brainwashed my wife (from a union family) into loving league and coming to games 2. Brainwashed 4 maybe 5 mates into being genuine fans (lots of Broncos/skolars/magic weekends etc). Including the neighbour 4 doors down who is a Londoner of far eastern origin (a double whammy of not being traditional league!) and now has a Broncos season ticket 3. Constantly make references to league at work ,with my in laws and with my union teammates 4. Harang my landlord to chalk the four/Tri nations and world cup on the noticeboard 5. Harang various pubs around Herts/Beds to put league on and bring mates to watch it (and shout vociferously so people then ask about what it is) 6. Wear Broncos /England /SL/N** tops and training gear to the gym and out /about 7. Decal on car 8. Brainwash / bribe my kid's into watching league plus scarves/flags up in their playroom 9. Buy tonnes of Our League games that I don't always watch but am happy to give money to RL 10. Have bought Batchelors peas even though I hate them (kid's don't mind em) Thinking about it if Ralph gets an OBE before me I want a ****ing recount
  3. The last two RL world cups I've organised a sweepstake at work and made people participate.
  4. Second half was a great contest. Leave the cattle to the wife next time cobber
  5. Think we are up for the annual game now. Should be a 2 test series in my view
  6. No hopes being raised here on the result You don't think the crowd will be decent then?
  7. Gutted I can't be there but will be there if not next year the one after (if there is one!) Taking 4 of us to a pub in Luton and going to make a bit of a boozy rugby league racket where no one expects ('Off the Wall' if anyone about!) If anyone is at the game take some pictures in the ground for us please! A packed out nail biter on the Beeb would cap a great year for getting French league where it should be again (I'd take it being within 18 points though!)
  8. Say what you want but Hemel schools competition continues to be successful as always Stags are also a decent club in the home counties waiting for some investment. A shining light of rugby league where no one ever expects Yours truly Ex- Hemel school boy BB
  9. F*** me that's a pony effort from the Beeb Maybe a double bluff from a northern BBC mole showing sh*** tackling technique #shirttuggingposhhnobheads
  10. Its always bizarrely easy to park near the grounds up north i find. Even Headingly always has spaces as long I'm there early enough
  11. Agreed...i don't think it looks bad on TV compared to an empty John Smith stadium
  12. It will unfortunately be a factor of whether I get to New River or not next season and I normally go about 3 or 4 times with a few people
  13. It's an absolute pile of s*** . Brentford's stadium for London Irish affected too The congestion charges are now all days too instead of mon-sat We used to drive to the London museums as a Sunday day out (free parking as well) and maybe have a walk on the south bank . The cheap and cheerful nature of it destroyed ...entirely a money making venture and f** all to do with congestion or clean air
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