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  1. Obviously my heart says a Cornwall grab their first win against West Wales, but so does my head. Interesting to see how an ever-improving Skolars go on against Swinton, too.
  2. Heaven knows, these two should have been nailed-on dead certs for top five finishes at the start of the season. Funny old game.
  3. We in Cornwall were never under any illusion that our first season would be challenging, and especially the first half of it. Please bear with the players and coaches because they *will* make giant strides over the next two months. To address the apparent issue with heartland players drafted in to broaden the squad, a few points. First, the stated aim of the club is to bring through as many local players as possible over the coming years, but that also requires the expertise of established League players to guide them in the learning process. Second, we are currently experiencing a bit of an injury problem (and that was before the West Wales game which saw one of our lads badly dislocate his elbow). So far we're averaging gates over 1000, and that will hopefully increase further over the summer. There's a lot to be optimistic about with Cornwall RLFC both on and off the pitch.
  4. Great stuff! Look forward to seeing you there. And afterwards you can go five minutes down the road and spend the rest of the day on the beach!
  5. Please can we not use 'expansion has failed' and 'Cornwall' in the same breath. The Cornwall RLFC club is driven by those who have worked hard over the past decade, and understand what is required for long-term success in the far SW. The club wasn't set up on a whim, but after a great deal of thought and critical thinking. What is more, we have only played two home games. There are great things in the pipeline to widen participation over coming years, and our Cornish Rebels Ladies side will soon be competing in the Super League South competition. There are so many reasons to be optimistic. Most of all I would ask every RL fan who might be on holiday down here at the time of a home match to come along. Every single supporter who does so will be ensuring the future is ever brighter.
  6. Notwithstanding the score, there were a few more little defensive improvements evident today by Cornwall. In the end it was the fine difference of game control and RL nous which accounted for the end result, not heart. We will get there...
  7. Very much looking forward to seeing lots of Hornets fans at the Memorial Ground on Sunday. Safe drive down to all.
  8. Similar, although single night wild camping is something altogether enjoyable.
  9. Just start early and you should be fine. I drive between Cornwall and Cheshire a lot and it flies by these days. Chuck a tent in the boot. There are several quiet campsites within a couple of miles of the ground! Weather is supposed to be dry, too!
  10. Cornwall will get there, I promise. I don't think that we're on our own, either. Everyone I met on Sunday who had come from 'heartland' areas played a massive part. That counts for a lot. I hope every single RL fan down here over the summer drops by for a home game.
  11. Glad you had a great time, Bearman. It's a long-term project, and everyone at the club is working to make it a success. It will be. There were definitely that many there. That's the figure from the gate attendant receipts. Also, with regard to local recruits, bear in mind that Sam Snell (2nd row) now has two tries in two games. That's the kind of raw talent we are unearthing and developing. Really looking forward to welcoming travelling RL fans over coming months. They play such a big part in adding to the event and bringing new local fans up to speed.
  12. There were, and the numbers of RL visitors will increase hugely as the season goes on (especially June to August).
  13. I know the Memorial Ground well and (honestly) guessed there were about 1300/1400 in. As it goes, the grass bank below the camera is one of the best places to watch from, and there were plenty there
  14. Thank you, Tim. That's much appreciated. Hope to head up with the team to your patch later in the season.
  15. Look forward to seeing you! It will be a great day whatever the result. Of course, I think Cornwall will pip it. The boys showed so much character to 'get up to speed' against the Crusaders, and I'm sure Neil will have them much improved again this Sunday. Safe travels.
  16. The first twenty was - as anyone of reasonable mind would have expected - a shock to the system. Like jumping in a cold plunge pool. But we have a really 'together' bunch of guys, and they showed an immense amount of spirit to hold on and stay focused. There were no 'losers' today. We will get better and better. Neil will see to that, and it starts next week at Penryn.
  17. https://cornwallrlfc.co.uk/news/cornwall-rlfc-sign-jamie-prisk-and-andy-kay/ Jamie Prisk has been a stalwart of the Cornish Rebels side for some time. Good skillset.
  18. I believe all of our matches, starting with next week's away to North Wales Crusaders, are *free* on the OurLeague app.
  19. https://cornwallrlfc.co.uk/news/cornwall-rlfc-have-secured-the-services-of-prop-jack-ray/
  20. The ground is actually very accessible by car or train. When you take the Maritime Line from Truro, turn right out of Penryn Station and you'll be there in ten minutes, if that. See you there!
  21. For the avoidance of doubt and to nip rumours in the bud, Cornwall RLFC will be (a) starting the season (b) with a squad. Follow them on one of the social media channels for bang up-to-date news.
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