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  1. Just to reiterate that the survey many posters here responded to regarding a Cornwall-based team in L1 was extremely positive. Be in no doubt, despite distance from the heartlands, 'away' games in Cornwall will be popular. This is not supposition, this is what the study says. Those of us involved with trying to get a Cornish team into L1 are not oblivious to the challenges ahead. Quite the opposite. We are also confident of our strengths. If, in the fullness of time, a Cornwall team takes to the pitch against established clubs, you can be assured that it won't be on a whim, but
  2. Just a reminder of the work quietly being done in Cornwall regarding a possible future semi-professional team. Many here were kind enough to respond to a League One supporters survey we conducted, and the results were even more encouraging than we could have hoped.
  3. Sorry to intrude, but some here might already know that I have been conducting some research on how other fans view the prospect of a Cornwall-based side in L1. Anyhow... the response has been good. Really good. Except there there are some teams for which the feedback is a bit light. Bizarrely and inexplicably, one such is Rochdale. So, in pursuit of statistical integrity I wondered whether a few Hornets supporters would take a couple of minutes to complete the questionnaire (link attached). No personal details required. just absolute honesty. Thank you! https://docs.google.com/
  4. Thank you to all Barrovians for their responses (good, bad and indifferent). Great stuff!
  5. Some might have seen the link on the 'General' forum to a survey about the possible addition of a Cornwall-based club to L1 in the future. However, while the response has been great overall, we could really do with some more 'Cumbrian feedback'. I guess this is important most of all because of the distance involved, and we need to better understand how it is perceived. I know there's plenty of uncertainty about a lot of things no thanks to Covid, but we remain upbeat and optimistic. To this end, if anyone could spend a few moments giving their opinions it would be very sincerely appreciat
  6. Quick update... Thank you to all who have filled it in. It's been a great response so far, and there's lots of enlightening info!! However, we really need a few more responses, so if you haven't done the survey it would be sincerely appreciated. Also, if anyone knows a friend who is a supporter of a L1 club, please let them know it exists. Christian
  7. Wholehearted thanks for such an outstanding number of responses so far. It cannot be underestimated how important the overall response is and the (often unforeseen) advice it provides. Some of the comments have been enlightening, too! Obviously there's still a long way to go with the survey to be sure of cast-iron, copper-bottomed statistical 'soundness', so please do share the link with other supporters of L1 clubs if you can. Lastly, if anyone has thought "I don't really have an opinion" or "I really detest the idea with every fibre of my being" and has not wanted to fill it in bec
  8. Some regulars on these forums may already know that much is being done to establish Rugby League as part of the long-term sporting landscape in Cornwall. One of the principal aims of the Cornwall Rugby League Association is the growth of a semi-professional Cornish Rebels club and, in due course, admission to the League One competition. With this in mind, we are seeking the views of supporters of existing L1 clubs (and recently promoted Whitehaven and Oldham for improved statistical validity) which will help inform us on several key issues. We would therefore be very grateful to r
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