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    B*gg*r off Cliff, I was enjoying my evening until I read that
  2. Loads in Australia, 'Cement' Gillespie, 'Blocker' Roach, 'Bert' Kenny, 'ET' Ettingshausen & loads more. My favourite Glen Lazarus 'The Brick with Eyes'. And Terry Lamb 'Legga'. In UK, Rob Roberts 'Two Bobs'.
  3. Well done Saints, terrific stuff. Am I mistaken or was that Kristian Woolf sat next to Wellens. If Saints invited Kristian to join them for the day, what a master-stroke that was. How ironic, after his drop-goal winner at the Emirates, that Crichton should be the one to make the crucial error in golden point time. And Jerome Leulia, so brilliant in the WC, was completely anonymous here. I knew Welsby was world class, but I thought Percival, Dodd and Sironen were magnificent too. Hope that some of the Saints stars put their hands up for England going forward, starting with the France game in April. A magnificent day for British Rugby League and the Super League. Well done to all concerned.
  4. Good memory AoHaF. Though I thought it was less than 10 minutes from time. In terms of forgiving Mr Holdsworth, he can't possibly have known for sure because it was tight, inconclusive on TV as you say. And there was no get-out of a video ref of course. He had to make a decision on the spot. Just so damn frustrating it went against us. Of course had it been a normal league match, it would have been long forgotten. We all remember it because it meant so much to us. I've heard it said that if Offiah had scored it, rather than Lordy, he probably would have given it. Perhaps Paul wasn't well enough known within the game, but we know how quick he was, especially over a short distance. Anyway, it happened and it doesn't take away the fact that Mr Holdsworth was an excellent referee, well respected by players as many have paid tribute to him on social media. RIP John Holdsworth
  5. Heard today of the sad passing of ex ref John Holdsworth. Yes of course we all remember the semi-final, but came as a shock when I heard. RIP John.
  6. Interesting choices in Littler's leadership group announced today - Ridyard, Whittel & McNally were obvious choices but Meadows and Morgan less so. Good on them , hope it all works out well.
  7. Yes, I for one am very interested and looking forward to the match very much.
  8. RIP Malcolm, from all at Oldham RL.
  9. Crikey mate, I was up last night till 4am trying to work out what you were on about
  10. Tandle, don't be so bludey rude man!!
  11. I think that was his brother Dec?
  12. Have either of these 2 played for us before?
  13. Just the one rep game? Or are you hinting he will be in a World Cup squad?
  14. So he plays for either Featherstone, York or Rochdale. And he's a big name? I wonder..........
  15. What are you alluding to here Johnny boy? We know who you support
  16. Theres an update on the club website saying the 2 clubs are currently in discussion about arrangements for Sunday. https://roughyeds.co.uk/2022/09/club-info-re-play-off-game-at-rochdale/
  17. Teams with lower win rates/points have been promoted over teams above them in RL and football for years.
  18. Well done to all the players and coaching staff for achieving the season's goal of making the play-offs. Also a first win for a while against a RL heartlands team so well done for getting that monkey off us backs. Win or lose next week, the last few weeks have provided an upbeat end to the season.
  19. As good as Danny was he clearly wasn't a patch on his brother.
  20. Anything to do with Calland leaving?
  21. You make it sound so simple Cliff - perhaps replace the word 'vision' with 'money'!!
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