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  1. Congrats Fev, deserved the win. Good luck against the French, but i think you will be in the final.
  2. Will stand swapping be allowed? as in can the supporters from each end swap at half time? Are we anticipating we will fill the longhurst stand? we usually fill the main stand and a few go into the longhurst stand. The longhurst will look empty?
  3. Featherstone Rovers fans will be placed in the Popular Stand and the Away uncover stand (Opposite to where fans were stood during the last game at Bootham Crescent). Fans will be able to gain entry to the ground from the Away Stand turnstiles.
  4. 2nd all the way for me. Potential home tie to get into the final.
  5. Week 1 Saturday 14 September, 3pm: Qualifying Final (2nd v 3rd) or Elimination Final (4th v 5th) Sunday 15 September, 6.30pm: Qualifying Final (2nd v 3rd) or Elimination Final (4th v 5th) Week 2 Saturday 21 September, 3pm: First Semi-final (QF loser v EF winner) Sunday 22 September, 6.30pm: Second Semi-final (Toronto Wolfpack v QF winner) Week 3 Sunday 29 September, 6.30pm: Preliminary final Week 4 Saturday 5 October (KO 7.30pm): Betfred Championship Grand Final
  6. Minns finds new club Former Hull KR centre Thomas Minns has joined promotion-chasing York City Knights, according to the League Express. Minns left Rovers earlier this month without playing a game in his second spell at the club after sustaining a foot injury in training. He will now try to resurrect his career at York, who are preparing for a play-off campaign in the Championship.
  7. we could still end up 2nd. We beat Leigh and Halifax = 39 points Leigh lose last game against TWP = 36 points Toulouse win next game and get beat last game away to Fev = 38 points Job done.
  8. John Kear is going to be the club's new doctor\time keeper next season?
  9. the game starts 0 - 0 so theres a chance yes.
  10. John Kear will be stood on the touch lines making sure of it.
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