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  1. I can't wait to experience TGG at this stadium later this year. I recommend you watch the first episode of Richard Hammond's Big on Discovery Channel catch up TV. It's a behind the scenes at the stadium. It's worth a watch and really whets the appetite!
  2. I'm half way through this book and it's a truly inspiring account of an unbelievably brave and selfless man in the midst of some of history's darkest ever days. I'm well read on the camps and the Final Solution, but this book is a real eye-opener and jaw-dropper!
  3. 'Splendid Attraction' Did Lionel Hirst produce that poster?
  4. Sometime in the 1990s in Cumbria Smiths RU, based in St Bees, switched to RL but retained their union name. They were forced into the switch due to the then dominance of RL along the west coast of Cumbria and they struggled to get union fixtures. My... how times have changed.Unfortunately!
  5. It's a different side of the same coin. Yes, it's about quota rules but rules based on legislation. My guess is that legislation will keep the status quo. Kolpac may be an EU law but as part of Brexit legislation it becomes UK law until amended.
  6. My guess is that there'll be few, if any, changes to the current arrangements. Whilst the RFL may be a fairly toothless animal football's Premier League and Football League and union's Premiership certainly aren't. I suspect that the Government will want to dodge a battle with these organisations so will keep the status quo. I don't envisage the Government creating a two tier system with the aforementioned exempt but with restrictions then applied to the likes of Rugby League and Ice Hockey. It'll be one policy for all. From the European Union's perspective, given their intransigence and continued bad faith, who knows what their stance will be? I can imagine France's cash rich union clubs will want to maintain the status quo, and will thus try to influence their Government.
  7. Smithies, Tom Johnstone and Savelio. As an aside it'll be interesting to see if Wane can be strictly neutral when it comes to assessing and selecting Saints players!
  8. Judas Priest's Unleashed in the East. Live album or studio album? Discuss!
  9. I was at that gig. . I got the shock of my life when Brian May walked on stage. I never imagined him and Lemmy together!!
  10. I love live albums. Motorhead's No Sleep Til Hammersmith has, quite rightly, been mentioned, but a couple of their later live efforts are mammoth as well, Everything Louder... and 25 years at Brixton.
  11. God Forbid that anyone thinks that! On a brighter note... Only another 96 posts to the Cross Code.
  12. Are 'play-of-the-balls' the same as 'play-the-balls' in RL? Just askin'!
  13. Just as I was getting excited about the new season this embarrassment of a show returns...
  14. Jim Peters played for Barrow and Saints in 1913 and 14.
  15. What a narrow-minded, holier-than-thou and mean-spirited individual you are.
  16. Agreed. Some people get their panties in a twist over the smallest of issues. The question of whether the Government will, at some stage, issue restrictions on the sponsorship activities of betting companies is interesting. It's possibly not so straightforward given the existence of the National Lottery. Prior to the launch of the National Lottery in 1994 there were really heavy restrictions on betting shops and the promotional activities of betting companies. For example with the shops it was illegal to provide refreshments, toilets or even chairs and the inside couldn't be visible from the street and opening hours were subject to strict restrictions - no late night or Sunday. The parent companies were banned from advertising on TV and had other restrictions like not being able to sponsor teams/events. The National Lottery changed all that. The betting companies successfully argued that playing the Lottery was a form of gambling, and that they should be able to compete with the new national game. The Government loosened most of the restrictions on betting companies, doing away with the old dingy betting shops and permitting sponsorship. I guess that as in so many other things no one in 1994 would have predicted where we'd be now in terms of gambling companies and even the National Lottery. Both institutions are now a long way from their roots, particularly betting companies. However, the National Lottery is STILL a form of gambling so it could be that any restrictions would have to apply to it also. And maybe even the likes of the Postcode Lottery and Health Lottery. It'll be a can of worms. One thing'll be for sure, the betting companies won't go without a fight. PS And for those of you who say 'Aah, but, the National Lottery is really gambling', you are wrong.
  17. Time really does fly! It's Bob what done the deed. Scary, I know. He's 31 this year.
  18. Trent Robinson is again taking the game seriously. It could be a cracker. https://www.nrl.com/news/2020/01/23/barcelona-and-bushfire-relief-how-wcc-kickstarts-roosters-title-defence/
  19. Yup! That's me as of yesterday. Another soddin' birthday to remember. I'm only 58 so I feel my new status has arrived too soon. Has it? I was given first dibs at my sobriquet and chose Grandad. Good choice? And to all the other grandparents on here... Is it a good gig? On the brightside RL has another budding fan. He qualifies for England and Singapore.
  20. It seems fitting... The 2020 GF winners to play the tourists.
  21. I'd happily give a tenner each month if something was set up. I'm sure others would sign up also. Maybe each quarter we decide who should get the cash. Jamaica this time. Maybe Nicaragua next. Then Nigeria or whoever.
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