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  1. For years English hooligans have been top dogs. They are now finding out that's not the case anymore. The Russian hooligans are very organised and much worse than ours. Once again it's the innocents who are getting caught up in it.
  2. It's going to be interesting to see how Keighley get on. Consistency has been our biggest problem.
  3. Maybe he was hoping to fire them up to give us a harder game
  4. As a Cougar fan. The result does not surprise me. We are normally awful in the first half. We keep giving teams get a head start. Then catch up. This time it didn't work. A lot of fans are losing faith his ability to coach the team. Well done London.
  5. A complete and utter cock up. They will have done a sweep before the game. How was it missed?
  6. Great result for the Cougars. Jon. I do have to listen to it at every home game. Some people seem to spend the whole game blaming the ref.
  7. Hard game for cougars with it being so close to the date Danny Jones passed away at the same ground.
  8. People are saying that countries have to play more games to raise there profile. Then there players will want to play for them. If some of those players are in SL. How can they play more games. They are playing to many already.
  9. If he is as bad as people say. Why the hell would Rochdale want him.
  10. Expecting a big Cougar win. Hopefully this comment won't bite me on the ######.
  11. Will be at Cougar park. Fully expecting a big win against Oxford. No offence to them.
  12. People saying Leeds cannot go down So what happens if Leeds have a very bad run of injuries before the end of the season.
  13. The coverage of the NRL is light years ahead of Sky coverage.
  14. But there will be a big increase of money going into the lower league. So it's not so bad.
  15. Much, much better performance today from Keighley. Let's hope we can keep it up.
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