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  1. Not bothered who goes down. But if Leeds went down then the clubs in the lower league could look forward to a nice pay day.
  2. Having seen most of Keighley games this season. I am not surprised by the spirit in the team. That and the last line of defense has been or strongest this season.
  3. What a truely shocking thing to happen. When is it going to end.
  4. As a Cougar fan. Who went to his first fame during the Cougarmania days. Its going to be interesting to see what happens. A lot of fans walked away from the game, when we didn't get promoted. Not sure if these fans will come back. Its just good to know the new owners have the club at heart. I think there is a core group of people who will volunteer to help out.
  5. The 12 point deduction could be a blessing in disguise. We now have no chance of promotion. This season can be used to settle things down. Allow the club to develop a strategy to get new supporters and more importantly new sponses involved.
  6. I cannot tell you how happy i am about this.
  7. Most Kly fans use other forms of social media. As has been pointed out previously on this thread.
  8. Has anyone got the pic of Barrie Mac and Terry Oconner smacking some Aussie players?
  9. A formal bid has been registered with the RFL to take control of the club. The new bid involves a new group of people. Fingers crossed it works.
  10. As a Keighley fan. I have no idea what is going to happen. One thing o do know for sure. I have no trust/faith in the people who currently own/run the club.
  11. Religion is just a crutch for the weak to lean on.
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