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ticket sales

ov fev

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Dont forget there are plenty of un-official buses as well

talking to workmate he said there was 3 buses going from the travs in fev.Come on rovers


WatchED Rovers since 74-75 seasons,as mad about rovers 35 years on(the wife thinks i,m mad).


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Difficult to tell Matt with numbers changing all the time. But the latest estimates - the numbers of what we actually know (as opposed to trips from places we aren't aware of) is around 26 busses in total so far (of which Gaz is on his 12th from the club)!!

Like I said, there are tips going from all over the place it's going daft!!

"I love our club, absolutely love it". (Overton, M 2007)

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i was there at half six last night and the

joe mullaney is a god

the only good tiger is a stuffed tiger


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I was down club an hour ago and it looked really busy! People in & out for tickets. Me & my mate have bought nine tickets for south stand.

Hopefully I might buy a few more tomorrow, but depends if mates can make it...! Hope we don't completely sell out today, but if you want tickets you better get yourselves down to club fast.......rovers, rovers, rovers. :D

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