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The World Cup goes ahead

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Just now, Yakstorm said:

If that's how you interpreted it, then sorry that not what I meant.  To me I don't feel like a million+ upfront investment is a meaningless statement when trying to highlight that the NRL actually does invest in the Pacific.  It's certainly a lot more than anyone else has put into Tests not involving them. 

As for more evidence, what would you like? I can't just hand over balance sheets from NRL events and contray to what you've implied the NRL has never released costs for the Pacific Tests in any official statement. 

problem is 1 million as an altruistic donation (loss) would be something.. but stumping up 1 million to make 3-4 (for example) is purely business and while it is good business i dont think they should necessarily be lauded for their internationalism on that front.. 

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1 minute ago, Dave T said:

Yes I did notice that Aus and NZ played each other in Olympic Football the other day.

However new cases in Japan are far, far lower than in the UK. 

Tokyo is in a state of emergency and in lock down.. our cases were low when no one was allowed out.

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1 hour ago, St Reatham said:

Well over 600 comments thus far on the BBC HYS, so it’s definitely a talking point, and a record for a BBC rugby league HYS I’d imagine.

Well over 1k comments now and in the top 10 of Most Read stories on BBC News online. I’ve never seen that before. Certainly getting the game some media coverage.

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Locking this as we've now got three threads all discussing the same topic, and it is hard enough to manage one of them from a moderating point of view!

Please carry on the discussion in the thread linked below.




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