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Simon Johnson

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8 minutes ago, Rupert Prince said:

If the WC does go ahead then no its not possible because its clear they could have come and they have broken the international rules and calender etc. 

This is why any cancellation of the Cup or it's postponement is a total disaster.   It's a move force majeure a coercion by the NRL to defacto take over our game.

This whole issue is a total massive disaster... of HUGE proportions.

And the wheelchair and women's games... !!!

The idea of the Anzac carrying on in their game Pacific bubble is as nothing to what we have just been hit with.  A giant steam train.

I am very sorry to have to say, and repeat, to you and to everyone else ... But we MUST totally reorganize our game from top to bottom.  And find investment.  We are not in the last chance saloon even, we have been thrown out the back and left with the bottles of empties. Fosters of course.

Covid has messed up so many things these past couple of years. Olympics and Euros delayed and then with limited spectators. RU Lions with no fans, and then all in one location, etc. It's been unprecedented times. I understand all the disappointment, but I think it has to be seen in that context. Ultimately, everyone who loves RL needs to work together in the future. That is going to include the administrators in Australia and NZ, with those in the UK. It's all well and good having some drama and attention, but once all the shouting and insults are done, there needs to be a way forward found.

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