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Sun 8 Aug: SL: Leigh Centurions v Hull Kingston Rovers 18:30 (TV)

Who will win?  

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  1. 1. Who will win?

    • Leigh Centurions
    • Hull Kingston Rovers

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12 hours ago, Hull Kingston Bronco said:

Do me a favour. 1982 onwards. Kept my season ticket when I lived in Sydney. Buy 2 now and donate one via the club to someone random who can’t. I’m happy with my loyalty, and Rovers crowds have always held up pretty well for their circumstances… certainly above Leigh and plenty of other peers.

We got one chance to get into SL and re-build, after a decade of exclusion, and we took it. Others haven’t. 




So you were one of the 1200? I have lots of time for the fans who stick in the tough years, there was a bloke with a 10-5 flag I used to chat to at both grounds around that time

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11 hours ago, GUBRATS said:

So there wasn't actually 1200 there if you were in Sydney , fiddling the attendances , it was only 1199 😂

😂😂😂 nah I stupidly moved down under after the “Barrow on a rainy Sunday” days, if only I’d timed it better


…mind you don’t re-open the “is it tickets sold or people attending that counts” debate, that’s as long-running as Chris Joynt’s voluntary tackle and Keith Senior’s random relatives being unable to understand the concept of momentum in physics 




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