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11th , Kyle Trout, Liam Finn

Wakefield Ram

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A consistently poor website with old news and recycled articles.

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Sport, amongst other things, is a dream-world offering escape from harsh reality and the disturbing prospect of change.

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6 hours ago, Wakefield Ram said:


Kyle Trout has joined Featherstone, Liam Finn has joined backroom at Halifax and this website reckons we will finish 11th. 

Well featherstone show they are running out of players to sign, Kyle only played limited games at Newcastle, who you would have resigned him if he had shown promise, think at featherstone he'll be more filler than killer in their ever expanding squad

The current "Di.Ck Jousting with Leigh is bordering on comical 

And watching is like 2 bully's in the playground coming head to head and reeling off who has the biggest & hardest mates🤔

Let's just cut the season out, award places on last year

And have a best of 24 series of games between Featherstone & Leigh🤔

I'm surprised at Dezzy pitching in so much brass early doors, and not opting for the big rollers coming in later in the season in the play offs

Things to make this season a happy one, back in the day we listened to John Peel's Festive 50 at Xmas

This year its Coolie's 10

1. Covid balderdash can do one

2. Batley don't come 6th or above

3. We finish 10th+

4. Sheffield Eagles relegated

5 Workington relegated

6. Leigh to dramatically kick a late drop goal in injury time in the grand final after Featherstone we're 36-0 up and Leigh come out 37-36 winners

7. York to put in a shift like last season🤔

8. Someone else other than Saints to win super league... Not including Leeds Whinos

9. Every fan from every club who begin to watch the 2022 season, to all be here when watching its conclusion

10. Wherever your team finishes always remember.. It's only a game

Respect the clubs, respect the players, respect the fans🤔


Whether they live in caravans, play banjos, have 6 fingers, a small Gene pool, 

We're all fans of the worlds greatest sport.... Rugby league 

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