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NRL Attendance Figures 2022

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Melbourne Storm Home Average crowds 2022 season , so far . 

V Rabbits 13,269

V Eels 15,691

V Bulldogs 13,437

After 3 games , average crowd of 14,132 , at Storm home games . 

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Have you guys worked out the scam the NRL has turned Magic Round into?  Notionally there are 8 'home' teams who get attendance figures but how the NRL does it is so cynical it's criminal.  The total attendance for each day is given to each of the 'home' teams.  That is 40 odd thousand given to two teams on Friday and 3 teams on both Saturday and Sunday.  My team, the Storm, has had their 2022 average home attendance boosted by a ridiculous 40,000 as they were one of 3 'home' teams on the Saturday.  Clearly they have to allocate the crowd somehow but dividing it by 3 is not gonna artificially boost the League's attendances so, you get 40,000, you get 40,000 and so on.  What a farce.

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