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MOM Featherstone v Sheffield


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10 hours ago, Adam B said:

1 Kheirallah

2. Briscoe

3. Moors 

Good to have you back Col, and to hear you're going well again.

Thanks AB. Had a double tooth removed today. Inside it was full of black ####. That has removed the posion  remaining in my system. So onward and upward. Thanks again for the kind message. 

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At 8.45 tonight the scoring is as follows: Briscoe 25, Jacks 24, Smith 18, Cuthbertson 16, Moors 10, Keirallah 7, Leilua 6, and Hardcastle 2. UTR. As we have no match this weekend I will leave the scoring until Sunday. Thanks for all you messages. Pat is progressing also.

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After Steve's vote we have the following: Winner of Sheffield match Jacks 26, second Briscoe 25 and third Smith21. They earn 3,2,1, in the overall. Steve's vote was over 10 hours ago so I have closed the Sheffield voting down.

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Overall wel have Bussey at 16, Lockwood on 10, Briscoe on 8, Hall on 7, Hardcastle and Cuthberetson on 6, Leilua, Jacks, Gale and Moors on 3 and Davies, Jones and Ferres on 1 each. Now to next game v Barrow UTR.

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