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Meet the squad @ Nash

Batley Bob

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Correct KTF and we haven't been told yet officially that Adam G as signed, although we all have know he has for sometime and you have sponsored him. That's the problem with drip feeding us the info, the club have forgotten who they have told us about and who they haven't

Anyway, looking forward to another good night at the Batley Nash.

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It was tongue in cheek KTF,BUT if you were to push me (over the edge no doubt!) I'd say a good young(er) forward. You did ask!

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Only thing missing us an updated squad numbers list, Linners said Kear is 15 and Kibula 20 but Burton was 20 last year so what's his 2023 number? Rog will need to know for the matrix.

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They have been on my list since boxing day, I have not post it yet until I clarified some minor details last night, I will post it during the week.













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Player Stats now posted as usual I will only include League, Cup and playoff matches.

Cup matches are Challenge Cup and 1895 Cup.

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Officially announced list                                                                                                                        

23 Josh Milthorpe   - FB/wing

21 Aidan McGowan - FB/Wing

15 Elliot Kear            - FB/wing/centre

5.  Jonny Campbell - wing/FB

22 Dale Morton       - wing/FB

29 Greg Johnson    - wing/Centre

4.   josh Hodson       -centre/wing

3 Kieran Buchanan -centre/2nd row

18  George Senior    -centre/2nd row

6.   Ben White - Stand off

7    josh Woods - Half Back

14. James Meadows Stand off/Half back

9.   Alistair Leak - Hooker

28  Oli Burton    - Hooker

24 Ben Kaye     - Hooker/loose forward  

17  Luke Blake   - Loose Forward/Hooker 

25 Toby Richardson - 2nd row/centre/loose forward

12  Lucas Walshaw - 2nd row/centre

11 Dane Manning - 2nd row

26 Nyle Flynn       - 2nd row/prop

13 James Brown   - prop/2nd row/prop

19 Tom Lillycrop - prop

16 Michael Ward - Prop

20 Samy  kibula -  Prop/2nd row

10  Keegan Hirst - Prop

30 Martyn Reilly - Prop/loose forward


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