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Battling Bunnies bring back the Biff.......

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When the pinch comes the common people will turn out to be more intelligent than the clever ones. I certainly hope so.

George Orwell

You either own NFTs or women’s phone numbers but not both

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It's a good argument for police to wear body cameras at all times when on duty. Regardless of the specifics of this case, I blame the individuals' attitudes towards alcohol use for nearly every one of these incidents. There was clearly some beef between Latrell and Wighton so the best solution would have been for both of them to go home and sleep it off.

In nearly every off-season, off-field incident, if players had just left the location and gone home we wouldn't hear anything about it. I understand the "I have just as much right to get legless in a public place as any citizen" defence. But the average citizen isn't getting paid 10-15 times the average wage, partly on their merits as a "role model." This incident occurred at 3:45am. How much more drinking did they really need to do?

And, they were celebrating Wighton's 30th birthday. When Wighton celebrated his 25th birthday he ended up being charged and convicted of assaulting 4 people.

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