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Women's World Cup Qualifying Update - Brazil gone

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"Canada, Jamaica and the United States will play in a revised women’s Americas Rugby League World Cup Qualifying tournament in November, following the removal of Brazil."


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Build a man a fire, and he'll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life. (Terry Pratchett)

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IRL general secretary -

"IRL has reached out to CBRL's board of directors to work with them on strategy development, which we hope will include the cultivation of a Brazilian women's competition, which is essential for sustainable growth"

IRL should reach out to themselves regarding "strategy development". The personal risks and associated costs of Tackle RL preclude "sustainable growth" in new territories.

In the 21st century, non-contact forms of RL are the only viable way to build a participation base large enough to support the Tackle game.

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7 hours ago, Pulga said:

I think their last WC campaign left them in a bit of debt.

There was debt, though it was manageable, especially with the partners attracted.  The issue for Brazil was the changes in qualification for the RLWC. 

Off the back of 2022's appearance and the news that Brazil would be guaranteed a spot at France, many existing sponsors signed on at larger amounts, as well there were new coming into the mix.

The removal of that guaranteed spot was the first hit for Brazil, then announcement of the qualification process, which meant Brazil would have to go to the US, try & win 2 knock outs before having to play in an undefined World Series, saw many of the remaining commercial partners pull out.

The fact that the only coverage that could be guaranteed was a YT live stream for the Qualifiers, has made it hard for Brazil to raise the funds needed to afford the trips.

There has also been a compounding effect which has upset some of the core players, which doesn't help either. Understandably some have put going to the RLWC into the too hard basket. 

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