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#3149917 what's the big secret

Posted by Simon Hall on 30 June 2015 - 07:03 AM

I think the sport in general is on a downward spiral outside superleague. The crowds compared with 10 maybe 15 yes ago is shocking.In the time when they no promotion or relegation I think people got fed up.What's the point in supporting a club when you know they could only get so far due to not having fancy ground and bags of cash.Its about what happens on the pitch.And they called rugby union elitist(just my opinion).

But when you know you can have a fancy ground and bags of cash, playing at an amateur ground and having no money is quite galling.

#3149607 what's the big secret

Posted by Simon Hall on 29 June 2015 - 02:03 PM

Nope - so are we saying York City Knights finishes 1 day, next day York Knights is formed, new company, new club, keep all the players, keep all our points and carry on as if nowt's changed? Yep - sure the RFL would go along with that


Like they did with Bradford, Keighley, Doncaster, Oldham...

#3149584 what's the big secret

Posted by Simon Hall on 29 June 2015 - 01:17 PM

What I was told Gary



Did you buy shares when they did that share issue as well Col?

#3149490 what's the big secret

Posted by Simon Hall on 29 June 2015 - 10:17 AM

 well according to a well informed fellow fan, the RFL would not let the club back in for 2 years so that would be the end


The same fan who claims he used to be pilot flying Vulcan Bombers, owned several of the rarest motorbikes ever made, claims to be a personal friend of Arnold Schwarzenegger and insists he's a shareholder in the club despite having been shown actual proof he isn't?


That well informed fan? 

#3148443 what's the big secret

Posted by Simon Hall on 27 June 2015 - 03:43 PM

However, I do think this is disrespectful to the coaching staff and players. These lads are busting a gut for the club even though they cannot like the situation any more than the fans do. Their commitment and loyalty are amazing (read James Ford in Saturday's Press).

I know you and others have personal issues with the owner but I, as an ordinary fan, just want to keep supporting the team as long as it continues to exist. Unfortunately, unless drastic changes occur, I cannot see that being beyond this season. I'll be at Heworth tomorrow, Oldham next Sunday, and wherever else the rollercoaster takes us.

Well aren't you a hero. I'll be spending my money where it's appreciated.

#3147785 what's the big secret

Posted by Simon Hall on 26 June 2015 - 02:22 PM

Gutted to hear this simon hall and peter g.a shame when a certain person drives you away from the thing you love


I suspect he'll be delighted to have upset so many people TBH, it's the sort of person he is.

#3147712 what's the big secret

Posted by Simon Hall on 26 June 2015 - 12:40 PM

Sad to see its got that bad.Why cant these people just ###### off?I think if people do get cheesed off they will find something else to do on match day.Sad state of affairs all round.


People do find something else to do on a matchday, then they get more "into" that activity so they don't come back, whether it be fishing, golf or going to B&Q.


I've started doing something else with my Sunday's now, and the club had very few people more diehard than me. I miss the rugby but I'm not prepared to go somewhere where my custom isn't appreciated and I'm made to feel as if I'm one of the people at fault for the club's woes.


As soon as the club is in better hands I'll be back though, as will possibly thousands of others.

#3139200 Rochdale

Posted by Simon Hall on 12 June 2015 - 11:08 AM

Confirmation at last.   This is what I have thought all along was the hidden agenda, which others, e.g. Simon Hall, have been denying.   What worries me is how sympathetic the RFL would be, given that the present club is only 13 years old.


I don't want the club to go bust. I want Guildford to hand it over to someone else for it to be run properly but he'll only do that if someone gives him a ridiculous amount of money and most wouldn't give him the steam off their...


So the only real way for it to be run properly is if it goes bust and starts again without him.


So it needs to go bust for it to have a good future, and I want it to have a good future. 


I'd rather it didn't go bust though.

#3137286 Rochdale

Posted by Simon Hall on 08 June 2015 - 01:06 PM

a city as large as York the council should be doing it's utmost to sort out a ground and get the club buzzing again 


You mean like building the people of York a £41m 8000 seater stadium complex and letting us play at Bootham Crescent until it's built? That'd be a great idea you'd have thought.

#3137203 Rochdale

Posted by Simon Hall on 08 June 2015 - 11:18 AM

Another superb performance yesterday.   "Top of the league. You're having a laugh."   I guess the likes of Deano and Simon Hall must get a bit uncomfortable to see displays like this.   It doesn't help their aim of shutting the club down.   By the way, was there a demonstration?   Admittedly, I didn't arrive until 2.30 but saw no evidence of it.


A few more Knights supporters in attendance, I think (though there were a fair few from Rochdale).   For those who are still staying away:   What are you thinking?   There is so much all-round ability in this team.   They are a joy to watch and deserve more support.   James Ford praises the fans, but we need more.


The director whose interview with Sharon was played on Radio York after the match actually sounded quite sensible and articulate regarding the ground situation.   Or am I just deluding myself?


Wherever next week's game is played (maybe not Heworth, then), please try and get to it and enjoy another few dozen points against the Skolars.


I'm not aiming to have the club shut down you utter fool, I just want rid of the farcical ownership and the club to be as successful as it can be. 


I was there yesterday and paid £15 to watch + fuel money (even though I should have got a season ticket for the £1000 worth of sponsorship they've had off me), I could have spent the day with my family but I decided to go support the team I've supported for 30 years. 


I'd say more telling than any protest was not those who were there but the 1000's of York people who like RL who weren't, but you keep going on about this wonderful team and try and spread the word, see how much success you have in getting more fans to watch. 

#3133624 Fun Bus to York.....errrr.....Featherstone.....errr.... to play York at Feath...

Posted by Simon Hall on 02 June 2015 - 09:49 AM

Next Sunday's away game, (7th June), against York is to be played at Featherstone and the Fun Bus will pick up outside the Flying Horse at 12.00. Anyone wishing to book a seat or seats can do so by either putting a post on here, ringing the Club Office or letting Wendy know.

Sorry this post is so late in coming but, even though Hornets had been trying to find out where this fixture was due to be played, no response from York was forthcoming and so the Featherstone ground was arranged on their behalf !






As a Knights supporter I can only apologise on the club's behalf. The people who "run" the club are an embarrassment to the game.

#3133621 York City Knights in Total Chaos

Posted by Simon Hall on 02 June 2015 - 09:45 AM



Absolute shambles of a club at the moment, haven't even bothered to organise anywhere to play a home game so the RFL have stepped in and it's now being playing at Featherstone. Not even answering calls from other clubs as the owner (who rules the club like a dictatorship) has gone away for 6 weeks and the skeleton staff they do have are terrified to do anything off their own back. Absolutely pathetic.


The RFL have had overtures from a prospective, proven sports club owner and yet they've totally dismissed them and carry on supporting the current joke of an owner, surely if someone wants to do the job properly, they need to explore all possibilities, otherwise we're going to find a club go bust mid season.

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#3130668 246?

Posted by Simon Hall on 28 May 2015 - 11:29 AM

The only way your "method" could work would be for every single fan to desert, the club to fold and a new club to be started as happened with the Knights.   We would lose all credibility.   Over its existence York City Knights has been a good product: great in the community and well thought of in the RL world.   Despite present difficulties, who would want the uncertainty, time, hassle and expense of starting another new club which might or might be accepted?



So what do you suggest then? Keep going and putting money into the club, go home and away every week, buy merchandise, try and encourage our friends and their kids down to games, help get sponsors on board as well as sponsoring the club myself and do professional quality work for free? Tried that, look what thanks I got.


If everyone keeps doing what they are doing we'll get no-where other than a League 1 team on the field and crowds of 700 at best. 


I'd rather spend my time and money elsewhere if that's the level of the club's ambition to be honest, I'm bored of having no hope and being fed up as I have been after 75% of matches since the end of 2005.

#3130615 Stadium news

Posted by Simon Hall on 28 May 2015 - 10:36 AM

Lot of incorrect bits in that Simon - still stick by what I said regarding the people involved in trying to find a solution and their 'supposed' motives, personally reckon the RFL & Council will see through and not allow any 'ulterior motives' to come to fruition



If you're right there Col, I'll be delighted.


Sadly I can't help but feel there is something underhand going on though when 51% of the shares in YCK Ltd are handed by John Guildford to a holding company in which the three Knights directors are directors which isn't even a normal Ltd company but one which is an "unlimited company". One which is set up "when secrecy concerning financial affairs is desired, effectively shielding and protecting its financial affairs".


Why would they do that if everything was above board? Why not just hand the shares to the directors if they were all so confident in their capability to sort this properly?


Looks to me, and people far more knowledgeable about company make-ups (bear in mind I've consulted 2 different accountant about this) that it's simply a ruse to get around Guildford giving up any control. And remember, the council won't deal with the club while John Guildford has control of it, which we all know he always will as he pulls stunts like this.

#3130603 246?

Posted by Simon Hall on 28 May 2015 - 09:16 AM

Of course, like most Knights supporters, I'd be absolutely delighted if the McGills could take over.   Unfortunately, it's not yet within their power.   


It's in our power though, all it takes is the fans to stick together.


But they won't, most just want to watch a game of rugby without the hassle.