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Simon Hall

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#3112655 Laughing stock? - you're having a laugh !

Posted by Simon Hall on Yesterday, 11:49 AM

Pork pies - 4 different types (normal, black pudding, apple, cheese) - worth £350 of anybody's money...


Fruit? In a pork pie? Everything that's wrong with the modern world right there.

#3112554 Laughing stock? - you're having a laugh !

Posted by Simon Hall on Yesterday, 09:16 AM

Some people insist our club is a 'Laughing stock' - well just a few thoughts after yesterday & recent events.

Lee Waterman see's fit to join the club despite been fully aware of the current difficulties - and forget the 'its just a signing to get the fans on-board garbage' - head coach asked and head coach got

Adam Prentis - an intelligent & ambitious guy - sees fit to re-join the club

The team yesterday - roughly 8 or 9 local lads who have come through the academy/reserves at this club, have made 1st team and every single one of them is an outstanding talent

As vice president's we get lunch provided - didn't know what to expect at Clifton Park, but actually thought it was better the HS (Chip's, pork pies, dog rolls, sandwiches will do for me anytime)

Our 2 mothers go to home games - one can't see very well & one has a dodgy hip - they got 2 seats in the very small stand yesterday and were actually escorted to their seats and at the end of the game were escorted out again

So - like most clubs we get some things wrong, but we get a hell of a lot of stuff right & people should get the respect the deserve for achieving that


I'm glad you're happy Colin, must admit I was impressed by the facilities and it's an outstanding little setup for amateur Rugby Union and Cricket. Even more impressed that I could just ride a motorbike into the ground, park up pitchside and watch the game without any of that turnstile nonsense we normally have to go through! Hopefully the council will see fit to install a facility whereby I can do that at the new stadium.


On the playing side of things I'm delighted to see so many young, local lads coming through and showing what they can do. As a supporter of the the sport locally for 30 odd years it's fantastic and a real credit to the coaching setup at the club that they've gone down this route rather than trying to buy success. Lee Waterman will be a great addition and it's good to have a character (and goal kicker!) like him back at the club, I never wanted him to leave in the first place.


Not one person has ever doubted or disrespected the playing side of things recently either, or the community stuff, or the hospitality, or the fact you're mother gets looked after with her dodgy hip. But if you'd just take those shades off, you'd see that "club" is still a massive laughing stock throughout the city and the game and until things change "at the top" it will continue to be seen that way I'm afraid.


Glad you enjoyed your dinner though, might have to pay £350 and become a vice-president so I can sample some of that delicious pork pie!

#3111706 Coventry Bears

Posted by Simon Hall on 25 April 2015 - 02:10 PM

Hope so. Always rated him

We could sign Sam Tomkins and I'd still be totally fed up with the club. Only thing they need to get signed is an agreement to give us somewhere decent to play, the team is secondary to that. Plainly obvious it's a signing to keep the fans on side, I expect Danny Ratcliffe will be making a comeback next.

#3110882 New Club Statement.

Posted by Simon Hall on 24 April 2015 - 08:06 AM

How hard can it be FFS - was just hoping someone from either side could find it in themselves to RISE ABOVE the total sh*te that continues every single day to affect coaches, players & supporters - is that clear enough?

BUS - again pretty simple - great gesture by Ian & Gary to do the bus, point I was making was KISS (believe me) would get greater credit from ALL CONCERNED if they could intervene to try and help sort things for the coaching & playing staff even if it was just on a short term basis


Right, I've had a word with Tim Atkins and Jason McGill at your request Colin, both very amenable blokes who are more than willing to have a chat, you should consider getting in touch with them.


They've both said they are more than happy to let the players train at St. John's, play at Bootham Crescent for 2 years, then move into a brand new 8000 seater stadium and would be delighted for them to do so, which is exciting isn't it! 


All they have asked is for John Guildford to not have any part in the decision making or negotiations regarding York City Knights and the new stadium . So if you can get John to "get just this one very, very small concession granted" then we're laughing!

#3110605 New Club Statement.

Posted by Simon Hall on 23 April 2015 - 03:54 PM

So basically the people you talk to & who confide in you are not prepared to give a small concession to help the players & coaching staff?

Ok - fine - just hoped something could be done with your help

Big Ian - no problem with the bus stuff at all


Why should the council give any concession however small to the staff of a company whose sole shareholder and only decision maker they have refused to deal with due to his well documented behaviour? Can't think they'd assist the staff of a shop doing their job if the owner decided to perform like Guildford has.


How can you not get your head around that? Just try and see it from a business point of view rather than "the lads" & "the club" and it's blindingly obvious.

#3110598 New Club Statement.

Posted by Simon Hall on 23 April 2015 - 03:29 PM

Not talking about answers Simon - want a simple action

Also thought you guys were in daily contact with the people that matter and might have had some influence - also in my opinion KISS would get more support by helping get the players back to St Johns as opposed to putting on a free bus to St Helens....



What do you think we've been doing? Just moaning about Guildford 'cos we don't like him? I'd accept Robert Mugabe as Chairman if he could get us somewhere decent to play FFS. Pretty clear to most now that the only way the players will be training at St. John's and playing at Bootham Crescent is if Guildford goes.


If you keep backing him, you're in a roundabout way causing the players to have no training or playing facilities so it's more up to you than it is up to me & KISS to help sort this now.

#3110441 New Club Statement.

Posted by Simon Hall on 23 April 2015 - 09:36 AM

Don't know if Mr Atkins or COYC will or have confirmed that talks with the Knights are still continuing, but can't we just forget for one moment ''but that is part of signing the deal etc, etc'' and let the players train at St Johns

In fact if KISS want the best for the club and claim to represent the thoughts of the majority of the supporters then how about KISS lobby Mr Atkins & COYC and get just this one very, very small concession granted


I and KISS lobbied the council to give us some answers, when they did we had all sorts of stuff thrown at us by Guildford and some fans, including you Colin. You're more than welcome to contact the council with your request though, see where that leads?

#3108832 Coventry Bears

Posted by Simon Hall on 20 April 2015 - 08:33 AM

That's what I thought but heard it said again yesterday plus the club statement plus Radio York today


Colin, I spoke to Jason McGill on Saturday morning and he categorically stated the Knights will not be playing at Bootham Crescent until they agree a deal for the new stadium. He also said in no uncertain terms that no safety certificate had been applied for as an agreement has not been reached. You'd think he'd know what was going on with the ground wouldn't you?

#3108808 well done

Posted by Simon Hall on 20 April 2015 - 07:26 AM

Looks like the lads are playing 'for the club' and that club is currently owned by JG and he is paying the wages so that's it if the McGills are not interested now

If that's it then the Pro-RL club in York may as well be dead. Although thankfully that's definitely not the case, he just won't be physically buying the club off Mr Guildford.

#3108805 Coventry Bears

Posted by Simon Hall on 20 April 2015 - 07:20 AM

Stated again on Radio York that there is a meeting later this week regarding playing home games at BC after this coming weekend

The club and the council have to agree to a deal regarding the new stadium before they can play at BC.

#3105864 Oxford away 3pm Sunday

Posted by Simon Hall on 14 April 2015 - 07:33 AM

totally wrong to do anything that affects these lads

I completely agree with you. Causing them to have no training or playing facilities and the club refusing to pay for nutritional supplements is bang out of order.

Squadbuilder is still there (thanks for the continued support Col) if the club need any funds to sign or retain a player they just need to ask.

#3105487 For those who see the light

Posted by Simon Hall on 13 April 2015 - 11:17 AM

And this is the sort of character we're up against despite him being a director of The Knights Foundation, a charity which is supposed to promote sport for all, regardless of ability. Someone who freely uses derogatory terms about the disabled to mock fans who were doing a 10k to raise money for Prostate Cancer Research (while wearing Knights clothing to promote the club!), all because they disagree with how he runs the club they support. Very disappointing to see one of the new directors joining in too, rather than calling him to account. 

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#3103953 New Club Statement.

Posted by Simon Hall on 10 April 2015 - 04:39 PM

It not just gobbledegook, it's total rubbish. Nice to get a mention though.

#3103659 Oxford away 3pm Sunday

Posted by Simon Hall on 10 April 2015 - 08:22 AM

Are we any nearer finding out?


Seeing as though no-one has been speaking to the council, I'd say it's going to be like Clifton Park or Tadcaster Albion. At best.

#3103175 Oxford away 3pm Sunday

Posted by Simon Hall on 09 April 2015 - 08:42 AM

Ah - I see - Fordy talking in Press today makes it sound like the players will be there so we should be ok


Well that's good then, cos there's no game without the players. Or the referee...