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Yesterday, 02:20 PM

He (Griff) clearly doesn't know. Leave the kid alone


Thanks for that.  It's a few decades since I was called "kid". :bye:

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Yesterday, 12:45 PM

And you stated quite clearly and authoritatively that there were such standards in the 80's. What we're asking you to clarify is exactly what those standards were, or don't you actually know?


They're shown in the Official Guides, Johnny.  Sure you have copies.

In Topic: Rugby League Tables: Sunday August 31

Yesterday, 09:09 AM

These bonus points need stopping if everyone's got 25 zillion points.

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Yesterday, 09:05 AM

are you sure on this one, otherwise how did Huyton play at alt park with a stand that was falling apart, terracing at fartown, station rd and quite a few others that was crumbling and very dangerous. Yes there were implications after Bradford city fire in 1986 but othjer than having a pitch that was fenced off from spectators there were no minimum standards in place as such, these were brought in with the advent of superleague if i recollect rightly


What changed in 1995 was a system of different standards for different divisions.  If you're suggesting that, prior to that, any club could pick a random field and stick a couple of clothes props at each end, I'd suggest you're mistaken.   Of course there were minimum standards.  There have been since the clubs started taking gates over a hundred years ago.

In Topic: What if: Super League had a bonus points system in 2014?

31 August 2014 - 10:22 AM

I don't know. Maybe there isn't one?
I am undecided on the matter really.


I like them.  They keep the game open longer.  "Every minute of every game ......."


But it wouldn't bother me if we went back to 2-1-0.