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In Topic: End of the Testimonial ?

Today, 03:18 PM

Pretty much all the proceeds from the testimonials for Premier League players go to charity. It's very very rare these days that a player gets the proceeds (I'm unaware of any cases). Tax exemptions for charity should remain intact.


That's a fair point and I'm sure the exemptions will be in place for properly structured charities.


Are you aware of any examples of charitable Testimonials outside major soccer clubs ?

In Topic: End of the Testimonial ?

Today, 01:03 PM

I think testimonials in recent years have played a part in keeping players at clubs and in the Sport of RL too

There are a few effects. 


Firstly, you won't need RFL approval to have a Testimonial.  Anyone can have one.  I can have one.  You can have one.


Secondly, the consequence of that is that the Testimonial might lose its cachet and Testimonials in general might make less money.


Thirdly, the player doesn't need a Testimonial Committee.  He can run it himself.

In Topic: Dual Reg - the fightback begins

Today, 07:23 AM

Oh my! Have you also left as well as Nahaboo?


I'm not a Fev supporter, pal.  Though they are my local club and I have a lot of friends there.

In Topic: Dual Reg - the fightback begins

Today, 07:21 AM

It's all about the money. Get them on loan or as permanent signings you have to pay for them. Get them on DR and they are free gratis.


I must have misunderstood the bit where you said "get them on loan .... [and] you have to pay for them.


Nor are they necessarily free gratis on DR.  They may be, they may not be.  It's up to the clubs to agree.

In Topic: Dual Reg - the fightback begins

Yesterday, 01:59 PM


Can Rovers afford to go full time next year assuming 3rd. is best they can do??


Fev ?  I've no recent information, I'm afraid.