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In Topic: Rochdale game

Yesterday, 11:35 AM

Apart from Leigh who won easily.


In Topic: Expansion

Yesterday, 10:11 AM

Did not Cardiff and Swansea apply to SL at the same time as Gateshead, this is when a big oppurtunity was missed,

As said in a previous thread the South Wales expansion team ssould have been set up in one of the 2 big cities ,


although population size isnt everything , it helps if yo uhave a large potential fan base on your door step and then look for new

fans further afield, setting up in a small town with a limited fan base and then hoping to attract people from the cities does

not work, family friendly facilities are also importnt which Cardiff and Swansea can both supply,


with good marketing and publicity i am sure it would have succeded, promoting it as asummer sport with only Glamorgan county cricket

as a direct competitor, Football and Union are winter sports,

it can still work,


also intersting to see that originally  2 French teams proposed, Toulouse has everything in its favour, fan base, facilities and weather,


Great - two teams in South Wales.


But - instead of whom ?


We can only afford 12 teams in $uperleague.


Two in Wales, two in France, one in Ireland, Cumbria, London, maybe one in the South West, Midlands, don't forget Rome and Barcelona - gosh - there's only room for Leeds or Wigan.

In Topic: Not a good night.

Yesterday, 07:58 AM

Sheffield are part-time too.


Just saying ..................

In Topic: Rochdale game

Yesterday, 07:48 AM

Funnily enough, the teams who got changed elsewhere and had their team talks in the stands tended to lose the game.


You have to wonder how good a decision that was.

In Topic: What can we do to increase attendances?

20 August 2014 - 11:13 AM

Maybe work on getting away fans to the games.


Typically, away support is around the 1000 mark, so I'm told.


Obviously, there'll be exceptions - if anyone's thinking of pointing them out.  But the point I'm making is - what do clubs do to pro-actively sell tickets to away supporters ?