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#3172019 Biggest game of the season?

Posted by Chris_T on 06 August 2015 - 06:38 PM

This season has been a disaster but the squad is a cok hair away from being a decent side, the players who have resigned have all been chased by other clubs. Dewsbury have finished 11 points clear of us and I can honestly say I feel there are only 3 players there that would improve our squad, Grady,Thackery,Seymore. Had we had those three in our squad then I would expect us to have made the top 5. With our budget you are taking a risk every season that the squad you assemble will cut it. At the start of the season with 2 superleague trained halfbacks who had Championship experience, and Leak and Nicholson as backup I wasn't overly worried. Things just haven't clicked, but if we unearth a gem for next season (probably have to be from Aus or France looking at the halfbacks in the Engish game today). Then the squad we have assembled already could do very well.

#3169791 Moving with the times...

Posted by Chris_T on 02 August 2015 - 03:47 PM

You lot should be used to dewsbury fans pointing out batley's frailties and short comings

After a 130 years of it ;)

130years minus the 3yeaes when you lot decided that League wasn't for you and carried on with the RFU. You Public school, silver spoon, blazer wearing fops!!! #shameful past.

#3156249 New signing

Posted by Chris_T on 10 July 2015 - 08:59 PM

No problem at all with your opinion or your pedigree as a Bulldogs fan Phildog but there must be 10 other threads on this forum regarding the clubs inability to sign a half back. You could have easily resurrected one of these rather than derail a positive news thread. Just my opinion but the negativity on here is damaging to the club. I'm not a happy clapper and am very frustrated with this season but prefer to moan with my pals on the terraces rather than on a public forum that can be seen by potential new supporters or sponsors. At a recent school Gala I gave out three family tickets to families who all like RL on Sky but have never been to the Mount Before. I told them to look online and pick the game they wanted to visit. If they happen upon here they might not bother coming. Just my opinion but the negativity of the fans (often myself included) makes it hard to market the club. Anyway I avoid posting on here 90% of the time as it's usually ends in an argument. Welcome to the Mount Chris hope you score a bucket load of tries. It seems an age since we had a Pacific Islander at the club, the last I can remember being Mike Kuiti.

#3155847 New signing

Posted by Chris_T on 10 July 2015 - 11:50 AM

A positive post derailed to negativity within 5 posts. We have signed a potentially exciting back with a 4trys in 6 games score ratio but You feel the need to bypass that and suggest signing a Fax fringe player who's name you do not know. There are plenty of folk on here who are too negative for my liking but I know them to be die hard, home and away fans who are frustrated and care about the the club but I've got to say you are the exception Phildog. Negative for the sake of it.

#3140532 Well played Batley

Posted by Chris_T on 14 June 2015 - 04:28 PM

Well done today lads, it was probably the first home game in 30 years where I thought about not bothering turning up but I dragged myself up and it was a belter. 100% effort all round. Scott's kick offs and bombs were superb and the defence Brutal. No problem loosing games when the effort and excitement is there. With Cain and Johnny back next week, we can't be far away from a win.
We done all

#3128027 Marketing team

Posted by Chris_T on 23 May 2015 - 08:49 PM

Those couple of appearances, J27, Tescos,The Mill and the O2 shop wouldn't have happened without the marketing team. So the marketing of the club is already better than previous seasons. With help from an invaluable Salford fan We produce posters in a format suitable for Social media and print out Hundreds which are displayed in local shops and bars. We printed and distributed fixture list postcards, have had hidden ticket treasure hunts and will hopefully have a prescense at the upcoming Batley Vintage day and are helping with an upcoming event to be announced. Not bad for a group who all work full time and many who have young families and commitments to other organisations. Do you use Facebook and Twitter Will? As most of our output is aimed there rather than this forum where the majority of users are already diehards.

#3114438 Play Touch Rugby League

Posted by Chris_T on 30 April 2015 - 03:01 PM

That try took you from a Bolu Fagbourn to  a Johnny Campbell in the blink of an eye!

#3080082 Salary cap

Posted by Chris_T on 27 February 2015 - 10:17 PM

I'd suggest before we move our ground to an area full of bone idol folk who will only support the club if they can walk there. We should persuade the government to put an end to Sunday trading. Close the shops and close the pubs. That will get more fans back. In my opinion It's other distractions that hold us back, we have to market our product to entice families away from, Next,Gap and Costa,

#3055396 Marketing Meeting

Posted by Chris_T on 13 January 2015 - 09:21 PM

The new fans marketing team had their second meeting last Thursday which was again well attended. With loads of excellent ideas being thrown around it was decided that things needed formalising a little, when a chairman was called for all eyes turned to me! Chris Terry lifelong fan, no marketing expertise but im willing to have a go!There is no committee as such and of cause everyone is welcome to join us and help in any way possible, many hands make light work! If you struggle to make the meetings but would like to be involved PM me your email address and I'll add you to our mailing group.

We have decided to focus our efforts on the first League game of the season at home to Workington. Last years game, again in Feb attracted 559 hardy souls, if we can increase this to 560 we will be pleased, we all all in for the long haul and are fully aware that any increase in support is likely to be steady but we'll stick at it and see where we get. The basics so far are outlined below.

  • Design a match day promotional flyer/poster to be distributed to local pubs/clubs/shops/anywhere we can! we have decided to include outposts such as Birstall,Birkenshaw,Gomersal,Drighlington in the hope of reaching new supporters.

  • We have earmarked the three Saturdays leading up to match day to get out and about with Battler. Its looking like a visit to Tesco Batley, Aldi Batley and J27 Retail park. 2 members of the Marketing team (or volunteers from here!) will escort Batler and the club have given us the go ahead to give out some offers for the game, particularly aimed at new families, along with a prize draw for tickets to the game.

  • Our aim, whatever marketing we do, is to collect details of the existing/prospective fans, email addresses etc. to allow some direct marketing in the future. Also to get an idea of where the majority of our fans come from, demographics etc. to allow us to concentrate our efforts for maximum reward.

  • We have one member who has land overlooking the Railtrack outside Batley station. We are to build an 'A frame' advertising trailer which will advertise the upcoming matches and will be visible to rail passengers throughout the week then will be driven around town on a Saturday morning.

  • The club have already set out to improve the Website and have a new chap on board who will be working solely on the social media updates for the club and we will look to Re-tweet, Like and share as much as possible to try and create a Buzz around the club for the coming season.

  • Our main aim is to bring in new fans but we are also hoping to work on what sports marketing types call 'Fan Engagement'. We will use the Video link on the website for mid week interviews with Players/coaching staff hopefully something light-hearted and an insight to the personalities of the players at the club.

  • We are looking for prominent sites around the area for advertising boards/banners and may look to swap advertising space, with companies having a perimeter board at the ground in exchange for a Bulldogs board on their property. (if you know anywhere good let us know!)

  • There were lots of other good suggestions at both meetings but we don't want to bite off more than we can chew at this stage. Kevin, Iro, and Paul Hull have been in attendance at both meetings and were very supportive of our ideas and hopefully we will make a difference for them.

  • Any new members will be most welcome, and if you have ideas get them on here and we will raise them at the next meeting and give feedback.

Cheers Chris Terry

#3049379 Today

Posted by Chris_T on 27 December 2014 - 04:54 PM

Sod it I'm done with Batley I'm off to watch Hunslet they must be ace! The kick offs from Grayston were excellent hope we use that tactic more this season. Campbell was fantastic after a season out. lillycrop will be a crowd pleaser. rettie wanted to work, made good yards and rilled the opposition. I was very pleased with the performance overall. If injuries are kind to us we will be fine and could do top six.

#3002864 Jordan Grayston

Posted by Chris_T on 26 September 2014 - 08:54 AM

Yep very pleased, especially given that he will totally change Fax's style of play but you could just believe what you are saying.

As for Kear apparently he was really impressive in his interview as well.

Some of my fellow bulldogs fans are failing to see the draw of halifax. I actually went for an interview to become one of their supporters but they said I lost my voice too easily for them so wouldn't be able to keep up with the match day chants. On my way out I saw KN, he was looking to invest in Fax but they preferred another offer from the chap who runs the tripe stall on fax market. but he definatley wants to leave Batley for Fax. Definatley, FACT!!!

#2991203 Cougars coming after Batley for compensation

Posted by Chris_T on 08 September 2014 - 09:29 PM

I'm afraid I have no idea. No details are ever published. I don't know who was on the original panel or the appeals panel. The "fresh evidence" presented to the appeals panel has not been published. It shouldn't have been admitted anyway. As it related to 2013, it should have been submitted to the original tribunal or not at all.

You have made it quite clear that you know nothing of the evidence submitted in the appeal, none of us do. For all we know Batley may have a dossier 6" thick which shows thousands of incidents of RFL incompetence. It may bring the whole game crashing down if the truth comes out? We may now have the RFL in our pockets and the refs might help us all the way to Grandfinal victory? 99% of what is being spouted by quite rightly angry opposition fans is guess work. All we know as facts are that an apeal case was heard and the points deductions overturned. Anything else is guesswork, moan all you like but there is a reason for the turnaround,which we don't know the ins and outs of and in this case it's not because we are one of the big boys, an RFL favourite who always lands on their feet. Keighley are well within their rights to go after the RFL but any club in our position would be happy with the results we've had this last 2 weeks both on and off the pitch.

#2986734 Aston & Woods in League Express

Posted by Chris_T on 01 September 2014 - 06:28 PM

simple no change for us, the 2 games were supposed to have breached the regs in we got tonked and were already safe last season, if we had lost 3 points plus any points gained in the games(which was zero) we would stillhave been safe, we were safe before the deadline last season, teams last season alleged to have breach it are haven, town, york, hunslet and i think leigh but i a yet to see any offical link to the rfl saying thats who it was

Your unrelenting! Batley are the spawn of the devil and should loose 6points but everyone else should get off? Would that have anything to do with the fact that it would see you safe. The crimes are the same, results are irelevant, its a team sport and anyone at Batley or Huddersfield cant tell you that Jacob Fairbank (a young fringe superleague player, the sort that DR was set up to help!) is not capable of winning games single handedly, in fact he is no better than our contracted forwards so there would be no reason for Batley to knowingly field him illegally. You could accuse us of cheating had we played Danny Brough, and had we submitted a teamsheet to the RFL with Brough on it I dont doubt they would have passed him to play.

#2900954 Marketing Games

Posted by Chris_T on 17 March 2014 - 10:13 PM

We definitely need to make floating fans welcome to try n keep them. I usually come to games in an an old Stag shirt. On more than one occasion I have been confronted by fans saying something along the lines of 'thats an old shirt I bet you haven't been up here since that was new blah blah.' when I tell them I've watched home and since a babe in arms, they are almost disbelieving! If I was a floating fan I would be put off. We can't afford to alienate anyone.

#2811326 Well done Ian Ego Lenaghan

Posted by Chris_T on 19 October 2013 - 08:03 PM

I really dont want to be dragged into this Champ/SL fans bashing one another but cant sit by when a supposed RL fan says we should die! No one at Batley has any dilusions that we could ever compete with SL top clubs ( though we have scared the hell out of the Giants twice in recent years) but we could continue our steady progress better in a SL 2 comp with some bigger teams around us and leave the elite 8 in SL to get on with what they do the teams dropping back to playing minnows like Batley wont be happy but im afraid there are 2 many SL clubs hanging on by the skin of their teeth and they need that realism that Batley have, and find their true sustainable place in the game, SL 2 if its embraced could be a cracking league.