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End of season

21 September 2015 - 03:06 PM

As the end of season looms what has been everyone's highlight of the season and everyone's player of the season.

Player of the season, although he's only been here a few months I just can't look past sammut, we were doomed when he came in, not only did he lift the fans spirits, you could see him lifting all the lads around him. From his last few months since he came back in I think Brett Carter has been outstanding, long may it continue. Over the full season I think there's only been stack who has been consistently good, he shone even in them awful hammerings we were getting at home. But got to go with mr sammut.

Highlight of the year: although putting 60 on them at home and coming from 18-0 down in Blackpool were right up there, I actually thought a turning point in our season was going to haven and turning them over.


16 September 2015 - 03:12 PM

How on earth have the rfl allowed the haven vs Donny game to be played this Saturday and Batley vs hunslet on Sunday? Surely the excitement of a relegation/promotion battle has to be decided with all teams playing at the same time. If haven win, there batley game is more or less pointless, if haven lose then maybe the Batley game ends in a result that pleases both sides? Just a ridiculous decision by the rfl.

2016 squad

04 September 2015 - 08:10 AM

Kris coward (new 1 year deal)
Dec Hulme (3 year contract)
Brett Phillips (new 2 year contract)
Jason mossop (new3 year contract)
Jarred stack (3 years left on current contract)
Perry whiteley (1 year left on current contract)
Marc shackley (1 year left on current contract)
Liam mcavoy (1 year left on current contract)
Callum Phillips (1 year left on current contract)
Tom walker (new 2 year deal)
Jamie Doran (2 year deal)
Carl forber (1 year deal)
Jack Murphy (1 year deal)
Karl olstrum (2 year deal)
Brett Carter (2 year deal)
Dan Rooney (1 year left on current deal)
Tee ritson (1 year deal)
Latu fifita (1 year left on current deal)
Steve scholey (1 year deal)
Sam forester (1 year deal)
Alex szostak (1 year deal)
Ryan verlinden (2 year deal)
Graeme mattinson (2 year deal)

Mossop and phillips

31 August 2015 - 08:17 AM

Both Jason and Brett Phillips have extended there contracts with town. Brett has signed a 2 year deal and Jason 3.Excellent news