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Martyn Sadler

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In Topic: UKIPpery

Yesterday, 08:16 AM

The government has been saying that we're in recovery and they've put out loads of figures to prove it.


Those figures now show that our payment to the EU (we get chunks of it back directly and indirectly) needs to rise in proportion with how rich we are as a country.


If the recovery was real no one would even notice this extra money drifting away.

Three points in relation to this.


I had always been under the impression that the EU was funded by VAT receipts, which presumably are fairly indisputable.


And this levy appears to be related to our economic performance since 1995, not just the last couple of years.


And the payment of £1.7 billion has to be paid in a matter of weeks.


I'm not sure that the opinion poll you referred to would have the same result if carried out today.

In Topic: "Rugby league's international failure is spectacular"

Yesterday, 07:41 AM

We are on a slow but inexorable downward spiral.

That's what many people seem to think, and yet if you examine the facts they don't support that argument.


In 1971 the First Test between Great Britain and New Zealand was played at Salford and drew a crowd of only 3,764.


Just over 40 years later we played the Kiwis in a World Cup semi-final at Wembley and drew 67,545 spectators.


In Brisbane last Saturday the biggest game in the international rugby union calendar - the Bledisloe Cup - was played between Australia and New Zealand. It drew just over 45,000 people.


This Saturday Australia will play New Zealand, and England will play Samoa at the same venue. This week the NRL revealed that 44,000 tickets had been pre-sold, so the event will probably draw a bigger crowd than the Bledisloe Cup, despite so many people death-riding international Rugby League.


So the "downward spiral" seems to be heading in an upwards direction, particularly when you take last year's World Cup into account.


Of course it could be better, and no one would dispute that we want to see international Rugby League having a wider base and greater support.


Unfortunately the Guardian, like many other British newspapers, is happy to publish stories about international Rugby League being supposedly on its last legs.


But the evidence doesn't stack up.

In Topic: UKIPpery

Yesterday, 06:04 AM

That should calm things down!


Do you think they actually want us out?


Barroso and Juncker have both been keen to be seen putting David Cameron firmly in his place within the last week.


Given Germany's weakening economic performance, the sclerotic French economy and the continuing Eurozone crisis, it's hard to see who will be able to continue funding the European government.


Does anyone have any suggestions?

In Topic: Harry Roberts

23 October 2014 - 01:28 PM

The police federation should shut up.  The man was found guilty and has served his sentence. 


Police officers are human beings, and they deserve to be safe and not murdered, just like the rest of us.  The murder of a police officer for me carries the same amount of disgust as for any other person.


I've yet to hear the police federation say anything significant about Hillsborough, The West Midlands Serious Crime Squad, Institutional racism, the ignoring of organised sexual abuse of children in South Yorkshire etc etc but maybe I've missed that.  The vast majority of police officers are good people earning an honest living.


The police are there to help catch crooks so that justice can be done, and it doesn't help for the Police Federation to comment on the legal system.  

If a prison sentence means anything, it has to mean that, when completed, the prisoner qualifies for release, no matter what his crime was.


The parole board has presumably considered Roberts' case and has decided he is no longer a threat to the rest of us. That's their job, and we should respect their opinion.


Like you, I don't think the Police Federation is doing itself any favours in this instance, horrific though the crime was.

In Topic: UKIPpery

22 October 2014 - 03:22 PM

Whatever gave you that idea? I have no difficulty in understanding what Martyn wrote. I read what he wrote and thought it was rubbish. 

It's the way you tell 'em!


It makes us realise there's an intellectual in our midst.