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Yesterday, 11:53 PM

my hero!

Can you expand on that?


You've obviously seen something in him that evades me.


I accept that he is a man of integrity, despite employing his girlfriend on a Parliamentary salary. By any commonly accepted standards he appears to be incorruptible.


The point is, though, that he doesn't actually seem to have much to show for his 44 years as an MP. I know he likes to hurl abuse at Tories, and normally they are too reserved to reply in a like manner.


But long ago he seems to have become a caricature of himself, almost seeming to enjoy being regarded as the House of Commons clown.


And he seems extremely intolerant of any views that don't accord with his own.


I think we should expect far more than that from him.

In Topic: £67000

Yesterday, 11:45 PM

Yes, he pretty much single-handedly stopped Enoch Powell's bill to ban stem cell research and Anne Widdecombe's bill to limit abortion, for example.

He did that by filibustering, which means talking for hours to prevent a vote taking place.


It's within the rules, but not actually very democratic.

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Yesterday, 11:43 PM

Said girlfriend being in her late sixties (they've been together for ~25 years), hardly the "wet behind the ears researcher" that Martyn suggested.

I made no reference to her age, although of course she was a lot younger when their affair started.

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Yesterday, 12:13 PM

You don't really get the whole representative democracy thing do you Martyn?

I think I probably do.


But here's a question for you.


Some MPs make an impact by creating and leading a campaign on an issue that they feel is important.


Some MPs go the extra mile in trying to encourage economic developments for the betterment of job prospects in their constituency.


I'm not aware that Dennis Skinner has done either of those things.


But I could be wrong.


Feel free to correct me.

In Topic: £67000

Yesterday, 12:06 PM

I would far sooner have Skinner in Parliament than some wet behind the ears researcher who knows f-all about everything.

In fact you can have both.


Dennis employs his American girlfriend as his Parliamentary Researcher at a salary of around £40,000 per annum.