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In Topic: Scottish Independence Referendum

Today, 10:59 AM

Interesting to hear some political reactions today to the Scottish vote, and in particular what will now happen to England.


David Cameron has said that Scottish MPs will not be able to vote on English matters, and he is setting up a Cabinet sub-committee chaired by William Haigh to sort it out. He wants to introduce legislation by January.


That seems to me to be absolutely crazy. He should have learned from the Scottish experience that any further changes need to be planned and thought through after a wide consultation process.


On the Radio 4 Today programme Nigel Farage suggested that we should have a constitutional convention to determine the future structure of government within the four nations of the United Kingdom, with everybody having the right to make representations. He is writing to Scottish MPs to ask them not to vote at Westminster on English matters.


On the same programme Labour's Douglas Alexander criticised the idea that Scottish MPs should be so restricted.


I agree with Farage that there should be a convention, but I also agree with Alexander that we shouldn't have separate categories of MP at Westminster.


I would prefer to see a separate English Parliament on the Scottish model with an English First Minister, and with a UK parliament with vastly reduced numbers dealing with UK issues.


My fear is that Haigh will recommend regional councils that no one will actually want, as the Geordies proved a few years ago.

In Topic: Scottish Independence Referendum

Today, 09:47 AM

Brown is an outstanding constituency MP who engenders an almost fanatical loyalty from those he's helped.  As others have mentioned, he's just a wee bit blunt for a leader of a nation, you need a steel fist in a velvet glove but he's happy just being the steel fist and can't understand why others don't appreciate his bluntness.  The highheidyins in Labour don't like him as he's not one of them, when he took over as PM, he was sabotaged by both the Blairites and the Milibandies and didn't have the political nouse to stop them.  I think Brown will happily slide off into semi-retirement with a restored reputation and as an excellent constituency MP, only turning up to the Westminster playground when he's needed for critical votes, 95% of the work of an MP can be done without going anywhere near Westminster.

Not too sure about being blunt, and I don't know how you could know about the "almost fanatical loyalty" he engenders.


Far from being blunt, it was actually his indecisiveness that did him as Prime Minister.

In Topic: Scottish Independence Referendum

Today, 08:25 AM

I think they voted "yes" because they saw it as a way out of the negative, largely unnecessary Tory austerity, in particular the notorious "bedroom tax" Id didn't want the Scots to go, but after four years of Osborne and Cameron I wouldn't have blamed them if they had.  On TV this morning they're giving Gordon the credit (blame) he certainly made some powerful speeches.  Is he back in the game?

If Labour are going to win back Holyrood from the SNPs I can imagine that Gordon would be a big asset for the Labour Party as a potential First Minister.


Him leading Labour and Salmond leading the SNP would make it an election worth watching.

In Topic: Scottish Independence Referendum

Today, 08:14 AM

If the 'Yes' supporters were moaning that they don't get enough of a say in Westminster then surely, considering the outcome of the referendum, voting anyway other than Labour would be cutting off their nose to spite their face. 

I'm sure that's the message that Labour will be hammering home.

In Topic: Scottish Independence Referendum

Today, 08:07 AM

One of the many interesting things about the Scottish referendum is how some places where the Labour Party is very strong, Glasgow especially, were the strongest advocates for a 'Yes' vote, while some of the SNP strongholds were strong supporters of the 'No' campaign.


That makes the general election next year in Scotland a quite intriguing prospect, and potentially a banana skin for the Labour Party.