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In Topic: Wigan chairman: Warriors underachieved and it’s my fault

Yesterday, 08:43 PM

Maybe not appropriate last week??


Probably true.


Basically Lenigan is saying the club at senior level has under-achieved on the field as far as silverware goes and as the head of the club he is in there as being responsible, as opposed to finger pointing and blaming any individual.


I think he also alludes to the fact that having brought through some great prospects the club has achieved things other than winning pots for the first team, the under 19s brought home the goods and some great youngsters got a break.

In Topic: Keiron Cunningham named Saints coach

Yesterday, 08:35 PM

Good luck to Keiron, is he ready, well we'll find out over the next couple of seasons. Will he tarnish his reputation with Saints fans if he fails, I doubt it, they tend to be a forgiving lot.

In Topic: Stand up to Cancer

18 October 2014 - 06:57 PM

Life and death is random, walking under a bus is random, getting cancer is random*.  You can avoid walking under a bus by living where their are no buses. You can avoid cancers by not smoking, not getting radiated and avoided all sorts of things.


However there is no hereditary disposition to walk under bright red objects, there is one though that can throw a seemingly random* cancer at you.


DNA doesn't care, it behaves in strange ways, it'll pass on bad genes and occasionally cut them out, they are uncaring about their host (you) they just want to move on and carry with them any and all defects and perfections.


If you could ask your DNA does it care about you then the answer would be no, you are just transport, if it kills you it doesn't care as long as it has passed itself on to someone else to keep the DNA alive.

In Topic: The Photography Thread

18 October 2014 - 06:35 PM

All true. That said, the more you get right in the first place rather than "fixing" later, the better the image is likely to be.


Absolutely, get the best image you can, but to knock it up a notch will still need manipulation.


Any picture you take that you are happy with is THE picture. If others like it then that's a bit of a bonus.

In Topic: The Photography Thread

17 October 2014 - 08:15 PM

crack of dawn mate

but I've mucked about with it a little bit. I try not to do that if I can, and I was pleased enough with the original



You've always got to do a bit of fettling, especially if shooting in raw. Takes a bit of time, but well worth it.



That's a cracker Chris and as Gazza says, if you shoot in RAW its a given that you tweak the picture, sharpening following conversion is a must.


People wouldn't think twice about manipulating an image in a darkroom, somehow post processing digital is seen as 'cheating'. Digital terms such as "Unsharp Mask" actually come from the process done in a darkroom that produced the same affect.


Basic straightening, cropping, levels, contrast, dodge, burn, sharpening, blurring etc. are all techniques nicked from the darkroom.