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In Topic: Leeds in Division two.

Today, 07:10 PM

I meant to post this on the Leigh season tickets sales thread but it was locked before I could do so.


Scotchy was in his Leeds are  aristocrats mode and was  making much of the fact that Leeds had never been in the second division EVER.


Well I wish to inform him that in season 1902-03 Leeds were promoted from the 2nd Division behind, WAIT FOR IT, the Champions KEIGHLEY.


So that dispels that little myth.


And true to form Keighley yo-yoed straight back down.

In Topic: cas ground

Yesterday, 10:56 PM

They dont beg of anyone.

The vast majority of pro clubs make up the tail


In fantasy land.


Yawn, I'm off g'night.

In Topic: cas ground

Yesterday, 10:55 PM

The dog being?


The clubs that generate the bulk of the money.

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Yesterday, 10:53 PM

Yes, so they can sponge off us.


Like I said before you don't understand at all.

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Yesterday, 10:51 PM

The vast majority of professional clubs make up the tail


No they don't.


The semi-professional clubs have to beg off the professional clubs to exist, the semi-pro clubs are the tail.