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In Topic: Crowdwatch Round 12

Yesterday, 09:40 PM

Whilst I don't disagree with the sentiment how would you prevent the clubs from seeing there behinds, breaking away and leaving you with nothing as they negotiate there own TV deal and breaking away again?


To be honest that is a problem.


I think that the important part of this scheme would be that the big money spinning clubs get the right return for player production, the other clubs have to then get on the gravy train.


The important bit is that every club who is involved in a players progress is paid.

In Topic: Drugs - another story coming out

Yesterday, 09:10 PM

I hope the numbers I'm hearing are incorrect! If true it will be big news. ( at least 8 now)
If true, what would the implications for RL be in this country?


We are the best testers

In Topic: Crowdwatch Round 12

Yesterday, 09:07 PM

  What would you do if it was in your gift to right the games wrongs and get things moving in a positive direction?


I would give the clubs none of the TV money, use a huge amount of it on PR and marketing, give shed loads of it to Newcastle and London and pay a load of money to clubs that produced players that made it to the England squad*


*This would include the players entire progression, if he started at school they would get paid, amateur club they would get paid, from a lower tier to top tier they would get paid.


What is left can be distributed to the clubs.

In Topic: Crowdwatch Round 12

Yesterday, 08:50 PM

Forget attendances this is what its all about


In Topic: Crowdwatch Round 12

Yesterday, 08:38 PM

We were promised licencing would provide financial stability for clubs

They cannot guarantee anything , nobody can


Post me a link a quote or anything that said that was licensing was going to produce.