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In Topic: Wigan-Catalans in London

Yesterday, 10:06 PM

It's about 10 minutes down the road from Greenwich, one of London's leading tourist destinations.  The London Marathon passes within a few hundred yards every year without the runners being robbed of their expensive trainers.  Get a grip everyone.


Also, why quote crime figures for Millwall, which is on the Isle of Dogs, when Millwall FC is in Deptford?


The dog has a bad name, it will be hard to pursuade people that it isn't still vicious.


When Millwall played Wigan Athletic in the FA cup semi final in the season that Latics won it there were violent episodes at Wembley* with Millwall's fans, including a mate of mine get beaten up in the stadium., even if was the safest area in London, its image in Wigan is of a place to avoid at all costs.


I think IL may have made a blunder with this one, hope I'm wrong.



This is not the best place for Wigan to take a game

In Topic: Wakefield to share with Dewsbury?

Yesterday, 08:59 PM

Padge had written some great stuff over the years. Ever since this new system came in and licensing went out, he's written some shocking stuff on the topic also (the spreadsheet topic being an embarrassing example of how he would rather be derogatory against the system and lose a fan than simply explain it and gain interest).


I think you will find that I have posted little opinion on the new system compared to most other subjects.


I haven't condemned it as doomed to be a failure before its been run, I have said I can't see how it will increase aggregate attendances and revenue for clubs and the league as a whole, hardly derogatory.


As for the spreadsheet thread, I was merely recording what had happened that afternoon and pointing out how casual RL watchers had responded when I explained the system.


I don't like it, but I would be interested to know what the "shocking stuff" is that I have posted is, is it more shocking than the anti-licensing stuff that has been posted, equally as shocking or shocking in its own different way to any other shocking stuff that has been posted about anything.

In Topic: Wakefield to share with Dewsbury?

Yesterday, 08:35 PM

The fight to the death is the fight for resources in the Wakefield area, this move by Wakefield is looking like an admission that they have given up the fight. I see no long term future for the team as a 'top' side if they give up on Belle Vue or a replacement for it. The fortunes of clubs that have followed similar paths (note the word similar not same) is not good, Swinton and Oldham being prime examples. 


This cannot be brinkmanship as it would appear Wakefield have served notice to quit. BoI must be laughing all the way to, well their headquarters I suppose.


This leaves only Cas, front runners, and Fev to be amongst the elite from that area. If Cas pull off the new stadium then it may be difficult for Fev to keep up.

In Topic: Turnover league table

28 July 2015 - 11:04 PM

true and I would agree there is a fundamental difference to say Hull, I don't think there is an important distinction in this instance.


The OP asked a about a league table of club turnovers, I think there is an important distinction between the turnover of a holding company and a rugby club which may or may not be owned by a holding company.


For PR purposes clubs could put out a statement that could give the holding companies turnover, when in reality the turnover of the club itself is less and the profit even smaller.


To do the sort of comparison the OP is talking about would take a hell of a lot of accounting deciphering to squeeze out the reality.

In Topic: Hull FC and Hull KR to merge...

28 July 2015 - 10:37 PM

Already asked and answered , not that you'll accept that , your still smarting from your ridiculous rant about explaining the structure to thick Wiganers

All the best


Point me to the answer then.


As a thick Wiganer you may have to help me.