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In Topic: Pakistan Taliban slaughter over 135

16 December 2014 - 10:03 PM

Its about power not religion, religion is used as an excuse.


Religion is and always has been a way of controlling people and getting them to do your bidding, no matter how grotesque the method of exerting that control. Most religions talk of peace and love, most are abused by power crazed psychopaths who can suck in the gullible. 

In Topic: Where our pro's come from?

16 December 2014 - 07:55 PM

Castleford had an outstanding season last out which rather knocks the shine off your argument. Getting a ground can be a lottery. Where would Wigan be if Whelan hadn't bailed them out when Central Park had to be sold and where will they be when he dies and his heirs and successors have other ideas about Wigan  being at the stadium maybe.


Where would Hull be if the City hadn't sold off their telephone network and built the new stadium.? In fact, where would Leeds be if Caddick had not bought out the Headingley complex and ,et them stay there when they were in danger of going belly up ?


If the developers who promised grounds for both Cas and Trinity hadn't reneged on their promises, you might have to sing from another hymn sheet on that sarcastic aside.


Central Park didn't have to be sold.


It was sold because one idiot couldn't do business with another idiot and idiot number one had made a statement that he wouldn't back down on.

In Topic: Super eight or relegate?

16 December 2014 - 12:02 AM

So if he had been offered a contract by Wigan he would have gone to RU. is that what you are saying ?


He's quoting Serginson, surely your question should be directed to him and not the person quoting him.

In Topic: Where our pro's come from?

15 December 2014 - 11:07 PM

For all those giving Parky stick, and claiming their own club's area has more than he claims, just do your own count for all areas, define your criteria for inclusion, define your areas and why, and then publish the results.


Its easy to shout wrong, its also lazy, you want to prove him wrong then do the counts, publish your method and results.


Shouting wrong on a very selective part of his work using different criteria doesn't make you right, it just makes you look sulky because your side didn't come out as well as you expected.

In Topic: Next New RL Stadium - Where will it be?

14 December 2014 - 11:25 PM

It won't be in Yorkshire, they can't even be bothered using a coat of paint never mind getting around to bricks and mortar. The still claim corrugated iron is the future.