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In Topic: What can we do to increase attendances?

Yesterday, 08:59 PM

Saints have done ok, excluding the Stobart year they averaged 9,842 in SL, when they have often been a very successful team. Since they moved to Langtree their average has increased 27% to 12,455 (source: rugbyleagueproject).


Considering the fact that they were already pretty engaged with much of the town due to the amount of success they had enjoyed, that is a very good increase. I think where it may be interesting is if Saints become a mid-table team will the crowds drop off. It is easy to stand in a rubbish ground and justify it when your team is winning, when the team is poor we see real drops, I believe a decent stadium protects some of this drop off as the overall event is more attractive.


I do think Hull's move has been extremely successful, even if it was just bringing back lapsed fans. Their last 15 years at the Boulevard in the top flight saw an average of 5,693, their move to KC Stadium has seen them more than double that to 11,760 over the last 10 years. That is undoubtedly a stadium success story.


Sorry Dave, bit of a rushed post at lunch time. What I was trying to get over is that there is a perception about the new stadium affect that is an exaggerated one.


Some of the headline increases either aren't real increases or are exaggerated, as in Saints case, by the season before the move being exceptionally poor.


In 2005 Saints averaged almost 11k, now when you compare what has happened that 27% suddenly drops to 12%. I don't blame clubs for finding ways to push the headline figure higher, but, lets not get carried away thinking Saints have 27% more supporters than when they were at KR. Wigan have no more, apart from one season than they were averaging at CP Pre SL.

In Topic: What can we do to increase attendances?

Yesterday, 12:36 PM

Crowds have been historically pretty high and almost doubled at the top flight in the space of 15 years or so. I've said in the past that I'd be worried about the game when they inevitably entered a down period because many RL fans were moaning about the state of the game when the going was relatively good.


If we're honest a lot of the huge growth we've seen has been artificial and as Bradford and Wakey have shown, easily lost once a downturn kicks in. Much of the increase in attendance has been off the back of new stadia and the interest that this has created. Hull, Wire, St Helens, Wigan have all seen increases way above average due to the introduce of a new facility.


WIgan's fan base hardly shifted when they moved to the then JJB it was 5 years later that crowds started to increase,  they were less than the late 80s early 90, it wasn't until 2007 that they got back their 14k+ average (Incidently the year Leagan tookj over the club).


Saints average didn't change massively either, on paper they almost doubled the reality was that the club took a massive hit the season before the move as crowds plummeted following the move to Widnes.


Hulls crowds have returned to close to their heyday in the early eighties but have not really surpassed it, the stadium may have tempted some lapsed supporters back.


Thw real successful stadium move I would say was Warrington.

In Topic: York - The Games Sleeping Giant?

18 August 2014 - 07:48 PM

With all due respect, York has as good transport links as anyone.  It's a few miles off the A1(M) and is a major rail junction on the ECML.  If you can't get to York, you're not really trying.


No - transport is not what's stopping York moving forward.


You miss understand what I'm saying, York has good transport links, good enough for those that want to watch an SL club to easily get to one.

In Topic: York - The Games Sleeping Giant?

17 August 2014 - 11:15 PM

My claims are ridiculous but you want me to dig into your supposed arguments and bring up the demographics, that's what is ridiculous. Methinks thou dost protest too much. You introduced demographics into the argument to bolster your claims. I don't need to do research on arguments that you make to aid your cause. You need to prove your own points

What part of the demographics of York are inconsistent with a possible SL team there ? That's your claim, you prove it.


I'm quite happy with a population of 200,000, a stadium in the works and some familiarity with RL in the City. If Keighley could get 4 to 5,000 from a 60 to 70,000 population I'm quite sure York could do better.


A money man is a money man is a money man and there will be no progress in York or most other places unless they find one


 I thought the arguments that clubs should not rely on away supporters were a mantra for the big team supporters like yourself so I'm not sure what the relevance of transport links is in this discussion. Another red herring like the demographics argument I think.


But if you want to go there, York has rail links to the West Riding, Leeds in particular, and is on the main East coast, north/ south rail route. The

City has an A road linking it to Hull and another to Leeds. Hundreds of thousands of tourists manage to get there every year. Transport links are not an issue.


I would also like go know which specific claims I make you feel are ridiculous I will try to answer that vague accusation.


So people who can watch Leeds are going to get on trains in droves to York to watch them. I can see loads of people from Hull jumping in their cars and heading off to York to ignore their two local clubs ( step in Old Frightful I've given you the opener). The transport links ar to the wrong places, they give the opportunity for people in York to go and watch a better standard, they probably already do. Transport works both ways. You don't get it do you.


You need good transport links to places that don't have another club with which you are competing, not transport links to where a lot of people are already getting their fill.


Deal with that first, then study what the demographic of York is.

In Topic: 17/08/14 - London Broncos v Leeds Rhinos KO 3pm

17 August 2014 - 07:49 PM

This one simple fact will annoy people even more than London winning, Phil Clarke was right.


Congratulations London. Your contribution to the talent pool of RL players is vital to the game.