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In Topic: jeremy Clarkson

Today, 08:28 PM

TG's day is done, in its current guise. If Guy Martin really was to take over, then it would be an opportunity to revise the whole format.

In Topic: General Election 2015

Today, 05:32 PM

The Government has been fiddling the figures for the social  security deficit to make them look better than they are. And, surprise, surprise, they've done it just before the election. whodathoughtit?!?!?!?


So now you know what you'll get under Labour, for it is the French govt that is lying...and it's the French cantonal elections....and as Miliband Minor is fond of telling us,  he believes Britain's economy should be more like that of France..including no doubt the 10.5% unemployment,a  shrinking economy, collapsing economy, heath costs spiraling out of control and a currency in free fall...but at least its a socialist govt.


http://www.politique...net : A la Une)





In Topic: 27 Mar: Hull KR v St Helens KO 8pm (TV)

Yesterday, 08:22 PM

Saints players look very tired. They keep lying down on top of the K R players.

In Topic: Germanwings

Yesterday, 05:59 PM

Because it's coming to light that he had mental health issues and to use that sort of language leads to stigmatisation of hundreds of thousands of people who suffer from similar illnesses but will never perform this type of gruesome act. Where does it stop? Do we go back to referring to the physically handicapped as spazos?

the stigmatisation of hundreds and thousands of people who suffer from similar illnesses is certainly not common place in my circles, just as it's not the case in your circles, or anyone else's on here. So it makes you wonder in what circles it really is commonplace...if any. Care to hazard a guess?

Oh, and what sort of illness are we talking about? Do you actually know? Has the Guardian leaked his stolen medical records as it is clearly in the (inter)national interest to know if your pilot is ill.

In Topic: Germanwings

Yesterday, 05:44 PM

Judging by that sentence, I'm assuming you're a Sun reader too. The language used is completely inappropriate, as you'd expect from that rag.

Well, you d be wrong. My point is that all the rags: the red tops, the broadsheets, even the low circulation pseudo intellectual Hampstead favourites are making the same point. ..it's just the number of letters in the words that are different.