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In Topic: Wigan Warriors to play home games in London (merged)

Today, 08:32 AM

Quite so. It's only Wigan, Leeds and Saints with sufficient brand recognition, commercial acumen, strength of character and vision to make Lindays dream a reality. Maybe even a team in the NRL.

In Topic: £12bn in welfare cuts

Today, 08:10 AM

Unacceptable and I'm sure Field has the evidence. hes maybe the only Labour MP with any credibility in this area.

It's true though, what you say about an organisation and is membersfollowing the lead of the top man. Past examples: Foot, Blair, Brown, Miliband. What does That tell you about yourself?

In Topic: About bloody time as well!

Today, 08:03 AM

First middle lane hogger convicted
So, he's from Wigan B)  and he was only doing 60mph, hanging's too good for him. 
The Wiggin bit was just for a laugh but, seriously, people that continuously drive in the middle lane when the inside lane's free drive me nuts. I hope plenty more are punished and the message begins to hit home for these selfish bleeders.
(This was a couple of weeks back but ain't seen it mentioned anywhere on here yet. :huh: )

Any money this makes no difference at all. These people are just too stupid for words.

Three solutions.
1. Compulsory vasectomy or sterilisation for offenders, to stop them breeding.
2. Allow overtaking on the inside as well as outside.
3. The right to bear arms..and use them.

In Topic: £12bn in welfare cuts

Yesterday, 06:04 PM

Yet we work longer hours than anyone else in Europe. I'd say the lack of productivity in that case is more down to poor management rather than laziness.

Lack of investment in plant, equipment, technology and skills. Punitive bank loan rates and conditions screw the ROI calculations

In Topic: Greece

Yesterday, 05:30 PM

A few points from the many largely sensible posts.

The idea that Greece went to the EU and asked for loans is not entirely correct. When new states join the EU, they have money, lots of money, more or less thrown at them for large infrastructure projects. That Greece would mismanage these funds was never in doubt.

Rather than compare the billions that Greece owes with a debt of £5000, think of two extremes. First, if your debt is £50 million, your "bank manager" won't foreclose on you, he will "restructure your debt". If you must owe a bank money, make sure you owe them a hell of a lot. Second, people shouldn't borrow when they can't afford to repay, as so many of you have said. I agree, but think about the very small lenders who have been sucked into the payday loan scammers' greedy grasp. They can't afford to repay what they owe and can't see any alternative but to borrow 'just a bit more' to pay back what they already owe.

I can't agree that Greece should never have been allowed in the EU. It most certainly should. It belongs there. If you meant "it should never have been allowed into the euro", then I wholeheartedly agree! It was a fiddle on a massive scale. They never got close to the terms of entry (conformity agreement?) and were welcomed in as a purely political gesture. Look where it got the eurozone today. Well done the UK for staying well clear.

Finally, on the point of who does and who doesn't pay back their loans, you need to be careful about pointing fingers. It's an argument that I can't really follow, but goes something like this. If you borrow £50 million and you pay back £50 million over ten years, but for those ten years you let inflation rip, you end up paying back a lot less than you borrowed. It's a trick that has even been used by the USA when paying for oil. They let the dollar slide to the point where OPEC began kicking up a stink. (1970s I think?)

By the way, the ATMs are empty. Not to worry, I drew most of my money out two weeks ago. ;)

There you go with your facts and personal experience on the spot.

What's day to day life like for yer typical Greek? What's the pension issue? Are state pensions generous or just premature?