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Yesterday, 06:11 PM

own goal, that's called! Now, let's have all the other stats for the rest of the EU. You might notice a pattern

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Yesterday, 03:45 PM

What exactly are you wanting to campaign against?


Everything and anything, every time, all the time, i expect.

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Yesterday, 03:16 PM

I wonder if there is anything to this religion issue because its taking an awful lot of destroying.2000 years and still talking about Christ and billions till worshipping as god

Perhaps think of it this way. Santa Claus/Father Christmas is still going strong, too, but he isn't real, either. And it turns out that despite the beliefs of many, incl. the church, the earth ins not the centre of the universe( though Manchester does have a valid claim)

In Topic: General Election 2015

Yesterday, 10:27 AM

I see that  EU economic and financial affairs commissioner Pierre Moscovici endorses UK approach:


Mr Moscovici...."If Europe doesn't deliver on growth and jobs, if Europe is seen as the place for austerity, if Europe is not seen as a hope, as progress but as a constraint, as a punishment, as a pain, then the European project will be not only criticised but rejected." See http://www.bbc.co.uk...europe-31067473


UK unemployment:  5.9%

France unemployment:  10.5%

EU unemployment 10%


UK growth: 2%

France growth: 0%

EU growth:  0%

In Topic: Comparing the cost of a care home to a holiday hotel!

30 January 2015 - 10:31 PM

My mother in law entered this world 93 years ago with nothing, and when she leaves it, she will leave with nothing ( if you see whay I mean) She was was admitted to a care home 18 months ago  as she has severe dementia and cerebral atrophy and cannot control her mind or her body. We have had to sell her flat in Bolton to cover her care home fees as her assets including her flat came to more than £23,500. Once her assets drop to £23.5 K the state will pick up the bill...if she lasts that long. The care home costs I think £535 a week.


We knew this would be the situation  and its clear that someone has to pay the bill for such care. We don't expect owt for nowt   She's a widow, but her husband used to own and run (starting at 4.30 am!!) a confectioner/bakery and outside caterers in Hindley, Leigh (x2), Walkden and Salford. He paid his taxes, his business rates and he employed a large umber of local people over many years, so the family have both paid their dues and at the peak, earned their money . They have helped the local economy significantly, too.


The vermin referred to in this news item have done none of those things yet you the taxpayers are about to pay £37,163 per year to keep each of these animals alive in prison, a total of about £1,200,000 assuming they'll only serve half of their sentences in prison.


All the other defendants had long criminal records in their home country, with 32 convictions between them .Pawlowicz had also been convicted in the UK for offences including sexual assault and affray.