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#3097355 Crowdwatch week 7

Posted by Wellsy4HullFC on Today, 12:46 PM

Tell you what, the RFL should stop trying to promote the game and big it up. Every game doesn't count. In fact, nobody should care. #DecliningSport should be the new motto.

With fans like these wanting to rip apart an effort at positively promoting the game at every point, so needs enemies in the media?

#3097317 Help Save York City Knights

Posted by Wellsy4HullFC on Today, 11:48 AM

What on Earth is Guildford trying to achieve here? He has basically isolated the Council and the fans of the club. Why would you not want to get into negotiations to get rid?

The only logical conclusion would be that he is intentionally trying to kill off the club because he hasn't gotten his own way. What a sad state of affairs.

#3096913 What to rename RL?

Posted by Wellsy4HullFC on Yesterday, 12:09 PM

Personally I feel there is no value renaming Rugby League for markets like Australia, PNG, UK, Pacific Islands and NZ where the majority of the market knows what the sport is (and thus by rebranding you run the risk of confusing people).

The value is more for the emerging markets where if we had a unique brand it might help differentiate ourselves from Union in markets where the majority of the market think there is just one code of Rugby.

A bit like Football is often referred to as Soccer in markets like Australia, North America and so on.

I've said that for years.

I still like Leagueball. Players being Leaguers and fans Leaguies. Or you could just spell out RL and use that as a nickname ("Arrelle").

13s sounds like a modified version of rugby union (like sevens). Treizeball ignore the fact that only a tiny portion of the RL world understand French (and would call it trezz-ball!). And anything with "northern" or "union" in it seems to completely miss the point of why a name change is needed!

I have very little attachment to the name "rugby" anymore. I'm not that fussed about it. For the sake of avoiding confusion and looking like a lesser modified version against what is clearly a more well known sport world wide, I'd change it if an acceptable name could be found. You don't see football trying to claim the name over in the States.

#3096903 Broncos edge out Halifax at The Hive

Posted by Wellsy4HullFC on Yesterday, 11:54 AM

Didn't know London and Halifax were doing so well in the Super League!

#3095254 Stadium Updates thread

Posted by Wellsy4HullFC on 26 March 2015 - 07:11 AM

Then don't go and see what difference it makes, Plenty of people are happy with what Leeds are offering, that you aren't is neither here nor there. Enough people are happy with Leeds offering at the price they are offering it.

I haven't been for a few years. It's a shame that is the attitude of some Leeds fans.

#3094116 Stadium Updates thread

Posted by Wellsy4HullFC on 24 March 2015 - 06:59 AM

There is something you can do, go in any of the other three stands, there is literally nothing stopping you.

There is absolutely nothing Leeds can do with the Western Terrace. Why are folk finding that so hard to comprehend?

They could knock it down altogether, and then build a new away section as part of one of the other stand upgrades. They could then utilise the space behind the goal for something else. Plenty of sports stadiums have 3 sides.

It's a complete eyesore on the whole Headingley complex. It has awful views from there. It's open to the elements (night be nice in a sunny day, but they usually play Friday night and there's usually a good chance of rain).

I'm sure fans can go anywhere in the stadium (although I remember when Hull fans went into the South Stand when it rained heavily and stewards were trying to kick them out despite there being "no segregation"). But away fans want somewhere to congregate and have a good time together, not split up all over. Catering for fans is more than just "you can sit in a nice seat their if you want to so we've done our bit, but we recommend you all congregate in this less favorable part of the ground."

#3093911 Stadium Updates thread

Posted by Wellsy4HullFC on 23 March 2015 - 06:39 PM

About time Leeds went cap in hand to the council like most other clubs,instead of funding it themselves? ;)

No, they should move location like everyone else that couldn't fit in a new ground had to...

#3093216 20-22 Mar: Ladbrokes Challenge Cup Round 4 Match Thread

Posted by Wellsy4HullFC on 22 March 2015 - 04:38 PM

The message to the RFL is leave the community game alone stop messing about and concentrate in working with the community not dictating , the Leigh Centurians chairman summed it up recognise and respect the community clubs support and encourage because without the hard working volunteer we have no game .

If it wasn't for them changing things up, Leigh MR wouldn't have had the day they had yesterday.

But let's just find a negative for the sake of it yeah...

#3092550 Are we destroying the Championship?

Posted by Wellsy4HullFC on 21 March 2015 - 09:27 AM

What exactly do the Championship fans want?

Licensing was no good because there was no carrot at the end.
P&R was no good because of the yoyo effect. It also usually left a full time club in the league.
Now the 3x8 is no good because there are two quality teams in the league (ironically, the best team by far was in the league last year anyways)? There's no chance of promotion (even though we haven't seen the end of the year yet)?

Seriously, I'm reading it as moaning for the sake of moaning from many. How anyone can criticise this system because of there being two strong teams, yet one of them were in the league last season, and the other nearly got beaten by a club who isn't considered a contender for the top four? The third "big club" is in the bottom half!

We're even getting calls for "first past the post" systems! It's good to know everyone else's season will finish around the 12 week mark when they're too far from relegation but can't realistically reach the top.

Those that are just happy being in a second tier and don't care about promotion (they just want to compete for a trophy) can do in the Championship Shield. Or are we saying that's not good enough and we should take all the bigger and more ambitious clubs away so they can feel like the best?

In really surprised by some of the Featherstone fans, who seem unhappy basically because they're not the top dogs anymore. That isn't the systems fault.

#3091135 Salford : Are they locked in contractually to use AJ Bell?

Posted by Wellsy4HullFC on 18 March 2015 - 11:01 PM

Modern ground. Big signings. Rich owner. Still small crowds. Wouldn't be surprised if Koukash decided to rebrand as Manchester if the city of Salford don't want a team.

#3089044 Marquee allowance

Posted by Wellsy4HullFC on 15 March 2015 - 02:46 PM

Having some of the world's best players here would help the development of our own players. It's a yes from me. Good quality isn't cheap and cheap quality isn't good.

#3087008 Relegation

Posted by Wellsy4HullFC on 11 March 2015 - 12:37 PM

your argument being true, why pat players at all then? And why have a salary cap at all?

I thought you didn't like strawmen arguments?...

#3086824 Let's go back to the old challenge cup format

Posted by Wellsy4HullFC on 11 March 2015 - 07:18 AM

Just scrap the challenge cup, no one is interested until the final anyway as recent semi gates at Shudds prove

Yes, no one is interested until the 70-80k people that go to the final. We don't want them...

#3080786 Arrest warrant for Steve Michaels

Posted by Wellsy4HullFC on 01 March 2015 - 11:42 AM

Having the p* ss taken for stating the bleedin' obvious.

Nothing wrong with a bit of banter ;)

#3079501 The latest DR twist

Posted by Wellsy4HullFC on 27 February 2015 - 09:15 AM

There you are people , you should accept and be happy to pay your money to watch SL reserves , because your NOT worth it , your clubs primary purpose should be to help SL clubs get better

So it's all the lower tier clubs fault we can't beat the Aussies

I don't see how you have quoted that post and come to that conclusion?

Instead of looking for any reason to disagree, why don't you look at the other point of view? You might just begin to understand their point.

Players that aren't ready for SL won't be playing in SL. So where do they play?
If we want to get as many players as possible to to standard, they need to play in as high a standard as possible. They are more than talented enough to play in the Championship. But by signing for a Championship club, they would have to most likely go part time, so a dual system allows talented young players to stay full time AND take part in a higher level competition.

In football, tonnes of players who aren't ready for the Premier League go and play in the Championship on loan.