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In Topic: Video ref at Wigan v Catalan

Yesterday, 05:39 PM

What you are not getting is that calling it a flick pass is entirely subjective. You're entire argument is based the assumption that it was definitely a pass whereas I, several others here and the referees viewed it as a dropped ball.

It's not subjective if you watch the video but in that note I will leave the thread to those who think it is a knock on

In Topic: Video ref at Wigan v Catalan

Yesterday, 02:37 PM

does it specify 'when not attempting to pass' as you state above?

Doesn't have to

You clearly have not read and understood the laws of the game if you don't get what i am saying and very clearly explaining. That's fine but don't try to make out that you are correct in your interpretation

In Topic: Video ref at Wigan v Catalan

Yesterday, 02:35 PM

Lee. There is no mention of 'attempted' or 'trying' or anything.
I and many others think it was a drop, not a throw.
If it is a drop it is a knock on, if it is a throw it is a forward pass.
My view (and others) is that he dropped it BEFORE throwing it, so the definition of a forward pass isnt applicable imho as there was no throw, there was a drop.
There is not a single line which states that if you drop a ball when looking to pass it is a forward pass as far as im aware. That is the proof that is lacking.

He didn't drop the ball. He was trying to pass the ball with a flick pass but it went forward. That is what you are not getting

In Topic: Video ref at Wigan v Catalan

Yesterday, 01:12 PM

As an example, if a player was attempting to kick the ball but missed it and it hit the ground we dont just call it a kick. Its a knock on, no matter what he attempted to do.

Completely different as you can't call that a forward pass. Losing the ball forward when not attempting a pass is a knock on. Again the laws clearly state this

In Topic: Video ref at Wigan v Catalan

Yesterday, 01:11 PM

Knock On means to knock the ball towards the opponent's dead ball line with hand or arm.
Forward Pass is a throw towards the opponent's dead ball line.
Some think it was a throw, some think it was a drop. Both of those definitions can be used based on your view.
You then stated that a forward pass overrules a knock on. This is what i am asking you to prove as i cannot see any mention of the two things together.
Everything else is interpretation, but you have quoted something factual which i can genuinely see no mention of - again, i may be missing this line you refer to.
I could just as easily reverse your line and say it cant be a forward pass as he knocked it on.
Im perfectly happy to accept we viewed that incident differently, not just me and you, but if you are going to tell people they are bang wrong based on fact, expect to be challenged to prove it.
Those two lines above do not prove your point in the slightest.

I have not stated that a forward pass overrules a knock on

I have stated that it was an attempted pass. He didn't knock he ball on but tried to complete a flick pass. If you don't believe me what the incident again. He clearly flicks the ball out of his control and it goes forwards hence a forward pass. He didn't drop the ball

If you are trying to pass the ball and if goes forward it is a forward pass. End of. Those are the laws as very clearly stated in the links and it has been that way for years.

How many times do you want it proving?

In fact a question along those lines was in the refs exam when I took it and passed