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In Topic: French Update

Today, 10:31 AM

If we can get Toulouse and Carcassonne (or a combined Aude side) into the Championship then the best thing to do is merge Elite 1 and Elite 2 and lower the salary cap significantly


Something like that would lance the boil and clear up the ground behind for the local game to re-set itself. The vibes I'm picking up around Carcassonne doesn't seem to want to run with the Chevaliers Cathares project. People go on about the great tradition of the Canaris in the French game. In circa 1958 the ASC along with Albi went head to head with Englands best two that year Hull and Halifax. The first ever European Cup. Imagine ASC-Leeds and Albi-St Helens today.

In Topic: French Update

Yesterday, 11:37 AM

Thé Montpellier president told me about it on Saturday, he says nicholins son is interested in being president, he's been to a few super league games and fancies it for Montpellier! He was told to get a decent team in elite 1 first before thinking too big!


Alan - Nicollin's son I think was closely involved high up with Beziers union club a good decade ago. If he got really involved in the treize set up it could be a game changer as the family business is worth a lot. It would need real committment though in that part of the world.


ps- Hope you're lot up at Minervoir are standing alone next term - no fusion!


EH - yeah spot on with Avignon. 17,000 for the Kiwi WC game just 18 months ago and yet no one at the top of the European game has sought to run with that potential.

In Topic: French Update

Yesterday, 11:28 AM

I believe Saints have just taken Toulouse's 17 year old prop Lezy Nzoungou on a months loan with a view to offering him a full time contract, Playing for the U19's this week. I know Warrington have recently signed a few of the young French lads as well so I dont think it will be long before we have more than just Catalans providing the bulk of the French National team


This lad had an excellent game in France's win the other week against England Academy U18s and already has played Elite 1 here for Toulouse Olympique this past season. Avignon brigade at Wire interesting too. The older Jullien a centre who has played in Australia and last Autumn featured in the European Nations may integrate the SL squad whilst the others particularly front rowers Goudemond and Veve could feature in the U19 Academy. Anyway just great to see these developments multiply. Well done Tony Smith.


With the Canaris there is lot happening off the field too. One of the Co-Presidents is standing down and the other doesn't seem to have the confidence of certain people close to the club. Shame really as I thought the latter was one of the driving forces behind the launch of the Chevaliers Cathares one of the best things to happen to the game locally in years. Since then nothing.

In Topic: French Update

27 May 2015 - 01:03 PM

Well we are well and truly there now. Done and dusted for this season. Albi won Elite 2 from local Tarn rivals Lescure 21-14 in front of a reported 2400 in Montpellier recently and then Sunday last we had the two National 1A and 1B titles up for grabs in Toulouse played in front of a noisy, enthusiastic crowd of 1500.


N1A Ferrals 24-22 Villegailhenc after extra time

N1B Ramonville 36-22 Prexian


Stade Sabatier in Montpellier with blue & gold of Lescure


Scene at Ramonville last Sunday for National Finals.


I think the four Finals this year very evenly contested and well presented by the Federation even if the decision to play Elite 1 was on the same day as Dragons -Saints.Now the wait to see whats happens to Toulouse going forward and whether the Fed can get Albi and Lyon to the starting gate. A fair bit of uncertainly around Carcassonne too on and off the field.


Villeneuve struggling now for some years further west have lost their player coach Bromley and forward Curry but seem to have secured their future with a new management team already in place. The other side of the country Avignon with their Juniors to the fore winning cup-league double at U21s but unable to build with them. 5 off to Warrington in the days ahead; Gigot reborn at Brutus along with fellow traveller teenage wing Yaha. If only Avignon could get the off the field sorted.


Interestingly Montpellier seem to have attracted the interest of larger than life Louis Nicollin the owner of the citys Ligue 1 soccer club. Appears they will play with a capital 'N' on the shirts new year in Elite 2 . This bloke has a soft spot for the treize movement but only time will tell if this goes beyond a few euros from his back pocket.

In Topic: Jouffret and Sigismeau to Whitehaven

21 May 2015 - 08:02 PM

This development is great news I reckon - the younger Jullien scrum half and prop Goudemand very much in view against England Academy last weekend. Heard good stuff about young Avignon hooker Veve too. This trickle is turning into a flood now. Hitting new territory as the French foot print expands. Allez le treize!


Tomorrow night at St Esteve France A  v Serbia with an all French Elite line up. Moving towards now may be 25 professionals. Exciting.