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In Topic: Catalans academy

Yesterday, 12:51 PM

The report here says its on hold for twelve months as the RFL are totally re-structuring the Academy set up for 2016. It mentions some clubs not prepared to fork out €12-15000  to get their sides across to Perpignan. As it stands at the moment the Catalan Academy side intend to play 20-22 games in 2015. They intend to fulfill all away games (11) in England starting with St Helens on 6th February. The article says presently 4 or five SL clubs are committed to coming to Perpignan next year but doesn't name them. Leeds & Wigan came over last February so would be good to get them over again with the likes of Wire & Saints. Lot of effort has been put in by people here; lads themselves have re-located from far & wide changing schools etc. Mathieu Khedimi the Academy Manager has lined up a meeting with Ralph Rimmer to resolve the issues.


Another piece says that both Thomas Bosc and Greg Mounis have spent time with the U19s over the last few days developing skills. Bosc & Mounis have played with Stacey Jones and Steve Menzies & coached by Potter, Walters & Robinson. But these two players when teenagers never had infront of them the possibilities this Academy set up can bring.

In Topic: 25/10/14 - France v Wales (Albi - KO 3pm)

28 October 2014 - 12:59 PM

Yeah, hopefully that may change a bit with the likes of Fages at Salford and Simon at Wakefield. Sadly, this new structure looks like it could scupper any further French development. It was a badly made point I admit, what I wanted to communicate was that Cats don't value internationals above the club game, for obvious reasons, and that they hold the balance of power.


I think people got carried away early days with Catalan. Few years France played mid-season Tests against England as well as end of year stuff. Remember Fakir getting badly injured at the end of their first campaign against Tonga & never the same player again. Later lost Duport for a year after match v Ireland. It just was never doable the national side in retropect.


Was it 1988 when NZ played Kangaroos in WC Final in Auckland for the first time. That was before NZ Warriors with by then stacks of top Kiwis already well established in both Australia and English competitions. The Warriors just strengthened what was already building up.


Agar just following Goulding and saying the same thing; greater French presence across the Channel in what ever format. Dragons Academy a first long term step; and as you say the six lads who will play full time in England next term.

In Topic: 25/10/14 - France v Wales (Albi - KO 3pm)

27 October 2014 - 01:18 PM

No doubting that, I was just making the point he values Cats above the EDF and has a fair bit of power in that argument. I think he's done great things for Cats.


The Dragons are way ahead of the French team in a way the NZ Warriors never where. With the new league structure Guasch will only focus on guarding the clubs SL status above everything else.

In Topic: Aude Pays Cathare Rugby XIII

27 October 2014 - 12:38 PM

Thanks, so what are these clubs professionalising towards, Super League or a French Pro League?


It has to be for me a direct link up with Super League/Championship full time. As barnyia says the Elite comp 1/2 is struggling at the level it operates now.. To build towards that an automatic place in the Challenge Cup for an Aude Cathare entity would be a good start more especially if the Cup is switched to springtime.

In Topic: 25/10/14 - France v Wales (Albi - KO 3pm)

26 October 2014 - 02:52 PM

Everyone but Bernard Guash.


Your're talking about god here. BG has been the biggest thing to happen to French rugby league in decades & beyond. He's delivered a French entity to Wembley Final and two play off semi finals all in the space of eight years. Incredible.