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In Topic: First game you attended?

22 July 2014 - 12:28 PM

It was Widnes 'A' v Saints 'A' at Naughton Park in October 1956. Was at Simms Cross Primary School then and up till then following the Chemics from a distance ie the local Weekly News. It heaved down that Saturday afternoon. The wooden pop side stand leaked and the terraces railway sleepers & cinders. Widnes didn't do posh in those days! The outstanding memory from that day though was the tannoy announcement from Knowsley Road St Helens 44-4 Kangaroos.


18 July 2014 - 11:12 AM

Being more of a long time TV watcher of the game and only recently becoming a regular at attending, I could be very wrong here but I've never noticed an ice cream stand at any of the grounds I've been to.
Now we're a summer sport and we actually seem to be having a summer for the second year in a row, I'd have expected to see a van or one of those mobile stalls doing a roaring trade particularly on a blazing hot Saturday or Sunday afternoon game.
It's not like you'd have to do anything other than have someone on standby once you know what the weather's likely to do. Surely some grounds have this??

Broncos at the Stoop circa 1997 had Haagen Dazs on tap. As a kid could buy ice cream at Naughton Park Widnes circa 1958. A fella from St Helens by the name of Mitchell had the franchise. He was there for years. A 99er with cadbury flake in February just a treat!

In Topic: Mickael Simon to Trinity

16 July 2014 - 10:05 AM

For me further sign of Catalans foot print. Larroyer first at Hull KR now Simon to Trinity. At the top well sure Casty at the Roosters. Pelissier and even more so Escare courted strongly across the Channel. Now for the Academy to come on stream in 2015 to accelerate the process. Onwards and upwards.

In Topic: Back to the old future.

15 July 2014 - 10:40 AM

London were tolerated for their development of a new player pool down south. This was to try to "Improve the standards of Superleague". 
Cheap sound bite by Smith. Had Halifax who slashed their budgets mercilessly in 2003 been kicked out there would have been uproar.
Would kicking London out this year have effectively destroyed the club forever? 
Smith needs to think beyond sound bites......or maybe not.

Parky - didn't read it like that. Smith I reckon sympathetic towards London & expansion. Didn't his nephew train/coach there? I think his target was elsewhere.

In Topic: Back to the old future.

14 July 2014 - 12:33 PM

Tony Smith on London.

Warrington coach Tony Smith had little sympathy with London's plight after watching his side run in 13 tries against the Broncos.

Smith said: "For the London club and for Super League it's a lesson to be learned. It shows you how not to get ready for a rugby league season.

"London are paying the price for having a handful of players at the start of the season while the rest of us when were honing our skills and doing the hard work in November and December for a long and arduous contest.

"When you start the season with just a few players do you expect anything else? It didn't matter who was the coach it was a year for relegation and being so under prepared of course they were going to get their backsides kicked.

"And if they didn't you would have to look at the rest of us in the competition because of the advantage that we had.

"It's how not to do things and how not to improve the standards of Super League by letting clubs in when they were so ill-prepared like London were."