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Today, 02:23 PM

Toulouse had two seasons in the CC and any return looks like they have to prove their ability to develop French professionals. I'd guess they will have to prove support too. That used to be 2,500 under licensing and Toulouse had two crowds of 2,200 and 2,300 near that. Also a few crowds in the hundreds.



 Didn't Toulouse play three seasons 2009-2010-2011. In 2008 Salford & Crusaders promoted from CC to SL to make 14 team comp. Barrow and Doncaster promoted from CC1 and along with Toulouse made for an 11 team comp in 2009.


Toulouse finished 8th in their first year with eight wins - 12 losses 27 points. In 2010 they dropped to 10th but still finished with more points than their first campaign with 9 wins and 30 points.


Some here feel the management at the time naive; £300,000 salary cap was never going to enable them to attract the players they needed to do the job. The French players who left the Dragons in 2008/09 didn't land up in Toulouse but earning better money more easily in the French comp.


The Bentley brothers who featured at Wire last weekend only only landed at Stade des Minimes in recent years after playing SL in Perpignan . If Toulouse's initial stay had coincided with Trent Robinson's tenure at the Dragons the DR could well have operated a lot better too to mutual benefit.


One presumes that Toulouse re-entering in 2016 will be with a FT squad. The Aude Cathars project a work in progres to target 2020 at the earlist.

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27 January 2015 - 05:25 PM

At last after ten years the local public radio station in Perpignan (Radio Bleu Roussillon) will cover all the home games of the Dragons in 2015 for the first time . Some what bizarrly the station have though from the off covered all the clubs away games across the Channel.


The well travelled Bruno Onteniente will again do the commentries with former Dragons player and present Lezignan trainer Aurelien Cologni alongside summarising. RBR will also do a magasine type programme twice a month.


Onteniente also doubles up as a match reporter for the popular daily ,'L'Independant'. Of late the paper increasingly use Matthieu Terrats also for match reports and team updates. They've made some progress since they started even if close to home.

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27 January 2015 - 03:31 PM

Club President resplendent in Wire scarf. Smith ever the progressive visited the visitors changing room to congratulate them on their performance. Blake Solly and Ralph Rimmer present to see it unfold. Allez TO XIII!



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26 January 2015 - 12:57 PM

For me the French game its endless treading water. Toulouse want to be playing across the Channel as soon as possible. Now after Saturday in Carcassonne there'll be lots to dicuss of where now. I dont see the Dragons wanting to be anywhere other than where they are now. What has Guasch slogged away for these past 15 years. He's eating at the top table now; who's going to try and prise away from that table. Since the new structure came in he will be ever vigilant and his primary goal will be to protect his club; the national team will have to wait.


The mantra for me is the four regional hubs - Catalans, Toulouse, Avignon-Vaucluse-Rhone and the Aude - intergrating with top of the European game. Would love to see a Conference Structure in time. Each of the regions developing the game behind the professional clubs.


But back to Saturday. I said to a few people that we just need more events like what happened at Domec. The past weekend has raised the codes profile tremendously in this area. Somebody has to run with it from there.


I'm not seeing any direction from the Federation so its up to the clubs to make it work. Similarly what is the RFLs stance at the moment. Solly was once quoted here that the SL would be motor to develop the game here. Of course that was when Lewis was in charge.


Back to the Cathares its going to be fascinating what they come up with. The CC could be a starter; giving the regions direct access every year. This was how Lewis got the ball rolling initially wasn't it; Villeneuve, St Gaudens, UTC and Toulouse et al.

In Topic: This weekend's pre-season games

25 January 2015 - 06:59 PM

Nice to see a few Toulouse fans over for their game against warrington 10390248_388556534638944_4136570106413504389_n.jpg


I can't remember Toulouse ever getting that many over during their earlier life in the Championship 2009-11. They are really to me in a much better shape than back then. I just hope they can keep the tempo up and the powers that be make it possible for them to enter the Championship in 2016.