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In Topic: Another day another mass shooting in the US

Yesterday, 08:06 PM

Some good reading here -



In Topic: The Human Rights Act

Yesterday, 06:44 PM

Gove managed not to mention the HRA and the new bill of rights in his speech today.  Quite good going for something that had a 100 day pledge on it...


Kicked and long grass spring to mind.

In Topic: Compassionate Conservatism

Yesterday, 06:41 PM

I think there are around 18 people who have hinted that they might run for leader.


Though that 18 includes such luminaries as Liz Truss so I doubt many will go any distance!

In Topic: Compassionate Conservatism

Yesterday, 06:19 PM

George has pitched himself as the central/'liberal' candidate.


Boris is attacking him on tax credits.


May is pitching for the UKIP end of the Tory party.


The election race is up and running.

In Topic: Rucksacks of cash and good business practice (and some tory donations to add...

05 October 2015 - 11:01 PM

I'm not a business man, but it doesn't sound like regular practice.


To have an accountant quit on you must take some doing considering what the big accountants have allegedly overlooked in other big businesses...