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In Topic: Is Toulouse in the 2016 League One ?

Yesterday, 08:55 PM

We'd have things to say to Mr.President, unfortunately he won't listen. 

Elite 1 is a lost affair. The federation kills the lower clubs and clubs with highers budget will turn sooner or later to the Professional games (Toulouse, Chevaliers Cathares). 

Some say that we should have a strong Elite 1 but how could little cities like Villeneuve, Albi or Palau could compete with Carcassonne, Toulouse or Lezignan (small city but League is central there). Maybe the only way to save Elite 1 is to lower the level. Let Toulouse and Cathars go overseas and let smaller clubs live in the Elite. 

At the moment there are very good players (Bouzinac, Navarrette, Goudemand) who are almost Pro Level and another players that would look ordinary in most U18 clubs. The gap is huge and it's not going to stop. We're only holding some players because they love League, trully and deeply. Their salary would be 5 times higher in a small Union team that would not require the amount of training the Elite 1 does.

Not so long ago, a group of french League lovers tried to launch an alternative named Objectif XIII and they proposed ideas to the President in order to build a real strong Elite. This is what he responded, basically "I have better things to think about, ###### off, peasants". Basically, most of the guys running the Federation are running with a short-term vision and are only trying to protect their interest, not to bring the game up. 


Wasn't the former co-president of Carcassone going to run for Federation president? is there any news on that and how long does Carlos Zalduendo have on his term?


The game has so much potential over there but the French Federation is incapable of modernising in order to take the game forward. 

In Topic: Who's your bet to replace Stevo?

10 October 2015 - 08:45 AM

Re: Andrew Voss, don't think having an Aussie commentator is good for the image of the game over here

In Topic: Eng V NZ Olympic Park tickets

09 October 2015 - 07:01 PM

Has anyone received their tickets yet? Still not got ours

In Topic: Who has started the worst thread on this forum.

08 October 2015 - 10:25 PM

I think I've started a few

In Topic: European Championship Squads

06 October 2015 - 09:37 PM

Ben has been great in defence and show some attacking flair thinking quickly on his feat. Hes scored a fair few tries and been the architect of many too. He seems to have settled into our team ethos very quickly and became a fans favorite as the season progressed. I believe it was Richard Agar who had spotted him (as French coach?) and recommended him to Crusaders - if it was we owe Mr Agar a vote of thanks.

He's signed a 2 or 3 year contract with Warrington now I understand.