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#3208487 George Osborne in talks to bring NFL team to London

Posted by The Daddy_merged on 05 October 2015 - 07:17 PM

The NFL sells out Wembley 3 times a year, twice on consecutive weekends and is getting built up year on year to test if our market can support and sustain it. It brings in people from all around Europe and the US which will be seen as an economy boost. It's biggest sport in the world for making revenue and the goal would be to get a Super Bowl at Wembley too which would be worth £100s of millions.

We can't even get more than 70,000 to go 200 miles for 1 game a year.

The last time there was a London team it started out with all the hype, but quickly fizzled out once the hipsters moved onto the new fad.

#3208470 World Club Series

Posted by The Daddy_merged on 05 October 2015 - 07:04 PM

Someone brought up the idea of a double header at Elland Road for the Giants and Rhinos game earlier. That wouldn't be the worst idea in the world. The two seperately wouldn't attract 38,000 but I reckon on the same night it'd get close.

Can we please stop having double headers they just cheapen our product

#3208466 George Osborne in talks to bring NFL team to London

Posted by The Daddy_merged on 05 October 2015 - 06:59 PM



Slightly off track from RL but still relevant. I was shocked to learn that the tories would for one second consider doing such thing when it is likely to involve tax breaks and some form of concessions. What about the ordinary amateur RL cub that struggles to survive do they get given handouts too. What about the ordinary british sport like RL which is part of the fabric of British culture and can't even get free to air coverage of the World Cup. Yet these punks talk about austerity. Says everything about these muppets. 

#3204750 European Championship Squads

Posted by The Daddy_merged on 01 October 2015 - 06:34 PM

Any news about the other French SL players?

Edit: Don't worry FFRXIII just posted the squad:

Morgan Escare – Dragons Catalans

Jordan Sigismeau – St. Esteve XIII Catalan

Tony Gigot – Dragons Catalans

Benjamin Jullien – Warrington

Damien Cardace – FC Lézignan XIII

Théo Fages – Salford

Remy Marginet – St. Estève XIII Catalan

Julian Bousquet – Dragons Catalans

John Boudebza – Hull KR

Gadwin Springer – Castleford

Mickael Simon – Wakefield

Kevin Larroyer – Hull KR

Jason Baitieri – Dragons Catalans

Jean Philippe Baile – Bradford

Olivier Arnaud – SO Avignon XIII

William Barthau – London Broncos

Mourad Kriouache – Toulouse Olympique XIII

Ugo Perez – St. Esteve XIII Catalan

Clément Boyer – Toulouse Olympique XIII

Antoni Maria – Dragons Catalans

Mickael Goudemand – SO Avignon XIII

Stanislas Robin – St. Esteve XIII Catalan

Florent Rouanet – FC Lézignan XIII

So yes to Baitieri but no Pelissier - injury or his disagreement with Cats?

And potentially already mentioned but BeIn Sports to cover all three France games live.

Not sure what people are complaining about, that's a decent squad. You can't do much if players get injured or need surgery. There's only one player who should be there that isn't and that's Garcia. Other than that I would expect France to romp this.

There are players there like Boudebza last year who will go on to be top, top players. like Goudemand who has returned to league after playing with Toulon academy, Perez who's signed for Catalan and on the fringe of regular first team football, Julien who has signed for Warrington and Boyer who was on loan at Halifax at only 21 yo and impressed he's gonna be an outstanding player. This is not just a squad for now but a squad for the future and is actually the best French squad I can remember. I think they'll be a lot more difficult to beat now than last year.

#3202099 Million Pound Game - A Fixture Too Far?

Posted by The Daddy_merged on 28 September 2015 - 07:24 AM

It's not talking "the game" down. The game is brilliant......the system is flawed and the system is what "outsiders' see more than the game.

Wakefield should absolutely destroy Bradford at the weekend, but even if they don't, what will happen? A small town in the North will be replaced by another small town in the north and whilst the citizens of those towns might be happy or sad....well, 5k in Bradford and 4k in Wakefield, it's not going to generate the extra fans, interest, sponsors or media coverage the game needs.......but it'll keep Blake Solly and Nigel in a job, so that's OK!

As I say, the game isn't the problem......

And to compound matters all this is happening against the backdrop of the R**** W**** C** where a certain sport is reaping the benefits of years of expansion and development. Makes this new system look even more ridiculous imo.

#3199711 Trailfinders could be a great move for London Broncos

Posted by The Daddy_merged on 24 September 2015 - 08:04 PM


I was quite doubtful and negative at first but it may turn out to be the best decision David Hughes has made for the club. Depending on one or two details which remain unclear which is the ability to upgrade to 5-10,000 and who the owner of Trailfinders is. (Does he also own Ealing RU - That's important to know)


I think David has seen how The Hive has developed by gradually developing the venue by adding a stand to each side of the pitch and realised he could do it somewhere else/ 


Yes, the capacity is smaller, yes the facilities aren't too great but the best thing about this move is that:


1. The Broncos have more control at this ground and have the ability to create income through events and hopefully a club shop in the future. this potential was limited under the Quins brand and at the Hive


2. Ability to expand and be anchor tenants - Yes I'm sceptical about how easy it would be to gain planning permission to expand to 5-10,000 (I think the success of this move depends on this)


3. We can actually build a club and not just a team by having everything under one roof including all of the teams, senior team and youth teams as ell as the training complex and gym. Logistically it's just more practical. 


4. London Broncos for me are a West London club and focusing on Ealing and the wider area gives the locals in this part of London a club to be connected to. We can focus on wining them over and being a part of the community which hasn't happened before. 


I think with this move we've taken a few steps back but could take a few forward if we can shape the ground and complex in a way which benefits our club and put us at the centre. Let's see how this develops.  

#3197984 We need to cut down on the number of club games and put internationals at the...

Posted by The Daddy_merged on 21 September 2015 - 10:43 PM

Tell the Aussies that! unfortunately league doesn't have strong European teams you need to make this more feasible. Watching England hammer France, Wales and Co would be even more boring!

I knew it wouldn't be long before someone said this. Same old excuses.
The only way to develop those European countries is to give them more meaningful games. It won't happen overnight, if you just sit back and expect European teams to develop by themselves yr dreaming. Look at how Argentina have developed in RU, exposed to games against the top Southern Hemisphere teams.

What's the reason for Australia not playing more games against NZ and PNG?

#3197964 We need to cut down on the number of club games and put internationals at the...

Posted by The Daddy_merged on 21 September 2015 - 09:58 PM

Only so many times Saints, Wigan, Warrginton, Leeds can play each other. The club game is cannibalising itself over here, there is no spectacle and the international game needs to be at the forefront of the sport more. This is where the growth is and how we get new fans to our game. 

You can try all sorts of different league systems but fact of the matter is that club rugby Union has overtaken league in this country simply because the people who run that sport understand the wider picture. Internationals first, then the Heineken Cup and club rugby after. 


Just seems as though as long as the same clubs in the north have the limelight no other part of the sport matters.......boring!

#3197911 Stanley Gene leaves Newcastle Thunder

Posted by The Daddy_merged on 21 September 2015 - 08:44 PM


Looks like it's this chap, he comes from a good pedigree by the looks of it.

#3194408 London Broncos fans forum - this evening

Posted by The Daddy_merged on 16 September 2015 - 04:55 PM

Game day - planned to be Sunday again next season. There is no train service to the local station on Sundays.

Sounds like the club didn't bother to check this out before announcing the move? Fail

#3192515 Albi XIII and Montpellier Red Devils

Posted by The Daddy_merged on 13 September 2015 - 11:02 AM

With the new French season approaching, it's good to see these two clubs have a mini revival. The sport has great potential in both areas with both of them increasing their budgets. It's gonna be intriguing to see what Montpellier's ambitions are now that they are under the wings of the Nicolin group, are they aiming for just Elite 1 or do they hope to go a step further and bid for SL? They already have a decent ground and the city has been buoyed by Catalan Dragons exploits taking a couple of games to the big stadium there. Albi also have potential, the great thing with them is that they have the backing of the Tarn RL community, they have recruited strongly and are aiming to finish 6th or 7th.
Watch this space on both fronts

#3190809 Newcastle Thunder & Sheffield Eagles on the rise

Posted by The Daddy_merged on 10 September 2015 - 07:10 PM

The current system allows most probability of this happening. Sheffield could have been promoted this year.

I think with the current system it's actually harder to gain promotion.

In any case the Magic Weekend showed the appetite for RL in the North East.

#3190806 London Bronco's team up with Kappa

Posted by The Daddy_merged on 10 September 2015 - 07:05 PM

Good news!


#3190329 Newcastle Thunder & Sheffield Eagles on the rise

Posted by The Daddy_merged on 09 September 2015 - 09:11 PM

After the debacle and travesty of justice which were the mergers of Gateshull and Shuddersfield. It's great to see both clubs slowly making headway and can eventually see them both back in Superleague within 5-7 years. Next time they get to the top flight Sheffield will have their on purpose built stadium without any athletics track and Newcastle will be playing at a ground owned by the owner of the club and again no athletic track. As an expansionist I would sooner have clubs from the length and breadth of the country in the top flight as opposed to several clubs from the same areas bunched in the league together. The sport has definitely gone backwards in that regards. 

#3184303 5 potential owners show interest in South Wales Scorpions

Posted by The Daddy_merged on 30 August 2015 - 11:40 AM

With 2 of them putting an offer in already according to League Express. That's brilliant news let's hope they get significant investment coz I think a pro South Wales team has huge potential. Anyone know who the potential backers are?