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George Osborne in talks to bring NFL team to London

Yesterday, 06:59 PM



Slightly off track from RL but still relevant. I was shocked to learn that the tories would for one second consider doing such thing when it is likely to involve tax breaks and some form of concessions. What about the ordinary amateur RL cub that struggles to survive do they get given handouts too. What about the ordinary british sport like RL which is part of the fabric of British culture and can't even get free to air coverage of the World Cup. Yet these punks talk about austerity. Says everything about these muppets. 

Salford sign new deal with stadium company

04 October 2015 - 10:22 AM

So says Marwan Koukash on Twitter, anyone got anymore info on this?

South Wales Scorpions ownership - Any news?

27 September 2015 - 11:41 AM

Last we heard was that there was several interested parties. Are WRL any closer to an announcement?

Trailfinders could be a great move for London Broncos

24 September 2015 - 08:04 PM


I was quite doubtful and negative at first but it may turn out to be the best decision David Hughes has made for the club. Depending on one or two details which remain unclear which is the ability to upgrade to 5-10,000 and who the owner of Trailfinders is. (Does he also own Ealing RU - That's important to know)


I think David has seen how The Hive has developed by gradually developing the venue by adding a stand to each side of the pitch and realised he could do it somewhere else/ 


Yes, the capacity is smaller, yes the facilities aren't too great but the best thing about this move is that:


1. The Broncos have more control at this ground and have the ability to create income through events and hopefully a club shop in the future. this potential was limited under the Quins brand and at the Hive


2. Ability to expand and be anchor tenants - Yes I'm sceptical about how easy it would be to gain planning permission to expand to 5-10,000 (I think the success of this move depends on this)


3. We can actually build a club and not just a team by having everything under one roof including all of the teams, senior team and youth teams as ell as the training complex and gym. Logistically it's just more practical. 


4. London Broncos for me are a West London club and focusing on Ealing and the wider area gives the locals in this part of London a club to be connected to. We can focus on wining them over and being a part of the community which hasn't happened before. 


I think with this move we've taken a few steps back but could take a few forward if we can shape the ground and complex in a way which benefits our club and put us at the centre. Let's see how this develops.