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In Topic: NRL setting an example.

01 June 2015 - 03:27 PM

Have you seen the Captain's Challenge in operation in the Holden Cup? They've had it for 2 years and there's still no push for it to come into the NRL. If we had to do it, I would restrict it to tries only and scrap the video ref, except for the challenges.

I haven't seen it no, it was something I'd seen in tennis that seemed to work well. The restrictions you mentioned were exactly what I was thinking, take the whole process (and the associated pressure of over/under use) away from the ref and let him get on with refereeing the game.

In Topic: NRL setting an example.

01 June 2015 - 12:06 PM

This is why I'd like to see the referral of decisions taken away from the referee, because as someone has mentioned, they're slated for using it too much and lambasted if they back themselves and get a decision wrong.
More often than not the players from the defending team involved know whether a try is good or not, but currently they surround the ref trying to pressure him into referring it upstairs in the hope of the (often pedantic/puzzling) video ref finding fault.
I don't think the refs call deals with this satisfactorily because now he's forced to guess if he's not certain and he can still over/under use the system regardless.
I'd love to see something like 'captain's challenge', 2 referrals per team, and let the ref just concentrate on refereeing the game and giving decisions in real time, which can be challenged if the defending teams captain think it's worth it.

In Topic: Salford apply to RFL to have this Friday's game postponed (merged threads)

27 April 2015 - 04:05 PM

Salford have 3 players suspended and that opens up another can of worms. I was talking to Paterson on Sunday one of the players suspended, he said he was charged with a shoulder charge making contact with the head. He says he didn't make that contact and had a letter from McNally confirming there was no contact . He was still suspended for 3 games. Which seems a tad tough.

Godwin has concussion yet there wasn't a penalty given on Sunday.

The injury list is awful, and Locke really wasn't fit to play yesterday. There are some bad injuries amongst those. I can't fault Salford for requesting the postponement but if I was Hull I wouldn't agree it either. Yesterday there was a number of players making their club debut and in case cases SL debut. We have simply run out of bodies. Losing all 3 hookers is careless

Salford's potential absentees for Hull
Rangi Chase (suspended)
Cory Paterson (suspended)
Weller Hauraki (suspended)
Tommy Lee (injured)
Michael Dobson (injured)
Adam Walne (injured)
Ben Jones-Bishop (injured)
Junior Sa'u (injured)
Josh Griffin (injured)
Jordan Walne (injured)
Jason Walton (injured)
Adrian Morley (injured)
Kevin Locke (injured)
Wayne Godwin (injured)
Liam Hood (injured)
Kevin Locke (injured)

Is Kevin Locke such a crock that he has to go on that list twice? ;)

In Topic: 16 Apr: Wigan Warriors v Warrington Wolves KO 8pm (TV)

17 April 2015 - 01:55 PM

Flower was public enemy number one, world wide (ish), he lost Wigan a Grand Final (we would have stuffed Saints with a full team).

You expect to hear stuff like this from partisan fans on a debate forum, but I was genuinely surprised to hear Shaun Wane on Boots n All say that Flower had cost his team mates a GF win, the surprising bit being that he added 'we'd have won by 30 (with 13 men)...everybody knows that'(!)

Not sure why I was surprised tbh, he's always come across as a classless oaf so it was true to form.