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#3003738 Friday deadline!

Posted by The Art of Hand and Foot on 27 September 2014 - 09:08 PM

The question is where will we play if we win. Only CH has the answer top that question but will he reveal it before the final.

If we lose its back to Whitebank.

This is our best chance of being promoted.

All the teams that are being relegated will be hard to beat and Gateshead will be a major force next year and promotion will be very hard to obtain.

yep. Agree. Let's just win first then see what happens. Like I've said before it angers me that farty little towns like widnes are in superleague and others the size of Royton like featherstone and Leigh are in a league above us. We can't increase crowds and hence facilities unless we get promoted. Come on Oldham come on Oldham.

#3003595 Friday deadline!

Posted by The Art of Hand and Foot on 27 September 2014 - 02:53 PM

Big Red I asked the Organ Grinder and a monkey answers?Nice if you responded please!

Monkey!? Hmmm!? Cheers!. I'll just file that one in pending for now.

#2996701 fair

Posted by The Art of Hand and Foot on 16 September 2014 - 02:21 PM

Rochdale were 9 points behind us last year and beat us in the final. No it's not fair. But because of that if we get to the final and win we'll take it without any feeling of injustice.

#2987523 Absolutely dreadful

Posted by The Art of Hand and Foot on 03 September 2014 - 10:02 AM

That maybe just enough to pay off Chris!!

No I meant I could emigrate to the gold coast and watch some rl in decent surroundings. Somewhere warm that doesn't affect my dodgy knees. Or maybe invest in a new club in the U.S. Perhaps Oldham County in Texas.

#2986413 Absolutely dreadful

Posted by The Art of Hand and Foot on 01 September 2014 - 08:22 AM

It's about consistency, or lack of it. Could be a million and one reasons why we dreadful. Not Gateshead's financial status. Usually we perform well till the grand final then bomb it. It's not over till it's over. And no matter what the doom mongers may say there's still a chance. Yes I know, the words of a lunatic!

#2983299 So this will attract how many new speccies?

Posted by The Art of Hand and Foot on 27 August 2014 - 11:28 AM

The difference between the two factions is that one faction is deliberately trying to condemn the club to Doom. With the, in my opinion, misguided notion that somewhere someone is going to charge on a white charger and start a new club. Honestly, who in their right mind is going to for that? From scratch? Where they going to play? Not going to happen. I go because of what I see on the field. Don't know Chris Hamilton, never met him, probably wouldn't like him if I did. But that's no reason for me to boycott the club.

#2982356 So this will attract how many new speccies?

Posted by The Art of Hand and Foot on 25 August 2014 - 07:16 AM

Hand and Foot I dont care what people call you, and what type of parties you go to to get called it.

The fact is support the team and support Hamilton.

sadly for you there's 450 who do. So your dreams of the club going under will have to wait a little longer. You're a bully. You turn to name calling when you don't get your own way.

#2982156 So this will attract how many new speccies?

Posted by The Art of Hand and Foot on 24 August 2014 - 12:01 PM

Superdude. I don't support CH. I support the team. You are full of mindless non constructive waffle. The fact that you attempt to belittle me and Tubular bandage by the use of female honorific titles indicates you have lost your argument and all credibility. Oh and just so you know most people in my business call me Master and that's not because I'm under 18 yrs of age or keep slaves. So if you're going to use titles get it right.

#2982112 So this will attract how many new speccies?

Posted by The Art of Hand and Foot on 24 August 2014 - 10:37 AM

Here we go again , if you don't like whats happening at the club either support them or do one , that's exactly the head in the sand attitude that has put us where we are now .

Yeah and moaning ad infinitum has helped.

#2982097 So this will attract how many new speccies?

Posted by The Art of Hand and Foot on 24 August 2014 - 10:03 AM

Any number of local business people could then work with the administration to iron out a deal.
Where to Play - With no CH in the picture boundary park would be an option.
Players - They come and go and play wherever they can get paid.

With reference to the above points.

You are obviously not a business man, I am, I own and run a sports business, and I wouldn't invest in a rugby or football club unless I had money to throw away. I'm in business to make a living, that means making a profit. The raison detre of most RL clubs isn't, although it should be, profit. It's either as prestige c#ck swagger for its owner, ie as in man city, Chelsea and also Salford or it's there to try and keep its head above water. The latter is more common than the former.

You keep coming up with this' if it wasn't for CH we'd be playing at boundary park' . You keep stating it as fact! Come on give us your insight. Oh and we don't want to know about your cousins best mates auntie has it on good authority from the cleaning lady of Bill Quinn.

With regards to the third point above, Marc Sneyd, Oldham lad on loan from Salford played for Castleford yesterday? Where's he playing next year? And Why? Players move, they always have and always will. Why? Money.

So please do us soft touches and lunatics a favour stop repeating yourself over and over and over and over. We know we are not where we want to be, but what I saw last weekend on the pitch was commitment and determination and those lads deserve our support. So support or shut up.

#2981396 Crucial time of the season

Posted by The Art of Hand and Foot on 22 August 2014 - 12:49 PM


I'm a lunatic as well. Not particularly bothered what you think.

#2911118 Roughyeds fans trust

Posted by The Art of Hand and Foot on 05 April 2014 - 07:52 AM

All the hamilton lovers wont like it but.....we had a proud club, ch took over and has taken us into a downward spiral.Compared to other clubs positions in 1997 which club has been as badly managed. You ridiculous Hamilton lovers failed to support roughyedspud now we wait for administration as our salvation. ,

WRONG again. Get your facts right. The once proud club was killed off by Jim Quinn. It was dead and buried well before Chris Hamilton came along. He couldn't take it over as it didn't exist. He started a new club unrelated to the old club. Get it right!!!

#2897882 Roughyeds fans trust

Posted by The Art of Hand and Foot on 12 March 2014 - 01:34 PM

I have been reading this thread with interest over the past few weeks, and have declined to comment until now.
Having known CH for many years, and having a good knowledge of how ORLFC operates, and the game itself, the problems are not unique to just ORLFC. The whole set of the professional game is against teams outside SL - and until that changes every club is flogging a dead horse.
Look at the facts. How can Oldham or any other club operate a healthy budget on the small amount of home games they will have this year? The exposure of SL in the media is poor at best, and is non-existant outside SL, how is that enticing for potential backers or sponsors? Introduce a fair P&R system throughtout the game, and you then might attract the backer that can take a team like Oldham/York etc into SL, where their return maybe a small one, if that, but it's more attractive than putting money into a bottomless pit.
The costs of ruuning a rugby league club, whether you pay the players or not isn't cheap - after being involved in a top amateur club I can see first hand the costs involved, but add the wages of staff etc, on the small gates Oldham get, it's not rocket science that the club is struggling. Why do you think the TAX issue comes up every so often, is the easiest bill not to pay as it buys you time. But it's also the most fatal, in that if you do not pay, it can end the club completely.

CH works very hard, and often very long hours. Why should he do this for free when he also has a mortgage to pay, bills to account for etc? Would you work the hours he did for nothing?

A common sense post as usual from Oldhamer. My view, for what it's worth, is that any fund/trust should look at helping to fund the areas of the club that will help us speccies, not it's day to day running or as a means of taking over the club. For example a 'stand fund' that contribute towards the building of a stand. This money could be ring fenced so that it can't be used for other purposes.

#2891564 A post from a fellow fan.

Posted by The Art of Hand and Foot on 02 March 2014 - 06:26 PM

I can't believe that at least two posters above have said they would want Hamilton to stay at the club if they won the lottery and invested their winnings!
I wonder if they would have let Jimmy Savile childmind their kids too?
Would have been less of a risk than putting your money in the hands of that fella!
Even Tommy Cone saw sense and kept his money away and he's not the brightest apple on the tree!

you are well out of order. Sorry I'm through with this discussion if that's the kind of rubbish being spouted on this topic.

#2891128 A post from a fellow fan.

Posted by The Art of Hand and Foot on 02 March 2014 - 09:00 AM

Chris hamilton presides over a shambles. Its his making, his attitude and his fault we are so badly run. He may not be creaming millions for himself but hes been paying himself a decent butty while under performing in his job. He may look like he buys his clothes at a charity shop but hes had some money though his fat grubby fingers. If I had consistently under performed, routinly alienated customers do not think I would still be emplyed. A good club starts with the man at the top.

I hear that potential players have choeen other clubs over us because of ch and his poor reputation in rl circles.

sorry can't see any facts there!!! All hearsay and opinion. 'Fat grubby fingers' ??? So let's say Chris walks away, leaves the keys on the desk. Go on what are you going to do? Oh by the way every club has potential players that choose other clubs because of the CEO, the coach, the ground and yes even the fans. Get a grip. Pull together. Chris Hamilton owns and runs the club full stop.