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#3074420 Question. Who else owns their ground?

Posted by The Art of Hand and Foot on 18 February 2015 - 08:24 PM

There's some debate as to whether Oldham owns whitebank!! Well half of it anyway because apparently the Queen owns the other half. Yep that's right her Maj owns the bottom half. You'd think she'd get her hands in her pocket and do it up a little for us.

#3047095 Positive move relating to playing side of club?

Posted by The Art of Hand and Foot on 19 December 2014 - 01:47 PM

Superdeluded I am not inspired. I just don't share your method of how things can be improved. As long as there's a team called Oldham, then I will watch. You lost the argument and credibility the minute you started to insult and bully.

#3046862 Jason Boults

Posted by The Art of Hand and Foot on 18 December 2014 - 10:45 PM

Great some 18YO front row to replace 10 years of pro experience!

At least Hand and Foot will be able to cheer him on!!!

Can't wait. Might even buy a pie and have a coffee as well. Have a laugh with the other 400 there. Then go for a pint , have a game of 9 card don. Then raise a glass or two to those who are missing out on the entertainment because they'd rather cut of their nose to spite their face.

#3043654 Bad News from companies House

Posted by The Art of Hand and Foot on 11 December 2014 - 09:44 AM

TAOHAF Did your ex move you to a ###### which she never cleaned, insult all your mates and your employer, get you into loads of debt, cheat on you with a bigger and better off neighbour, only speak to you once a year.....but you still stayed with her years cos she made a decent Sunday dinner every week?

Finally, as soon as she had siphoned of your remaining funds for herself, did she leave you with the ###### and the debt and no mates and no job - to run off with the neighbour. Leaving you a shadow of your former self that no one else would take on.

Good grief. Just don't go. Your loss not mine.had enough of this thread now. Tosh , tangle etc see you at the start of the season.

#3043504 Bad News from companies House

Posted by The Art of Hand and Foot on 10 December 2014 - 08:32 PM

Oh No Superdude has called me a cretin, that's convinced me by the qualty of his argument, he must've been right all along. How stupid of me, that's it I'm not going to go to any matches. Yeah right jog on. Can't wait for the season to begin.

Hang on a second..... just realised who Superdude is..... its my ex wife... has to be. she once said you loved Oldham rugby more than you love me.. I said I love Rochdale hornets more than I love you.

#3043152 Bad News from companies House

Posted by The Art of Hand and Foot on 09 December 2014 - 09:58 PM

Whats CH's viable plan of action for what happens next?

Easy , put a team on the pitch and compete week in week out. Again, if the club goes bust there will be no team. Come on what's the plan?

#3042351 Bad News from companies House

Posted by The Art of Hand and Foot on 08 December 2014 - 09:37 AM

Why don't you check on countless other clubs that have done far worse including a certain club in the Capitol

as well as Bradford , Leigh, Sheffield, oh and we mustn't forget our cousins down the A627M who lost their shareholding in the ground.

#3041271 Season Ticket reminder

Posted by The Art of Hand and Foot on 05 December 2014 - 09:06 AM

MR Bandage tells us how he sees it .Others see it another way.Mr Bandage is not bullying people into staying away from the club.He simply speaks for many who think the same.I bet you there are a lot more who don't speak up.
However to say that lack of money is the downfall of the club and pointing to stay aways (from Whitebank) as the problem is wrong.This is the symptom not the cause.
It is clear what the cause is.Mr Hamilton for however many reasons or excuses cannot deliver.However despite being sick to death of it,he is carrying on regardless.So we go into the same cycle again.Its been more or less downward from day one with Mr Hamilton.
You mark my words Its never going to attract more supporters.

If I'm wrong, then I'm wrong. But my opinion is I'm not. I go because I enjoy the games. If you or bandage don't enjoy the games then don't go. If the coach was a bad coach employing silly or stupid tactics then don't go. If the players on the pitch weren't giving their all then don't go. I wouldn't. CH might be socially inept, he might not be able to communicate with Superdude in a way he'd like. But the one thing he can do is get a decent coach motivated enough to get a fired up team of young lads battling it out and getting me cheering and jumping up and down and then biting my nails with apprehension. I also get to have the crack with home and away supporters of the best game in the world. If that's not for you then don't turn up. You've told us you're not happy, we know that, so you don't need to keep telling us.

#3040438 Season Ticket reminder

Posted by The Art of Hand and Foot on 03 December 2014 - 07:24 AM

Yes thats right mrs hand and foot, ive been released to put you and the ladies from the sewing circle straight. Looks like big chris is driving more people away, and more and more people are now waiting for the current regime to fold so we can move on. Oldham rugby could be a viable business with proper administration. I suggest you and your small number of true supporters resurrect fitton hill and let us pragmatists have our club back.

Oh dear is Mr Dude upset cos the club's still going? Looks like its going to last at least another season and it's going to be a good one at that. Poor Mr dude what you going to do sit at home all bitter and twisted?

#3039752 Season Ticket reminder

Posted by The Art of Hand and Foot on 01 December 2014 - 01:34 PM


TAOHAF - Technically we can score enough points to be promoted. But we cannot make Whitebank a stadium fit for the Championship. Nor can we play at Boundary Park for well known historical, financial, personality reasons.

So, were we to get promoted, where would we play? Leigh? Ashton? It wouldn't be Oldham. That's my sticking point. That's where I can't see a way forward. With our current ownership and stadium, if we earn promotion, either:

  • we can't take it (for non-rugby reasons), or
  • we can take it, but have to play outside Oldham
let's get promoted first then then let's see what happens. In the meantime we can enjoy a good season and reminisce about how things would have been different if David liddiard hadn't let the ball bounce allowing cas to score a disputed try or how holdsworth disallowed Paul lords brilliant try off a mike ford kick through, allowing Warrington through to final on the same weekend that Latics were there. Forget CH, it's what happens on the pitch that counts, those red and white hooped jerseys represent me and all oldhamers. As long as the players give their all as they did at headingley then i'll be happy. And to be honest the coach is assembling a team that can do it.

#3038353 Season Ticket reminder

Posted by The Art of Hand and Foot on 27 November 2014 - 10:42 PM

TAOHAF...what planet are you on talking about a fresh start if we get promoted?!? All we'll get is a good hammering every week and immediate relegation, that's assuming the RFL let us up with our joke of a ground.

CH is holding back the club back ignoring help with ground development. Until this gets resolved his minority of supporters will shrink until his pigheadedness will shut the club down. I don't get how you can't see this.

Earth, both feet on the ground. CH is not the problem. No money is the problem. Club together buy him out, but don't try bullying others who go to be entertained by those on the pitch.

#3038331 Season Ticket reminder

Posted by The Art of Hand and Foot on 27 November 2014 - 09:52 PM

HOTTB, I'm in complete agreement with you, absolutely spot on. I too will not be renewing my season ticket this year, after over 50 years as a supporter, but I may go to a few away games. All I ask of ORLFC is hope, and, at the moment, there is none, and this will stay the same until the present administration is no more. And, for those head in the sand species, who believe there is no club without Hamilton, consider this: there are 37 other professional clubs who manage perfectly well, some would say a lot better, without Hamilton. It does make you wonder how they do it!

Not one of those head in the sand 'species' at all. I know exactly what the problem is. However, where we disagree is on the point of what we can do about it. You want us all to stay away until the club goes bust. I'm not one who believes this is going to give us anything other than the' same old, same old' . I believe if we get promoted then that's a new beginning. I enjoy watching the game and I won't make a deliberate choice to stay away with the intention of forcing the club under. No amount of abuse or or online bullying from the likes of Superdude will change my mind.

#3038165 Season Ticket reminder

Posted by The Art of Hand and Foot on 27 November 2014 - 03:44 PM

Got my letter from the Club yesterday formally asking me to renew my season ticket. Price increase of over 8%.

Though the club clearly have my contact details, I have not received from them an invitation to any club events. I have not been sent a newsletter telling of improvements made at Whitebank, or telling me of the clubs financial and legal position.

I have not received emails, tweets or seen any facebook updates regarding any of these issues either.

Therefore, following several incidents of appalling customer service that I experienced at Whitebank last year, and the continuing dangerous, depressing and embarrassing state of the stadium.....I am genuinely sad to say that I will NOT be renewing my season ticket this year.

In fact, I will not attend any home games in the coming season until the stadium is upgraded/improved and the Club commits to proper communication and engagement with supporters.

yep, that's the way to bring funds in to improve things! Never mind what's going on on the pitch. Nope. As far as I'm concerned I go to watch the team, not right bothered about who runs it as long as I see a good game week in week out. Only one or two poor games last season the rest were excellent. This year we've got more games and the makings of a decent side. Yes of course I would love to be at a decent ground, but we're not. Those who think the only way to progress is by the club folding are deluded. The club going bust is the end, full stop. No ones going to come in and start a new club. Forget all those who know someone's best mates brothers friend is ready to come in. They're not. And now over to Superdude as to why I and quite a few others are lunatics.

#3035356 Bad News from companies House

Posted by The Art of Hand and Foot on 20 November 2014 - 10:40 AM


dismissal of winding up order. Dated 5th Nov.

#3034842 New Signing

Posted by The Art of Hand and Foot on 18 November 2014 - 10:35 PM

Fantastic news if George has signed, was brilliant last year. Our most aggressive and dynamic defender and committed runner in attack. Real potential. Will undoubtedly play at a higher level.

But a little perspective here........with the exception of a couple of additions we are essentially re-signing the same squad - minus the division's two most prolific wingers in Bloomers and Mo
As proud as we were of their efforts at the end of the season, this squad finished third in the table last year. Five teams are coming down from the tier above. Even with an extra year's experience, I can't help thinking this squad may not be good enough to crack the top five. I'd like to see some genuine experience/nous in the halves or a real massive monster forward or two.

That's a fair point, however last years squad was a young squad and relatively inexperienced squad. They are now a year older and a little more experienced. So yes it's the same squad but then again it's not. They will have more nous than they had last year. I also believe that they are players who will give all for the coach, the shirt and the fans.