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In Topic: The never-ending League Restructure debate (Many merged threads)

14 July 2013 - 05:44 PM

I presume your comment about soccer is a joke.


RL never had P&R when it was at its most popular and competed with soccer as far as crowds went.


This game has not had a culture of P&R, it has been tried three times and failed three times, why should it work by trying it again.


County cricket introduced divisions and P&R thinking it would drag people in, it hasn't it has failed completely in its intentions. The counties still wouldn't survive without central funding from the money generated by the international game.


Not sure county cricket introduced p&r to draw more people in, more to create a more competitive top tier to help the national side..it's a game played when most people are working or in education after all!

In Topic: Smug Inverdale 'The Sexist' in Hot Water

09 July 2013 - 01:58 PM

I know what you are saying but I don't believe feminists want equality but dominance.

Some may well do but that isn't really an accurate representation of feminism.  

In Topic: Smug Inverdale 'The Sexist' in Hot Water

09 July 2013 - 01:22 PM

No, it's just some feminists who seem to wilfully misunderstand and/or misapply what is at heart a valid and worthy position/cause. See most religions and other political theories.

Quite.  You will always get a lunatic fringe who take things to a ridiculous degree.  In response to Johnoco suggesting that men and women are equal at the moment I would argue strongly that the facts clearly show this isn't the case.  Women are massively underrepresented in most top jobs  whether it's politics, business etc and women generally tend not to get the same levels of pay on average as men.  I too had a lecturer who had attended Greenham Common although I think she had moderated her views substantially by the time I bumped into her.  

In Topic: Smug Inverdale 'The Sexist' in Hot Water

08 July 2013 - 06:14 PM

What about comments that make young lads act and behave in a certain way?ie to conform to what is acceptable
All the programmes like TOWIE or whatever telling young guys they have to look like this or that to be cool. When you get older if you haven't got a flash car and big house you are deemed a loser...etc etc

Pressure exists for men and with little advice How to deal with it. I don't buy the feminist agenda being peddled that women are helpless victims in all this.

Programmes like that probably do, but on the whole boys/men are not discussed in terms of what they look like, certainly not within sports programmes and if they are it is a tiny percentage of the time.  I'm not sure anybody has commented on the fact that Andy Murray is no oil painting, certainly not in the lead up to the final.


I actually think women can be as bad if not worse than many men in encouraging other women/girls to consider their looks rather than their what they are about more generally, but that is a result of they themselves being encouraged to think like that.  Look at those awful women's magazines!

Not so long ago a female colleague of mine was telling me what a good role model she thought Jordan was.  FFS why would anybody want their child to grow up like her?

The other day my daughter had to a school project about a famous person and I was trying to think of a woman who wasn't a stereotypical female like Florence Nightingale or an actress/singer and I was struggling off the top of my head.  

I want my daughter to grow up and become who she is able to be and not be constrained by how she thinks she should look and behave.  I don't see lads in the school playground fretting over how they look whereas you can certainly see a lot of girls who are obsessed by what they look like.

In Topic: Smug Inverdale 'The Sexist' in Hot Water

08 July 2013 - 05:17 PM

I find a lot of this thread fairly depressing.  Let me first say I don't have an issue with Inverdale, although I get why some people do.  My dad has actually met him and thought he was an alright bloke.  Moreover, Inverdale's style is quite casual and I can see how what he said slipped out as it is something which you might easily say to your mates etc..so, just to be clear, I don't dislike Inverdale and don't think he's some frightful monster..BUT, I find what he said, when he said it to be so out of order as to be gross misconduct.


I'm the father of a ten year old girl and it is more and more obvious to me how women are viewed by themselves, society etc as objects in a way which men basically aren't.  That comment belongs in the stone age and it's comments like that which perpetuate the idea to young girls that their physical appearance is as important as anything else.