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In Topic: Hong Kong Rugby League

Today, 05:41 AM

The trolling post(s) that prompted this response from Diehard have been removed, but I'm leaving this response as it is, as it makes many valid points on the subject under discussion, even though the tone of it feels a bit odd now it is somewhat out of context. Just thought it worth adding this comment to clarify that, rather than remove this whole post as well.


Back to the discussion...

Thanks for the quality moderation. I'm well advised by the collective internationalists here.

In Topic: Hong Kong Rugby League

Yesterday, 07:00 AM

From the very first post I flagged that I was conscious of doing things appropriately and having a dual approach of ex pats and Hong Kong locals. 


If you think it is beneficial for our sport to be non existent in one of the world's financial hubs you are wrong. To gain prestige and influence we need to be representative in places such as Hong Kong. 


Being so close to other Asian nations puts us in a position to be able to help these developing RL nations as well. You should not think simply in national sides (Although an authentic national side is the goal), but there are other ways to tour. 9s competitions and clubs. Japan is struggling and is also very close. Not to mention the benefits of attracting multi national sponsors.


There are alot of rugby league lovers here and former players. A lot of them really want a social outlet and have money. It makes perfect sense to harness these people to help with what would be a massive task ahead. To power a true development operation, we need passion and experience in the game. There could also be some amazing connections and links out there just waiting to be discovered in the expat community. It is a dual approach. Proper development is not out of the question, it's on the radar. I haven't even begun to scratch the surface and I have had a school suggest that I teach kids rugby league.


At the end of the day the quest to grow Rugby League is about participation, it isn't about racing for dots on a map. Developing a sport is not easy and first you need to rally the troops.


Please if you are going ###### on people who are having a go, do it elsewhere. Rugby League has had enough of that in its history and we have suffered for it.

In Topic: Why you love RL

19 August 2014 - 07:20 AM

I love the game, perfect blend of skill speed and power.


I also love its working class origins. It gels well with my personal views of the world.


International footy, obviously was a massive pull for me as a kid. The magic of the Kangaroo Tour.

In Topic: What can we do to increase attendances?

18 August 2014 - 10:45 AM

Give supporter groups and supporter projects central funding. Create a better atmosphere

In Topic: Hong Kong Rugby League

17 August 2014 - 05:23 PM

On Saturday night I had the pleasure of meeting Andrew Charles from the Thailand Stars. He was visiting Hong Kong (One of the luxuries of being a gateway city) and we managed to organise a catch up.


Andrew and the TRLA have been very successful with their staged development and work through the Asia Cup. He went into depth about how they started, the challenges and the future.


Andrew can be certainly described as an Internationalist with the game at heart. He gave me valuable advice and someone experienced to bounce ideas off. He was very encouraging and I agree that it should be similar to get Rugby League up in Hong Kong than any other Asian country.


He told me about the upcoming Phuket 9s and offering Thailand as a future opponent if we can form a side for a friendly.


I can really see how a group of nations in Asia, in close proximity could really help each other.


A photo to commemorate the occasion. Here is to international solidarity. I value his support and new friendship. A guy us internationalists can be proud of.