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Rugby League Yearbook 2014-15


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#3092440 Titans in Crisis - Just before the 2015 season starts

Posted by DlEHARD on 21 March 2015 - 05:46 AM

Not happy to see them back in the first squad. They should be thankful to play for Queensland Cup.

#3084363 Hong Kong Rugby League

Posted by DlEHARD on 07 March 2015 - 04:41 AM



Hong Kong Rugby League is pleased to announce our representative coach who will take charge of the Hong Kong Thunder in 2015. Jason Fairleigh has a wealth of playing and coaching experience mixed with a sincere love for the game. Jason comes from the Central Coast of NSW in Australia and from a Rugby League family with three older brothers who also played the game.

Jason has been in Hong Kong for over a decade and in the absence of Rugby League has been playing Rugby Union with the Typhoons club. Jason is excited to be taking a leading role in the future development of Rugby League in Hong Kong. He will also be supporting the HKRL Schools program drawing on his coaching and teaching experience.
HKRL Chairman James Hall is enthusiastic about the appointment.

“We are delighted to have Jason on board as the Head Coach of HKRL. He comes from a strong Rugby League background and has a wealth of experience to bring. As well as getting the Thunder team in shape for their Inaugural fixture later this year Jason will help prepare the teams who are entering this year’s HKRL 9s competition on 25 April.”

The HKRL will be hosting a special Open Day on the 25th of April which will showcase many forms of the game such as touch, tag and 9s. More details of this launch event will soon be announced.

If you would like to get involved in HKRL please email us on getinvolved@hongkongrugbyleague.com


“Born on the Central Coast in New South Wales, Australia, I began playing mini rugby league at the age of 5 for Ourimbah Wyoming Magpies. With 3 older brothers who also played, it was no surprise to my parents that I would!

I continued to play through primary and high school and on weekends, representing the Central Coast in rep games throughout my teens.

At the age of 17, I began to play First Grade Rugby League for Ourimbah Wyoming Magpies as 5/8 in which I played over 8 years of first grade. The opportunity to trial for a few Sydney based teams was lost due to 2 significant knee injuries, both requiring surgery and forced early retirement.

This opened the door into coaching junior teams at my local club and progressed onto coaching U17’s and U18’s levels with my greatest achievements including winning Premiership titles.

In 2005, I moved to Hong Kong, which I began playing for The Typhoons, after realising rugby league was not available.
Now that rugby league is here in Hong Kong I can see huge potential for our sport.”


#3078840 Rugby League at the Olympic Stadium London

Posted by DlEHARD on 26 February 2015 - 07:09 AM

Even though I can't attend. Im gonna buy a ticket and support.

#3077929 The NRL take control of the Gold Coast Titans.

Posted by DlEHARD on 24 February 2015 - 01:55 PM

The Titans shouldnt touch Dr K with a barge pole after some of his recent comments. He dosnt care about the club or the Gold Coast, just the license.


A relocation to Brisbane or Ipswich would be a failure, especially because Brisbane deserves its own team.


Central Coast is an absolute impossibility, too many NSW clubs.


Gold Coast are here to stay.


Also on the NRL ownership angle, Im sure they will remain owners until the club returns to health and that will take years.

#3077749 The NRL take control of the Gold Coast Titans.

Posted by DlEHARD on 24 February 2015 - 08:14 AM

This is a glorious day, finally the poison is out! Now we are NRL owned and can face down the AFL owned Suns. 

I'm delighted! The broom has arrived! Decisive national intervention that Gough Whitlam would be proud of!

So let's look at it this way...

The financial state of the club was doomed. So the NRL take over was coming and came sooner than I expected.

Fortunately this drug bull**** happened BEFORE not AFTER our rescue by the white knights at the NRL.

Food for thought.

No relocation.
No rebrand.
No Searle.
No phantom consortium.

We get NRL ownership.
Absolute, ironclad certainty.
We keep Kelly, who is a hero in my books.
We keep Frizelle who is a quality chairperson.
We keep Graham.
The shackles are off the thousands of people who had legitimate grips against Searle

It's a pity the club had to absolutely hit the rocks financially for this to happen. And the NRL had to swoop in.

#3074617 Broncos matches

Posted by DlEHARD on 19 February 2015 - 10:35 AM

Yes it does. I got to Titans games from Brisbane's north via train. Enjoy!

#3067922 Hong Kong Rugby League

Posted by DlEHARD on 07 February 2015 - 04:14 AM

This week we speak to some players involved with starting the brand new National Rugby League in Hong Kong. We also speak to Renee a new resident to Hong Kong and touch rugby enthusiast.


Before you ask, Im not in the video. I was sick.

#3050687 Happy New Year

Posted by DlEHARD on 31 December 2014 - 02:55 PM

Happy New Year, it's gonna be a great one for rl.


Posted by DlEHARD on 16 December 2014 - 07:38 AM


"The mid-season Test between Australia and New Zealand will be played on a stand-alone representative weekend from May 1-3, which will also include a Pacific Island double header."

Finally we will have all four major Pacific nations taking part in the Rep Round! 

Great for these nations who get a regular Test Match and also great chance to convert some NRL fans to become fans of International Rugby League!


Link: http://www.abc.net.a...-period/5967772

#3045779 Hong Kong Rugby League

Posted by DlEHARD on 16 December 2014 - 07:36 AM

University teams, if established can provide a steady source of players for external senior teams. Easier than working with schools, where the investment needs to be widespread and across years to produce results.


University is one area we haven't given a lot of thought to, yet.


Good luck to you all the best, I think touch rugby league in schools would be the way to introduce locals to the sport  


We have already had some great interest from schools here and there are a lot of Rugby League lovers who are teachers, myself included. Stay tuned.


Wonderful news. 


Having been at the founding of similar initiatives I hae a few bits of advice that you are welcome to ignore.


Be bold, you have nothing to lose.


The exceptions here are be careful, not vain with finances, and keep your word.


Thank you, wise advice. We have some quality people involved and we are taking a very methodical approach. Many have a lot of experience in Rugby League.


We think we have plenty of natural advantages in Hong Kong.

#3044800 Hong Kong Rugby League

Posted by DlEHARD on 14 December 2014 - 05:50 AM




Rugby League’s continued push into Asia took a significant step forward this week with the formation of the Hong Kong Rugby League.

Joining the likes of Thailand, Japan and the Philippines, the Hong KongRugby League has been established to promote the growth and interest in all forms of the code in Hong Kong.

At the inaugural Annual General Meeting held on Saturday the 6th of December 2014 the first Hong Kong Rugby League board was established.

The inaugural Hong Kong Rugby League board consists of:

Chairman: James Hall
Secretary: Ray Meli
Treasurer: Ian Molyneux
Board Member: Brad Newman
Board Member: Jason Fairleigh
Board Member: Jack Muir
Board Member: Malcolm Pratt 
Board Member: Daniel Mascord

In early 2015 the HKRL board will work hard to establish Rugby League by organising a wide ranging fixture list which will include international matches with the Hong Kong Thunder as well as local representative, domestic, junior, school and touch football. 

"We are very excited as a group about giving Rugby League a presence here in Hong Kong. We have put together a board of talented and most importantly enthusiastic people who can push the sport forward in Hong Kong." said inaugural HKRL Chairman James Hall.

"Our hopes for the future are high with regards to getting both adults and juniors playing Rugby League in and for this exciting country. Looking further down the road we can see Hong Kong, with it's geographical positioning, being a venue of great interest to the global Rugby League community."

"If you have any interest in playing, supporting or volunteering then please get in touch as we have some exciting plans in place for 2015."

The Hong Kong Rugby League is honoured to be the custodians of the great game in Hong Kong and will use their passion and experience to take Rugby League to great heights in Hong Kong and internationally, especially with our Asian neighbours.

Further announcements about the Hong Kong Rugby League will be made in the coming weeks.

To find out more or to get involved, please visit the website at www.hongkongrugbyleague.com or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/hkrugbyleague or email on info@hongkongrugbyleague.com

#3041226 Would you want Matt Srama?

Posted by DlEHARD on 05 December 2014 - 05:25 AM

Looks like he is remaining a Titan

#3033479 World Club Series

Posted by DlEHARD on 16 November 2014 - 03:00 AM

it is if people call it that.


Right on.


Let's try to give this series a chance. I'm excited. I always loved the idea of a World Club Championship. I hope it helps Super League.


If the NRL gets its act together an actually sends the top 3 next time, it'll enhance the concept.

#3033478 Hong Kong Rugby League

Posted by DlEHARD on 16 November 2014 - 02:45 AM

So we had a fantastic meeting, full of brand new RL fans (To HKRL group) and keen internationalists.

We had many people wearing Kangaroos and Kiwis jerseys.

Lots of ideas. Lots of experience and skills. Including members of current RU clubs and former RL players.

We also agreed to start a touch footy team in a couple of weeks. We will call it the 13s, just so people know that we are the Rugby League guys.

#3032730 Hong Kong Rugby League

Posted by DlEHARD on 15 November 2014 - 03:02 AM

Once again the HKRL crew will be meeting at Delaneys Wan Chai at 3.30 to watch the Final.


All welcome. Be part of the team and the road ahead.