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In Topic: NW Crusaders v Fev game thread.

Yesterday, 09:39 PM

Thought Teasdale would have had a chance no Irwin.


It could be that Marginet will get the nod for that role.

In Topic: NW Crusaders v Fev game thread.

Yesterday, 01:19 PM

No Sam Irwin and Woody is still out but that's a strong squad.

In Topic: Uno's Dabs

Yesterday, 12:43 PM

Found this,hope it helps




from St Helens Star 9th July 2005 - the article refers to a photo which isnt shown on the website but presumably would be in the original paper


Great story

In Topic: 17-19 Apr: Ladbrokes Challenge Cup Round 5 Match Thread

Yesterday, 12:41 PM

Full team out for Fev.


Just Wood and Irwin on the sick list missing....




We've won 5 out of five away this year and just one out of five at home.

In Topic: Scarborough Pirates

16 April 2015 - 09:29 AM

Not me selling, just something I saw.....